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#CoS – May 10, 2013 – News 12 Phoenix: “Your Argument is Invalid”

Posted on May 25th, 2013 by Marc Stevens

This is a different type of Call of Shame, it doesn’t involve a bureaucrat.  But the attitude is the same.  Eric, who is supposed to be a reporter, is not willing to even look at the evidence.  Instead, he insists my argument there is no evidence the constitution and laws apply, is invalid.

He doesn’t even attempt to provide the evidence the laws apply and will not even watch the video where Kolby Granville of the Tempe city council says the evidence the laws apply and there is jurisdiction are because they say so.

That is not journalism, it’s not reporting and certainly not objective.  Eric, like so many in the media are so blinded by their own perceptions they will not even look at evidence.   We’re talking about evidence of collusion between judges and prosecutors/cops stealing millions of dollars from peaceful people; you’d think they would be interested in such a story.

So this should put to rest the fallacy we’ve all heard from those in the media defending the official stories from DC, London etc., that “if this was true it would be reported!  It would be front page news!”  No, truth and mountains of evidence are not what drives editorial policies in the mainstream and not so mainstream media; it’s much more about keeping the sponsors happy.

And Eric is not the only one I’ve called lately, he was just one of the few I was able to speak with.  I had email contact with another TV reporter and heard nothing back and Bret Fera, editor for the East Valley Tribune, though initially seemed interested and asked questions, has not returned my messages.

This is another reason why if this information is going to get reported to a mass audience, then it’s going to have to start peer to peer.  We cannot rely on the mainstream media to report the such evidence.  They obviously don’t care.


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  1. Incubus Says:

    Fascinating. This is what decades of dumbing down, generation after generation, has done to the american populace.

    Then again, Eric is probably just an underling around that station. Hell, he may have even been the janitor or someone from the mail room who just happened to pick up the phone.

    Keep trying Marc. Eventually you’ll reach a reporter with at least one fully functioning brain cell. Eric is likely a victim of head trauma. It tends to cause severe mental retardation.

  2. john cokos Says:

    Welll…It looks like you were bitch slapped on this call! You got a little red headed Stepchild action going on, the dude was cold .

  3. Chuck Renault Says:

    That’s a reporter? When I worked for the Chicago Tribune the news reported was unbiased and certainly not opinionated. You see Marc, as recently as 25 years ago there were more than 180 independent owners of the various media outlets. Today there are only six (6), and one of those might soon be incarcerated for his part in undercover/secret endeavors. These so-called “reporters” of today are simply brain dead morons following orders, not reporting the news.

  4. Tammo Says:

    oh boy. Firstly he is not interested because his whole existence is based on day to day interaction (and pay-check) in the system, and “they will fight to protect it” (Scene: Woman in the red dress)

    Anyone who is genuinely open minded to see the system, has a hard time accepting it. People are reluctant in opening the can of worms, the system is so vicious and above all, violent. (the part where morpheus explains to neo that we are food (a battery) for the system. neo has a hard time accepting it and even throws up).

    Marc, i think you might have had a small chance if you continued on his outreach: He went the “it’s a social contract” route. – Is a one-sided contract a contract at all? did eric the reporter sign the contract? and how did it come into effect for me and others who might not stand behind it?

  5. Randy Jones Says:

    Marc what does LPS in LPS Practitioner stand for?

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Randy, I’m going to assume you mean NLP practitioner, Neuro Linguistic programming

  7. NonE Says:

    Randy, LPS stands for Large Penis Syndrome. You can see how this trait is expressed by reading Habbies’ posts on the forum.

    – NonShlong

  8. Boxer Says:

    Oddly enough I was just thinking about this today (whether Marc has approached the “legitimate media” with the gubmint’s lack of evidence) and I found this gem. Maybe we should be inundating the “legitimate media” as much as possible?

  9. 11:11 Says:

    @Boxer: “[I]nundating the ‘legitimate media’ as much as possible” seems like a good idea until you realize that the ‘legitimate media’ is just a propaganda arm of the “state.”

    Check out this 1 min, 56 sec video: I’m not promoting the guy in the video but what he says is true.

    Evidence that I personally have first hand knowledge of is that a couple of years ago, I got on our local sheriff’s office press release email list. I get the same email at the same time as our local media. I know this because all the email addresses are not hidden.

    Usually, within 10-15 minutes of receipt the press release will appear on the local newspaper website and the local television station website.

    Then will be in the paper the next day and on the tv news that night.

    Sometimes they might change a word here and there but usually it’s a straight up cut and paste job.

  10. Boxer Says:


    Duly noted however the best way I imagine inundating old media is by offering an alternative. Where I am at there are something like 5+ local newspapers for each local town all owned by the same corporate entity. I think people get involved when they know there is an alternative and when corruption is exposed. Imagine a local paper that actually allows you to comment on their articles….it seems that is less of an option more and more.

  11. Andy Says:

    Boxer wrote: “Imagine a local paper that actually allows you to comment on their articles….it seems that is less of an option more and more.”

    For the past year I’ve noticed many comment sections have been removed. I think they want a one way “conversation”. They print/publish, the reader consumes. They don’t want the readers interacting. That’s how the old media was before the WWW. Now it’s conversations of many to many.

    They fired a shot across the bow, so to speak, back in 1998 when the Washington Post and NY Times took to court under copyright violations. That was a ruse. They weren’t losing readers or website visitors. They didn’t want people picking apart their articles outside of their ability to control the conversation. Least wise, that’s how I remember it.

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