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CoS – May 27, 2016 – CAFTB

Posted on June 2nd, 2016 by Calvin

Haven’t had any success with the California Franchise Tax Board for a while.  They have always been worse than the IRS and have stopped accepting my power of attorney.  This is why Greg was on the line with me.

Experience has proven that getting a hold on the account is essential to getting the attack dropped, this is especially true with FTB attacks.  However, even when we have a stay the FTB has continued the attacks, so be aware of that.

This Call of Shame is with Royce Larson.  It is a very long call and I stopped recording because he was going to hang up.  We had not gotten a stay of proceedings so it would have been bad to have him end the call.

Take notice of the logical progression of my questions and how just repeating back his own statements appears to really confuse him.  I think it’s because he just didn’t want to admit his position.  It loses it’s punch when I say it.  Because it really is pretty stupid to claim the code is evidence proving the constitution applies to Greg.  This also contradicted Larson’s own claim the constitution was the basis of the code:


The entire document is here.  When they claim the constitution applies to Greg because he’s physically in California, we asked for evidence that is true.  Claiming the constitution gives legislative authority does not answer the question.  To claim the code is proof the constitution applies is just stupid and not consistent with his non-responsive form letter.  Remember, bureaucrats agree, “legal citations are not evidence.”


If you claim a written instrument applies to me, and creates obligations on me, then you have to have proof.  Legal citations are not proof, all you’re doing is repeating your claim.  A thousand legal citations will not equal one relevant fact and if you think that is how logic and reason work, then you are deluded.

This call shows how desperately these predators will cling to their false notions.  It doesn’t matter they may be destroying someone’s life, they have to be right no matter how silly their claim.  It’s the nature of the predator.  Forcing people to pay you means never have to give a damn.

But, if you think citing the constitution is proof it applies to Greg, please call into a live broadcast of the No State Project with your evidence and reasoning.


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  1. Boxer Says:

    Where is that statement “Legal citations are not evidence…” pulled from?

  2. spooky2th Says:

    Quoting code cannot be evidence of anything. Would the crime even be a crime if it were not for the code? Now on the other hand, a signed statement by a witness or a defendant? If there is no victim, is there a crime at all???

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Marc criticises me when I suggest someone is an idiot but then goes on to say this, “if you think that is how logic and reason work, then you are deluded.” So Marc, aren’t you simply saying the same thing except putting it in words an idiot might not comprehend? 🙂

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ NonE, nice

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Boxer, that is from Rudy Ogden, a state attorney in New Hampshire. There’s a recent article about him.

  6. Randall Says:

    There’s obviously a disconnect between the questions Marc is asking and the replies from Mr. Royce.

    I would add in the fray: “What taxable activity are you basing the assessment or tax on?” There would probably be a long segment of silence after that though.

    Remember, it is also the activity, not just physical presence. The code would ONLY apply in situations where a taxable activity applied.

    Just my 2 cents …

  7. John Says:

    I LOVE how at 4:22 he says “this call may be recorded or monitored”. You should have quoted that back to him when he tells you that you need to stop recording.

  8. William Fink Says:

    How can I get on the mailing list?

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ William, I need to fix that, you can subscribe to my youtube channel for now.

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