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#CoS – Maryland Comptroller Hearing – Jan 26, 2011

Posted on January 26th, 2011 by Calvin

Marc Stevens’ hearing with the Maryland Comptroller’s office. Here is the associated article: Evidence? Not With Tax Agents.


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  1. Incubus Says:

    Ohhhh, only “allowed” 45 minutes, eh? Just enough time to tie ya down, rip off your pants, lube up and get to rapin, huh? This guy started out pretty chill and slowly revealed his true colors. Btw, how did this turn out? Was the assessment dropped?

  2. Skwidman157 Says:

    i took so many freakin notes lol. how did it turn out?

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    January will be a year and there is no decision. I think that’s the decision, they may not proceed without a decision. So, being the attack is stopped, we’ve met our objective. I guess they aren’t as talented at spinning BS as the lawyers in the courts. Then again, how would you spin the agent’s testimony she isn’t qualified and not authorized to do assessments, and having no evidence.

    Oh, that’s right, the tax apologists insist the agent who did the assessment is irrelevant to whether it’s accurate.

  4. ruaw8k Says:

    I think another argument that could have been made would be for them to prove in the form of payroll records that the defendant was working for the government for the years in question, because only government agents are required to pay income tax.

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    No one is required to pay, the “law” applies to no one.

  6. Chris Says:

    I was issued a Ticket by Florida Highway Patrol for failing to signal and following to close, so I was planning on going to the traffic hearing and using the tactics that A. the hearing is not going to be fair because the judge represents the state of Florida as does the attorney trying to mug me for money, and B I was set to ask for evidence that I was actually in their Fiction that does business as the State of Florida I.E. the city of Ft Lauderdale which to me is just a sub office of the Fiction … I was all ready to make them look like fools .. but then the judge asks me (before I was able to start my questions) he states to me * I see you are accepted * .. I was confused at this …so I start my first question, and he stops me mid sentence and repeats * since the defendant has been accepted * I am going to dismiss this, you are all set.. I will also waive court costs .. I had no idea what occured, so hours later …this was running through my head ..* I have been accepted * .. then it dawned on me I was wearing Masonic Lodge ring that shows I am a Mason, and thats the only thing I can come up with is that he must have been a mason also .. I am not sure if the State Attorney even knew what happened … but knowing that alot of court officals are lodge members maybe we all can just start wearing masonic jewlery and this might work too … but in Marc’s defense , his tactics work, I have used them in my home state , and at the hearing I had a conference with the state attorney on another BS traffic issue … and when I started using the Marc way of questioning he literally became freaking unglued a raving lunatic, and just told me to get out of here and dont come back …I guess thats a win .. when they kick you out ..and refuse to proceed with you because I was in his words *playing word games*

    any thoughts on the masonic lodge ring being a reason to not follow through with their plan to mug me ?

  7. Bill Says:

    It is interesting how the conflict of interest manifests. I don’t even think this guy is consciously aware of it, but it’s painfully obvious that the discussion comes to a point where he is freaking out that if he submits to the plain facts that Marc has revealed, there is going to be hell to pay from his superiors/stakeholders. The hearing officer CAN NOT accept the facts, no matter how clearly they’ve been laid before him. He must, at the very least, color the hearing as “unresolved” or whatever, at all costs.

  8. virgil Says:

    marc <3 badgers

  9. Mick10 Says:

    Hi.Marc Stevens Says:
    January 6th, 2012 at 6:27 pm
    No one is required to pay, the “law” applies to no one

    Can someone explain this to me in detail? Why doesnt it apply? TYIA

  10. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mick10, sure there is no evidence to prove it. You’re asking the wrong question though, it’s not why doesn’t the law apply, it’s what facts are there proving it does?

  11. Mick10 Says:

    Thanks Marc, I stand corrected. I am at Canada, which has an Income Tax Act, unlike the US. That tax act, if one ‘recognizes it’ , seems to indicate persons, individuals, etc are “under” the Act. So how would one formulate a response under those conditions? Perhaps my canadian brethren can help me out. The way the taxman sees it, is the tax act applies to everyone, and that they are the same as their “taxpayer” name and account. They proceed even without consent and despite a lack of a verifiable contract or facts. TYIA

  12. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mick10 that’s circular. If you ask for facts the act is applicable, and you go to the act, that is not evidence it’s a circular argument.

  13. Mick10 Says:

    lThanks Marc. Maybe I’m not making myself clear though. Personally, I do not see the Tax Act at all, but they sure do. THEY say “the taxman has the statutory authority to assess taxes and levy fines, taxes against your bank account”. How does one refute that? In every case that I’ve asked them for evidence, they just ignore it. Seems they are more mercenary here somehow. Is the only remedy to get them into court? I cant sue them because the burden of proof would be on me then, right?

  14. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mick10, You refute that by sticking to asking for the facts the statutes apply. For example, sir are you operating under the belief your code applies to me and gives you jurisdiction over me? Yes. What facts do you rely on to prove the code applies to me? If they say the code, that’s is circular and I ask for facts. If they say because you live here. I ask WHY do you think that’s true, what is that based on? They always go back to the code. Circular again.

    You should call into the show this week about this.

  15. Mick10 Says:

    I’d like to – when is your next show?

  16. Mick10 Says:

    Sorry, found it – Sat 4-7 pm EST. I will try to call in

  17. Mick10 Says:

    BTW this page needs a slight edit; one part says the show is 3-6 pm, the other says 4-7 pm EST. Thanks

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