Why Some Statists Do What They Do
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Why Some Statists Do What They Do
06-06-2011, 01:10 AM
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Why Some Statists Do What They Do
This is fiction:


In a nutshell, it's a X-Files style report about a disturbing act that must regularly take place in order to "save the world" (to prevent what they term an "XK event"). In an extremely convoluted and creepy way, it explains how morality is bent to keep the status quo. It's a mix of fictionalized eschatology and science (is that redundant?).

The whole SCP site is full of "what if" scenarios of varying degree. The point of the site is to allow a creative outlet on the creepiest scale possible.

Usually an object or artifact (or entity) is depicted that represents a threat to the world. The "good guys" go in and try to contain the threat. They do experiments on the threat to better understand it. They develop containment procedures and detailed notes on the threat as they understand it.

Of course, no liberty-minded ideas would ever work in these scenarios. But I think the statist tends to believe these scenarios exist in the real world in more mundane manifestations. The liberty-minded approach is considered quaint, short-sighted, even dangerous.

When we talk to people about liberty, I do believe these kinds of scenarios are in the back of their head. They may be based in pure fantasy to us, but they are real to them and building a bridge means allowing them to see there really is an objective right and wrong.
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