Should there be a Religion forum?
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Should there be a Religion forum?
02-10-2012, 01:47 PM
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RE: Should there be a Religion forum?
(02-10-2012 11:34 AM)eye2i2hear Wrote:  
zonsb Wrote:The thing is, you and everyone can validate for themselves via personal experience that remote viewing works. To not even entertain the idea that you and everyone has a "sixth sense" ability to remote view or choose to ridicule ...

Remote viewing is categorized as paranormal. Remote viewing is not a religion. It has been validated by many people with empirical evidence. I've successfully remote viewed over a hundred times. Every person has the ability to remote view -- it's a species-wide ability. It's easy to learn and do.

I just want to share a couple of thoughts about this and then ask a question.
I find it hugely disingenuous to refer to Remote Viewing as a sixth sense (even with it in quotes). First, if there are more than the primary 5 senses, the #6 slot has long been allocated imho.

But more crucially to point is that such would be referred to as a sense period. For example, is the placebo effect a sense? Yet evidence supports that it does indeed occur. My rub comes in considering that unlike the primary senses, The Big Five if you will, the likes of RVing requires instruction, direction, or teaching. Senses, in this regard, just don't work that way. (sure, we can develop keenness with the senses, but it doesn't require introduction to it; they just are).

Lastly, I'd like to ask, along the lines of what I heard NonEntity getting at: what value, other than the similar novelty of optical illusions (that are nigh universal as well i.e. anyone can 'do it') comes from 'practicing' RV? I mean really, wow, vague (subjective) patterns are identified remotely (where how much of it is akin Rorschach Prints "seeing" I really don't know, but find very tempting in parallel). And we can say we got a match. Novel perhaps, but hardly worthy of labeling such a sense, much less a sixth one -imho. [why you find it tempting to speak of it as "a sense" might prove valuable to you to examine/consider?]

Just to be sure, I'm not wishing to imply I believe RVing is anything more than something akin to Placebo, if even that. I honestly can't find the value of investigating it simply because I've never seen anything significant or productive offered about it as a return on investment (that again, is any different from the oddity of chance; you know like the one guy that wins the lotto, and earth being the only planet with life).

You state that you've successfully remote viewed over a hundred times; swell. What did it net beyond fascination or intrigue?
(02-09-2012 10:04 PM)boyntonstu Wrote:  OK I believe you as much as they believe you:


Dames pops up here because after the appearance of a column in which I made light of Remote Viewers, a reader wrote to me and said, "What about Ed Dames?" He indicated that Dames was the Real Deal....
The first rule of the Challenge is you must agree to the rules of the test."

boyntonstu, with all due respect, you're risking losing me as a reader via posting text but not using the forum quote format for them --or identifying such as indeed being another's words in some way. I saw it happen in another instance where doing that led Jace (and myself) to take what was posted as being your own words (the "math teacher"). I am assuming of course, you aren't John Shirley, thus you're not the author of the text you've posted here? [meanwhile, I do appreciate you linking to that blog article; appears to be a quite interesting read --I'm now looking forward to getting back to] Cool

I apologize for my sloppy posting.

(I am used to listening through static when using Morse Code.)
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