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#CoS – Kimberly Clark from the IRS – Dec 15, 2010

Posted on December 15th, 2010 by Calvin

Marc Stevens’ call with Kimberly Clark from the IRS.  Here is the associated article: Owning An IRS Lawyer.


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  1. Tom D. Says:

    Holy crap marc! You are a BA!

    I just found this on youtube but didn’t see all the parts so I listened to the whole thing here.

    Very cool dude.

    I’m lovin all of these calls. When are you going to post more?

    I really like this site the more I get to explore

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tom, a BA? Glad you like the material. There are more, I just need time to get them posted.

  3. Incubus Says:


  4. Incubus Says:

    Am I correct?

  5. Tom D. Says:

    Oh ya that’s right, badass.

    Sorry I guess I shoulda spelled it out.

    Very cool stuff tho.

    You have a very cool calm demeanor.

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tom, got it, glad you like the material.

  7. Frank Says:

    Kimberly-Clark makes paper-based products, like Kotex for feminine hygiene. Apparently they also make douchebags.

  8. travis Says:

    It’s hard to argue at this point that Kimberly is just ignorant and not a psychopath. The only reason for her behavior is that she knows she can get away doing it.

  9. Bobby Goodwin Says:

    Marc. Very entertaining for those of us who have knowledge of Title 26. From what I have discovered, very few employees inside the IRS have much knowledge, therefore they are “winging” it when confronted with questions.

    When my brother was sent his 10-day letter from the DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURAY IRS, MEMPHIS TN., HE WAS ASKED why he didn’t file, or wasn’t required to file, for the years 1998 and 1999, we simply used the IRS Code itself to show why he was not a taxpayer required to file or pay over a tax. We composed an answer and mailed it Certified mail. We sent it to the Director of Foreign Relations, Washington DC (District of Columbia, i.e. “UNITED STATES”), and also sent a copy to the Memphis Branch. About two weeks later, they sent another letter saying they hadn’t heard from my brother. He wrote them back (and a copy sent to the Director of Foreign Relations)with a copy of the Certified letter receipt showing where they DID receive it.

    About two weeks later he received a letter from the Collection Branch which said as follows: “Based on our information, you are not liable for filing a tax return for this period. If other issues arise, we may need to contact you in the future. You do not need to reply to this letter.” Sincerely your, Sullivan Young, Chief, Collection Branch”

    Luckly, I made copies of the letters exchanged, which include my brother’s explanation of why he was not required to file. The letters are documented proof that the IRS can eisely be beaten without even going to court, etc.

    Once you understand their Code, and especially TITLE 26 > Subtitle F > CHAPTER 76 > Subchapter A > § 7408 (d), you will realize you do not reside or have your principle place of business in the United States, and you have never earned money/salery/wages which were effectively connected to a trade or business within the United States (i.e. Washington D.C. and the federel enclaves therein), and therefor you are not a “taxpayer”, but rather a “non-taxpayer” who is not liable to file.

  10. bruce sloane Says:

    I would suggest rethinking that supposition

  11. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ bobby, listen to the CoS from the tax psychos, we have a new one being posted soon. Why worry about what the code says where there is no evidence it applies in the 1st place?

  12. Gary Lee Says:

    Marc, while that is an excellent question, if GovCo played by it’s own rules, as you have seen on so many of your CoS’s, the idiots working for GovCo don’t even know, much less follow their own laws.

    They violate peoples rights and steal their property under color of law, without authority, and it is almost impossible to find an attorne kowledgable enough and willing to handle these psycopathic morons.

    I love your fight! I just had CHP (California Highway Patrol impound m car because I returned the registration and my license over a year and a half ago (they say they suspended my license, a contract I cancelled May 2012) and revoked my privelege to drive, so they took my car. Extortion!

    Know of an attorney in California who ‘gets it’ and can help me get my non-commercial,, not-for-hire car back and stop these psychos?

  13. TJ Says:

    Do you know Bill Thorton of He may be able to point you in the right direction.

  14. gary lee Says:

    TJ, I tried, but nothing comes up. Do you have a link? Thank you!

  15. bruce sloane Says:

    bear in mind Thornton to my knowledge has never tried a Case
    He simply offers ” research “

  16. TJ Says:

  17. gary lee Says:

    Thank you TJ. Got it! : )

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