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Ep 49 Success in Colorado, Prosecution Cannot Meet Their Burden

Posted on January 31st, 2018 by Marc Stevens

Congrats to Kenny in Colorado for defending himself against the predators in Colorado and getting a dismissal.  They were serious charges, none were traffic.


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  1. HooliganHoodlum1904 Says:

    Marc Stevens do you know what cognitive dissonance is ? I have family that resides in that part of Newtown, Connecticut. That school had been closed for 3 years prior and during. Do some research. Forget conspiracy theories go on first hand knowledge, facts and evidence. See Wolfgang Halbig, a national school security consultant research. The city hired huge multi million attorneys for a maintenance worker who supposedly worked there. see videos of depositions when being questioned concerning him and schoolboard trying to block FOIA requests concerning the supposed 33 children who went to Superbowl from Sandy Hook.

  2. HooliganHoodlum1904 Says:

    I have personally used your tactics for last 5 years here in Mesa and Phoenix for Agg Assault on Mesa Police Officers and Lieutenant in Internal Affairs division and have won or mitigated damage. I have 404B Transcripts and such to show viewers or followers what your saying is true. But when I heard you mention Sandyhook and your misguided belief of that happeneing you truly disappointed me and will lose other viewers. Those were crisis actors on tv. How come no interviews of the other 400 plus students and parents who were enrolled there at the time of the incident. No death certificates, FBI public record of no deaths or murders on that day. Come on Marc. Why dont you bring up no Attorneys in state of Arizona have a license to practice law ? Or how Judges change Jurisdiction when being challenged in court by getting up off the bench and coming back in seconds ? This is not 1 case I speak off but 4 different ones.

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    My wife knows a family who lost a child in that shooting, is she part of a false flag? I have mentioned there are licenses to practice law in the US many times.

  4. spooky2th Says:

    Unfortunately, that school was closed down for 3 or 4 years prior to the false-flag event, because of asbestos and other problems. Your wife probably knows crises actors. The networks have been caught interviewing witnesses that were at other false-flags. Then and probably still, you could search on the net for the companies that recruited crisis actors and sign up. All the children that were supposedly killed, did a small show at a Superbowl halftime. Facial recognition technology proved it too. The hospital and morgue didn’t have all the bodies, etc. The obituary of the shooter says he died a day or 2 before the shooting. This is all old news and there’s so much more to it. The govt is sick as well as the propaganda mainstream news too.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Sorry Marc. Nobody died at Sandy Hook.

  6. Yahudi. Says:

    Sandy Hook school was definitely in use before the shootings occurred. There are photographs of schoolchildren, teachers, and guests at the school. There are school ratings and attendance records from the school.

    Also, let us say that the school was closed three years before the shooting. So where did all of the schoolchildren go, when was the school officially closed? So if the school was closed, are the conspirators going to tell the schoolchildren the real reason? No, the conspirators have to make up a cover story. So all 500 children, their families, their teachers, their neighbors, their relatives all knew that the school was closed for some reason. When you close an elementary school for real, people are notified.

    Soliciting the school was closed three years before. What do you tell the thousands of people who saw the school officially closed then suddenly there was a mass shooting there what are all those people going to say? Of course the conspiracy fools are going to say that the entire town is on is in on the conspiracy. But that doesn’t really make any sense, now does it?

  7. NonEntity Says:

    The evidence of this fraud is overwhelming and is documented in this book which Amazon BANNED! The author and editor then posted it as a free PDF available here: enjoy.

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