Sheriff Air Horn, Accident, Ticket, Dismissed
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Sheriff Air Horn, Accident, Ticket, Dismissed
04-29-2012, 06:33 AM (This post was last modified: 04-29-2012 08:15 PM by boyntonstu.)
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Question Sheriff Air Horn, Accident, Ticket, Dismissed
This was the strangest event in all my years of driving.

There is a drive-in movie that is a huge flea market during the day.

They charge $3 for parking if you use in the front entrance.

If you go down the adjacent side street, they provide a free parking lot.

At the front entrance there are 2 entry lanes, an island divider, and 2 exit lanes.

The left exit lane has white left turn arrows on the pavement.

The right exit lane has white lright turn arrows on the pavement.

The exit lane itself Tees into a 6 lane main Blv'd and there is no road across the Blv'd to go straight. Left or right is your only choice.

The flea market had the left lane blocked with 4 plastic cones.

(Why will come later.)

I am the second car in the right lane waiting for the red light across the street to change and I am planning a left turn.

The next happened within 5 seconds.

The guy in front of me starts a turn to the right, I hear an air horn blast behind me, I look up into my rear view mirror and see a sheriff's car. I hit the gas to get out of his way, make it across one lane, and I am hit by a minivan coming from my left. It crushes my front left wheel.

The Deputy puts on his siren, jumps out of his car and yells, "Why did you turn left?".

I said, Why not turn left?

He says, "Didn't you see the cones. they mean that you cannot turn left?"

I analyze the situation, and respond, "My guess is the the flea market put the cones there to prevent folks from sneaking in to avoid the $3 parking fee.

I ask him, "Why the air horn?"

He says that a pedestrian was about to walk in front of his vehicle.

Believe me, there was no pedestrian.

Another Deputy arrives, and I am given a "Failure to give right of Way" . $165 fine and points.

While waiting for the tow truck I see and video many cars making a left turn. Later, the flea market removes the cones. I ask the booth manager why the cones were there in the first place? He says, "To prevent sneak ins".

I go to a pre-hearing and I tell the "judge" my story. He advises me to plead "Not Guilty" and to go to court where he said that I would win. Strange, very strange.

Last Friday, I go to court.

The judge calls my name and the Deputy's name and we both say present.

An hour later, I am called forward for my case. No Deputy.

Case dismissed!

My car repair was $2,200.

I wasted my time going to 2 hearings.

I firmly believe that the Deputy would not have enjoyed my cross examination:

How many sounding devices does your vehicle have?......

Horn air horn siren.

Why did you use an air horn with a car 3 feet in front of you....

Question:  Would you sue the Deputy and/or the flea market?
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