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CoS – May 13, 2015 – Brainwash, Rinse and Repeat with a Canadian Crown Prosecutor

Posted on May 19th, 2015 by Calvin

Brainwash, rinse and repeat: …that ‘argument‘ at trial.  You can make that ‘argument‘ at trial.  You can make…  These are very typical dodges to tough evidentiary questions we get when we are being attacked by these predators.  If you ask a question, and they start with, “As I said…“; you are not going to get a responsive answer.

Though there’s a lot to unpack in this particular Call of Shame, there is nothing substantially concrete that was ever confirmed; this is the mastered trade-craft of a well-conditioned deceptionist.  Though this prosecutor is not very good yet, very transparent, like she wasn’t even trying to be convincing.

I do address this call in some detail at the end of last week’s No State Project, so I won’t go into much detail here.  What is important is to notice the lame attempt at a straw man.  When I ask her directly for the evidence her argument is based, she claims the argument her evidence is insufficient is a legal question for the court to decide.

While I point out each time I am asking for her to just disclose her evidence, if any, she sticks to her straw man and refuses to make a disclosure.  She request we put it in writing.  We did, but I’m not holding my breathe she will be responsive.

You can’t provide what doesn’t exist.  If there was evidence proving the laws apply to us, then the evidence would be provided.  And no, claims of punishment is not evidence supporting the argument/opinion.

If you, or someone you know thinks there is evidence, then please call into a live broadcast.


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  1. RAD Says:

    “The crown is proceeding”.

    When she talks about “the crown” she’s not talking about a jewel encrusted hat. She’s referring to the deity of the Canadian government religion. “The crown” is one of those non-physical “entities” statists believe in as scriptural articles of faith of their religion.

  2. desertspeaks Says:

    The song and dance of lies and fraud

  3. stljanski Says:

    “we have facts, we have evidence, but im not going to tell you what they are, were going to trial, and the judge will help me out ignoring these facts and evidence, cause we don’t need no stinking facts, we dont need no stinking evidence, nor do we need informants/witnesses, the violation is my facts, my evidence is here on this piece of paper oh and ..we got guns, and you don’ pay up, peasant.”…ahhh, is that a yes or a no? to my simple question?, my highness?

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ stal, you nailed it.

  5. Boxer Says:

    Gotta love those Canadians, eh?

  6. Bo Says:

    Rad, I’ll second that.

    Your quite correct in saying the crown is a deity.

    It’s interesting to arrive at that knowledge through the fun filled way of the symbolic understanding of flora, particular the crown being said to be, “the fairest flower of the prerogative”, and how that relates to the pharaohic lotus flower.

    Ignore videos, for a quick read and understanding of material explaining the crown, when you scroll down to title headed – INTERPRETATION OF SYMBOLISM REFLECTING EVOLVED CONTEXTUAL CHANGES IN HISTORICALLY DIFFERENT OWNERSHIP.



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