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#CoS – Mar 7, 2013 – County Attorney in Washington State

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by Calvin

There is one question being asked that this particular attorney is refusing to responsively answer at all costs, even at the cost of the truth and her own words. The single question is “what evidence to you have that the code applies?” Within this 19 minute call of shame, she doesn’t bother citing any facts to prove her baseless assertions.

Out of desperation and in between unprovoked angry outbursts, she tries to backpedal from her soon to be infamous statement that jurisdiction is established by “geographic triggers” because “it just is.” Unfortunately for her, that is a rather weak standard of proof for evidence that is supposed to be based on facts, not such arbitrary opinion.


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  1. Andy Says:

    Overloard speaking: “We’ve got one that can see. Fortunately it’s not her — a ground soldier. So we’re still good.”

  2. virgil Says:

    It’s in a designated flood plain. LOL what a gooooooon.

  3. Wolf Says:

    Wow. “It just is.” This is such a great question… How does my geographic presence mean the code applies to me?

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Does it depend on what the definition of ‘is’ is?

  5. Tom Says:

    Hey Marc, great show today. How do I get one of your podcast of the show?

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tom, thanks. It will be up today, Calvin does that. It’s always posted on the homepage.

  7. Lex Mercatoria Says:


    Bill Clinton was correct when he made that famous statement regarding “is”.
    The issue is not in regards to that particular word but rather that so much of what They(tm) do revolves around the meaning of words. They’ll often literally, explicitly state “XYZ” in such a way knowing that most people will erroneously interpret said statement as being “ABC”.

  8. Lex Mercatoria Says:


    It is a great question but while the police actors will think of the “city” or “state” of XXX, for example, as a geographic location the prosecutor & judge actors know it actually means something else which can map onto a geographic area. Those fictional constructs are simply states of mind. When Billy Joel sings “I’m in a New York state/[State?] of mind” that’s literally the case, thought the prosecutor & judge won’t dare say it, of course, lest they blow their scam.

  9. Calvin Says:

    @Lex: Around here we call such statements “baseless assertions;” kind of like the statement/baseless assertion that “facts are irrelevant,” as you’ve tried to pass off on the skype-chat.

    Please, no more of this type of advice. That is not what this site, forum, and/or skype-chat is for. There are plenty of other freemen/UCC/strawman theory sites out there that would love to endlessly discuss your opinions with you, but here we stick to the evidence, facts, and what we can prove.

    People beware, “Lex” is a “freetradesman” and has tried to pull people from the skype-chat to explain “your acceptance of identity by making an appearance in court” [while sidelining the much stronger key issue of THEIR lack of evidence] crap that we have increasingly been dealing with around here lately.

    This has happened to some other people who had court appearances and it failed them as they ended up jailed because they choose to take up these empty legal theories in court.

    Remember; it is foolish to take upon a burden of proof upon yourself when all you have to do is ask them for THEIR evidence to prove THEIR allegations to keep the burden on them, where it belongs. Let them destroy themselves in court with their baseless assertions, don’t make such assertions yourself and give them an easy-out or free-pass.

  10. Pete Says:

    I think this is a great call of shame.


    …It just is!

  11. Keith Says:

    I have just wasted 19 minutes of my life listening to the dribble coming out of that woman’s mouth.

    Marc, your patience with these petty tyrants seems to know no limits, Admirable.

    Outback Western Australia

  12. Andy Says:

    Calvin wrote: “it is foolish to take upon a burden of proof upon yourself when all you have to do is ask them for THEIR evidence to prove THEIR allegations to keep the burden on them, where it belongs.”

    Exactly! The prosecutor’s case is on trial. Not the “defendant”. He/she has been forced under threat, duress and coercion to enter into their den of thieves and vipers.

  13. Bo Says:

    99.whatever % of people “believe” the Code applies. Is this belief perpetuated by the idea of ownership? Do land owners REALLY own land? Does the County own it? Does the STATE own it? Does the County own the land that our roads lie on? The underlying principle of “jurisdiction” must then be traced back to WE THE PEOPLE. After all, doesn’t the STATE act on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE? …seems to me that the corporation D.B.A. the STATE of ___
    is owned by WE THE PEOPLE, and through this structure, bureaucratic power is inflated by the idea that the Code MUST apply…for WE THE PEOPLE have made it so. The reality of this idea that the codes are applicable comes from “Democracy”…the opinions of the majority rule!! Under the guise that the Republic will balance out the Democracy, we are left with our current mass perpetuated idea…IT JUST IS

  14. Phil Says:

    The big problem in America today is that the legal society has taken over and now control everything. If you have a chance of winning against them they get mad and start lying and cheating. Is cunt spelled with a c or k?

