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#CoS – Assistant County Attorney John Webb: “Sir, do not start with me, just do not start with me” – Sept 19, 2011

Posted on September 20th, 2011 by Calvin

This is part of the hearing from Monday, Sept. 19, 2011 regarding a petition for habeas corpus Marc Stevens filed on to help get Ian Freeman out of jail. It did not start well.   Assistant Attorney John S. Webb from Cheshire County, NH claimed to represent the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE and the judge did not want any light shed in this and what it really is.  Don’t start [with the facts] with this guy…


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  1. Paranoid Says:

    Was that the whole call? It doesn’t seem like this guy was even interested in anything other than his predetermined verdict.

  2. Incubus Says:

    My inquiry as well. Is there more to the call? I just can’t get enough of your recordings. You handle these people so well. I know at some point I would get off track from sticking to the facts and let myself get derailed by opinions and assumptions. It really is like a mental overhaul you have to go through to start seeing the world that way. One day at a time, I suppose.

  3. dan Says:

    +1 Incubus, can’t wait for the new book!

  4. Chip King Says:

    Another one who asks where is the rest of the action, I would love to hear what happened and what was said. I also have been shut down by the judges I have been before this year on BS charges. No Judge allows any of what I have learned and believe to be true with regard to our rights. When asked to have the opposing Attorny ID themselves I got that it wasn’t nessary AND anything that SB Lawyer had to say WAS admissable in that court Challenged the Judge’s Jurisdiction and demanded proof, the Judge waved his hand ant told me, “yes, believe me when I say that I have Jurisdiction” So tonight I go yet again, this time with a recording device . . . . you all will be hearing from me again

  5. Publius Cato Says:

    Marc, what the hell are you talking about? Mr. Webb represents the State of New Hampshire, you know the policies and laws enacted with the implied consent of (or imposed upon) the people of New Hampshire by those legislators and other public officials elected by (or imposed upon) the people of New Hampshire.

    If you honestly believe yourself to be an oppressed person under the rule of people to which you have given no consent, you can’t convince them because according to the rules they have written they have authority to rule (govern) you. When that happens, guess what, there is no recourse to the rulers, their is only recourse to yourself.

  6. Malinson Says:

    Publius, the so-called State of New Hampshire is defined as a body of politic; and a body of politic cannot exist with citizens of that politic. In order to be a citizen, there must be an established duty of allegence between citizens and the state as clearly defined in legal terms as being reciprical, meaning that despite your consent, you cannot be a citizen unless the state reciplicates that obligation in the return for the duty of protection. Since no such duty exist then reguardless of any implied consent, no such state exists for which Webb can represent.

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    You’ve come a long way

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Would it not be better to ask the so called representatives of the so called State if they have a duty to protect. And when they answer no then ask what the State is.

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    Sure, that’s another way to go about it. I also like:

    Since all taxation is compulsory, what facts do you have there is any voluntary support of you and the rest of the government?

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Does the state of New Hampshire distingish between an moter vehical which is used in commercial enterprises by a person and consumer vehicals which are used by human beings. I was watching a man named Harry Brown who was arrested in 1974 in the state of California who had the police officer and everyone above him including then governor Regan for stopping him in his travels and giving him a ticket. Mr. Brown did not nor ever did carry a drivers licience because he was not driving a moter vehical but a consumer vehical.

  11. Marc Stevens Says:

    There is no state. Do people like Peter Heed make such a distinction? I don’t think so. I think in practice, it doesn’t matter and could get you killed on the street by a psychotic cop.

  12. James Voluntary Martens Says:

    Love it! I have only won one case because the police couldn’t show evidence (which they had non) however, I won.
    Thanks Marc, for all you do.

  13. Marc Stevens Says:

    Great, please provide details on the forum.

  14. Jeff Says:

    A friend of mine whom I have been coaching on this stuff and I turned on to Marc, just went in front of a judge in Chatsworth California a week ago. He was going to do the “valid cause of action” thing for a ticket. He first asked if the proceeding were on record, the judge said “No they don’t need to be.” Which threw my friend off a bit. Then he asked the cop “if there was a valid cause of action?” The judge jumped in and said “That doesn’t apply in this case”. Then also said that my friend would have to “pay the fine in full prior to setting a court hearing for that”. This was getting way outside what he was prepared for. There was nothing he could do if there was no record of the proceedings and they weren’t playing ball. I wasn’t there but this is what he said happened. There seems to be a number of courts in California where the judges don’t consider for a second what you are saying. They make up the rules on the fly. How is it some judges don’t even recognize the basic legal format? Do they need a valid cause of action? I think they do from everything I’ve read and heard here on Marc’s site. They seem to when others go to court! However, judges just decide to write their own legal procedures at random and in random courtrooms. In California it’s almost like you’re in separate country’s the laws / procedures are so different. Please comment. We weren’t able to get the “Press Team” together which is I suppose the best way to deal with it when they are not putting it on record, we have to. How do you demand your case be on court record? Thanks

  15. jaime Says:

    I am in california and beat tickets very easily. A traffic ticket is nothing more than an agreement you will show up, but once there they know how to use conversational hypnosis to get you to AGREE to give up your money. I can backup my claims with facts,proof. I can prove they get your agreement fair and square according to the rules of contract/law/code, it is all combined every step of the way.

    For example california vehicle code 40510.5(a)(4) clearly states the court clerk which is the agent for the court privately registered corporation in california, needs your agreement on paper…yes, the court gets around it, by contract. I can show u how to beat any ticket by simply cancelling your sitnature, ask me for proof. Cancel ur agreement to show up ticket gone. Its the most unbelievably easy thing to do,

  16. Gaylan Says:

    Could you elaborate on this a bit Marc?

    “”There is no state. Do people like Peter Heed make such a distinction? I don’t think so.””

    I am fairly new to your site, and learning as I go. I appreciate your information and time you put into what you do.


    Also, would it be in the best interest for us to walk into court, and say “On and for the record I accept your oath of office on and for the record do you deny your oath of office? I am here today blah blah blah..””

    Wouldn’t this begin the court of record at the start? I am almost certain you must set the guidelines your self, while they can rebut this presumption if they like but they have to do it on the record or admit want of jurisdiction. <just an opinion..

    From what I am seeing and hearing, we have failed to assert the record at inception.

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