Should there be a Religion forum?
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Should there be a Religion forum?
02-09-2012, 10:04 PM
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RE: Should there be a Religion forum?
OK I believe you as much as they believe you:


Dames pops up here because after the appearance of a column in which I made light of Remote Viewers, a reader wrote to me and said, "What about Ed Dames?" He indicated that Dames was the Real Deal.

As some of the evidence for Dames' authenticity as a guy who could telepathically "view" things from afar, my correspondent cited Dames' background with the CIA, and the "fact" that James Randi, the famous skeptic, had "refused to test Dames" because "he knew that Dames would win the one million dollars" of the challenge Randi has made to psychics, in place for years now. Randi offered one million dollars "to any person or persons who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under satisfactory observing conditions."

I tried to get hold of Dames, sending him email and messages through intermediaries, to ask if he made this claim about Randi and exactly why. Couldn't get him.

James Randi did respond to my email, and gave me his phone number. I called him at the James Randi Educational Foundation, and spoke to him several times. He is a very articulate man, sardonic in tone, and sometimes quite vehement though he never really lost his temper (nor was he impolite to me). He comes off as a man who's had it up to here with rumors and mythology about him and the Foundation. People aren't doing their homework; all these questions have been answered at his website ( or in his books, his encyclopedia, in Time magazine, and other places. But he answered me anyway.

Dames, he said, was welcome to take the test any time; and he was never prevented from taking the test. All he has to do is sign the application form. (Said form is available at the Randi website for your perusal.) Dames refused to sign the form -- which, so far as I can tell, simply lays out the inevitable rules of a scientific test. As to Dames' allegations: "A direct blatant lie," Randi said. "No two ways about it. He refuses to sign the claim form. He wants to make the rules for a test conform to his convenience. The first rule of the Challenge is you must agree to the rules of the test."
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