  15. Paul Says:

    Nice site Marc. Pleased to see your still out there, somewhere in Legal Land, defacing the illusion. after studying the entire work of the usual suspects, guys like Carl miller, shroud, and you, Marc, a few years back,an having killed so many cases, from my first appearance, i thought Id look you up again, and share a little. seems as though your earlier approach has always worked best for me… proposing (your strategy) to plead guilty, if : (my strategy) the prosecutor can clarify how this can be a fair and impartial hearing, if the court is a for profit private corporation, as apposed to a public institution. Works in Galveston. Three charges dismissed, no written response.

  16. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Paul, 3 charges kicked, very nice. Could you post details on the forum under Adventures success stories?

  17. Paul Says:

    give you the red carpet, grand tour, synopsis of the cases I’ve squashed in the three states I frequent, with yours, and the insights of a few others thrown in for good measure, Just as soon I finish all this yard work tomorrow, the old woman, I call ma, has saddled me with, house sitten, since Ive gone on vacation, so she can go on vacation. All these damn adhesion contracts. !!! Just cant get free of them! Besides adding a few more notches to your belt, and the growing list of wins for the no state project, What I’d really like to put in the public domain, is the sure fire tactics and strategies for dealing with those clowns that turn emergency lights on you, whilst your a traveling down the road, that I’ve had to develop since I abandoned the whole ‘License and registration’ thing 5 year ago. I beat 12 no insurance tickets, at once, in pike ville KY, three years ago. Both local judges in that three light town disqualified themselves in quick succession, and had to call in another from out of town, after the first cried ” we dont do things by ambush here mr Rowe!” … right after he asked me how I plead to the charges, giving the whole court room a lesson in less than 30 seconds that their docket still hasn’t recovered from. 🙂

  18. Paul Says:

    I haven’t heard it in years… but I’ve never forgotten… all these years later, every time I’ve ever stepped into a court room, the thought that echoes in my mind, first and foremost : an interview I watched years ago, with MARC STEVENS – “Do I have a right to a fair trial, and to a presumption of Innocence?” And the judge stops the proceedings, and advises the prosecutor to go back to the drawing board.

  19. Gryphyn3 Says:

    “Designated a flood plain”. I would have asked “So if it wasn’t designated a flood plain and there is a flood, who would you fine under your codes and laws?

  20. Stephen Gilfedder Says:

    Yes you can own property but we will hold you at gun point to pay your taxes,and God forbid its near wet lands then your royally screwed,been there done that,fortunately we unloaded that parcel on the brother in law,he hasn’t paid it off but at least he’s trying,and that’s good enough for me.

  21. Stephen Gilfedder Says:

    AND MARC WHERES MY BOOK DUDE,I can’t wait to read it and I sent the amount to cover the cost of the book,When you get to it,Could you please sign it.and Make it out to Stephen,Thanks for all your work,you rock.Brooklyn born and raised Irish,we could have grown up in the same neighborhood.

  22. tirtha Says:

    Marc, I don’t quite understand or stand under your method. You are correct in saying they have no evidence or jurisdiction. But if these people are all a bunch of criminals forcing money out of people, then it is all admiralty law onto land, which is treason. Why not just go for the jugular vein and expose their farce with writs against their imposter roles? There must be a quicker method to defeat all this people. UCC is international law, so why not
    defeat them with their own codes with the remedy. I agree with 99.9% what you are saying.
    Is it that we have to just do each individual case or just say the entire system is crooked.
    Please inform me on what your goal is in this method. And please forgive me for acting so
    naive, but is your court clear?

  23. Jim Dandy Says:

    Government does whatever government wants so long as their stranglehold on power and control is not threatened by an enormous number of their constituents complaining. Additionally, the vast majority of their constituents will side with them – even if they are acting unlawfully or unconstitutionally – simply because they perceive them as holding authority over them, when in reality it is the individual constituent – the voter – who is the authorizing party in 100% of these circumstances of government vs the people.

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