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13 Jan 2018 – More Logic and Evidence, Less Freeman Crap

Posted on January 13th, 2018 by Marc Stevens

Show notes will be posted soon with the video.


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  1. FBA Says:

    That link is bad?

  2. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    If it can sue you, and you can sue it, and it doesn’t bleed, it’s a corporation. Courts are corps. Its paperwork, its charter, is the CONstitution. The court is merely a department in the “state” corp.

    You see three branches of gubmint, I see firewood.

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Or maybe itz god??? Or the flying spaghetti teapot? I see Kindleing.

  4. steve Says:

    hey there i love ya work. i just wondered if you were a christian though? regards steve

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Uh… relevance?

  6. Andy Says:

    rock paper scissors

  7. Billy.R Says:

    Marc I need help finding any evidence,proof that no one signed the constitution if you would please send me some links to look up to get my evidence Thanks,keep up the great work, Billy

  8. Andy Says:

    Billy R., The signatures on the U.S. constitution are, “in witness thereof”. Meaning, they are not a party to a contract. Nor are they accountable to the conditions stated in the constitution. For example, if you and I were to sign onto a contract we would be accountable. We could hire a notary to witness you and I signing the contract. The notary would sign his her name as ‘witness thereof’. The notary is not a party to the contract.

    It appears you are somewhat new to this. The most enlightening writing I have ever read regarding the constitution is, No Treason: The Constitution Of No Authority, by Lysander Spooner.

  9. Andy Says:

    Bill R. I responded to your post. It has two links in it and thus is awaiting moderation. Hopefully it will be posted sometime today.

  10. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    @ Billy.R

    Are you making claims? Else why would you need evidence?

    The question is: What evidence do they have to prove the CONstitution applies to you?

    Lysander Spooner wrote NO TREASON The Constitution of No Authority in 1870.

  11. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Yeah Andy. I ran into that two links thing also. When I remember I just break up the link postings into multiple posts. Saves Marc from having to attend to it.

  12. Andy Says:

    It appears you are somewhat new to this. The most enlightening writing I have ever read regarding the constitution is, No Treason: The Constitution Of No Authority, by Lysander Spooner.

  13. Andy Says:

    It appears you are somewhat new to this. The most enlightening writing I have ever read regarding the constitution is, No Treason: The Constitution Of No Authority, by Lysander Spooner.

  14. Andy Says:

    I suppose one can’t have too many links to such an exemplary piece of witting.

  15. NonEntity Says:

    I swear that I never signed the constitution.

  16. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    If that was an accidental typo Andy… Excellent comment regardless!

    But didja witness it NonE?

  17. dan Says:

    He’s not that old, is he?

  18. NonEntity Says:

    Did I witness what, my failure to sign the constitution?

  19. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Well, witnessing the CONstitution is the only thing all those other written names did.

  20. Andy Says:

    Update, a moderator cleared my post at January 18th, 2018 at 8:53 am.

  21. NonEntity Says:

    Witnessing the constitution? Can one witness a thing? It seems to me one can observe a thing but the act of witnessing must involve an event. “I witnessed the constitution lying on the table; I witnessed people placing their signatures upon a piece of parchment…” but how can one witness an existence? I witnessed salt. I witnessed a tire. Huh???

  22. Andy Says:

    I’ve thought almost the same about those “ancient” dudes signing their names in “witness thereof”. If they were alive perhaps they could answer to you how one can “witness an existence”/object. Isn’t an event an existence? I mean, doesn’t an event exist? If an event does exist, wouldn’t it mean that an existence can be witnessed? That said, perhaps witness an object better describes what the “ancient” dudes were doing. Still doesn’t explain much.

    Come to think of it, I’ve seen with my own eyes the Gateway arch and can therefore witness that that object does exist. And it keeps going… when I think of the many objects individuals have signed their name on — all of them witnesses to the existence of those objects.

  23. NonEntity Says:

    I think that what one is witnessing when one signs a document as a witness is the act of another person signing said document. Thought: if I sign a menu in a restaurant does my signature signify anything regarding that menu or the dining choices represented thereon?

  24. NonEntity Says:

    I think, Andy, when you claim to witness the arch, what you are doing is testifying to the fact of its existence. Perhaps we need to consult with Stuart Chase on this one.

  25. NonEntity Says:

    To continue along this path, I wonder what graffiti, or “tagging,” has to say regarding the substrate. Anything?

  26. Andy Says:

    NonEntity said: “how can one witness an existence?”

    I think what NonEntity missed is that an event has an existence and thus can be witnessed.

    /Next up, playing semantic word games it has moved from object to substance and witness to testimony. Witnesses with personal first hand knowledge may give testimony.

  27. NonEntity Says:

    For your consideration: an event, it seems to me, is a process as opposed to a fixed thing. A tire blew. This is a series of related things. Salt is a fixed idea, a fixed substance. The constitution is a fixed thing, not a process. WRITING the constitution is a process, something which can be observed, witnessed. The constitution itself cannot be witnessed, it can only be testified to exist. In my mind I clearly see this distinction but l don’t know whether or not it is important or even perhaps whether I am full of shit.

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