Worst part of our church is statism
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Worst part of our church is statism
04-22-2012, 09:00 AM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2012 09:11 AM by eye2i2hear.)
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RE: Worst part of our church is statism
(04-21-2012 05:41 AM)boyntonstu Wrote:  If God had sex with Mary, a young maiden (not virgin), was Jesus, a bastard?

Actually, it's more marvelous than that! "Transubstantiation" and all.
For it is written... Jesus (was) IS God (In the beginning/Genesis)... so actually, God had sex with Mary, after (God) telling her it was the thing (The Thing) to do, thus Jesus had sex with Mary and Mary birthed Jesus=God!
Holy Bread, Batman!

[Image: batman.gif]Holy Magical Dispensationalism, young Robin, God is Love Old & New, thus Love does/has not change/d, Old boy.
(we know all such is a "mystery" because, well, God=The Book tells us so)

Quote:Keep in mind that I am not Christian, and I have never met a true Christian in my life, just many who claim to be.
ditto that~
(along with not having ever met a "true atheist" found a true "definition" of such, thus by default, the term "atheist", either!?)

Quote:(What is a true Christian?)
Verily, verily.
The only one who knows is god and the only god there is, factually, is the one choosing The God, personally. [(f)actually, they're choosing which is The Book, which is factually choosing which of the men were The Special ones]

(which reminds me of what Stuart Chase's admonition holds, asking: What is a true christian blah blab? What is a theos blab? And an atheoist ablabist?) [and fwiw, ditto the words "God had sex" to "Blah had blab"?] Sleepy

--NonGizmo2 (the artist formerly known as NoState/Theos)

NonEntity Wrote:Yeah, but we all know that Stevens is a total whack job, so go figure!

Confused And too bad we can't get said whack job to intelligently discuss this topic with us, seeing as how he's got it figured out (as a "true christian" aka "Context" Masterdebator). (Well, according to him (and Him), make it): And too bad we don't have eyes to hear and ears to see... ("tough guy" optional) :rolleyes:


--NonWidget2 (the artist formerly known as NonBlah) Cool

(04-22-2012 03:54 AM)boyntonstu Wrote:  You are correct, the Amish (and other religions) are excused from the Social Security classroom and from Obamacare, etc.

I've now and again contemplated whether such individuals are "excused", or rather is it simply that the IRS gangster individuals just don't have "Employers" to aide them with enforcing/collecting/witnessing to such?* The raw milk "Protection" taking place seems to support my premise? *[might the next phase, known as "1099s" (bigger nets?) prove interesting for The NonTaxed Amish soon? bonus query: how many Amish are ''money-makers''/a threat?]

Is it voluntary? (because if it isn't, what inherently is it?)
And can it be voluntary, if there's indoctrination, intimidation, coercion, threats & initiation of violence?
[not to be confused with asking: can it be said to be "voluntary" even when such is present.?]
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