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Jan 6 – Judges Claiming They Need No Evidence of Jurisdiction

Posted on January 6th, 2018 by Marc Stevens

Jermaine updated us about his adventures in Calgary, how judge David Gates shamelessly snapped he had jurisdiction and didn’t need evidence.

Do  you need any more evidence of his criminality, how he presided over a rigged game and aided the prosecution?



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  1. Neville Says:

    Marc is totally sane and a pleasure to listen to and spot on about the fake privately run and owned fake STATE of ISRAELI and its puppet de-facto criminal government.

    And I’m not sure if even Marc or indeed the rest of the world is fully aware that this so called “Country” or illegal STATE of ISRAEL is actually a legitimate “Country” because it is “Not”

    This illegal and unlawful STATE never evolved, or came into being like all legitimate countries of the world because it has no characteristics to any legitimate country of the world and why is that?

    The reason is simple and clear, this illegal SATET is simply a corporation that is acting as an Agent on the world stage to work with rogue corporations like the Act of 1871, USA and steeling public money to channel those funds and steel them for Military products.

    The whole thing about ISRAEL and the rogue Treasonous American senate
    is in your face and as clear as day and why we are still allowing this to continue is repulsive and utterly repugnant.

  2. NonEntity Says:

    “… like all legitimate countries…” WTF???

  3. doyle Says: may be of interest.

  4. doyle Says:

    just be careful where bill says (3/4 minute mark) that the state owns the Estate because it was created by them. This is not true as the Estate was created by the parents as grantor for our benefit. The fact that a BC has been signed by a registrar is proof it exists, but what is not exposed is the Registrar is from the probate court which is proof of a DECEASED Estate, which has created a trust which is being administrated by, what is termed, a Trustee De Son Tort, who has no authority to administrate. This happens because we have not made claim to the Estate as the Executor/trix holding that Office, which is being held by the De Son Tort Trustee. Like bill says, the true meaning of words tell the story.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    “…has no authority to administrate.” It’s impossible to administrate. One may, however, administer.

  6. Arten Says:

    A long held and cherished maxim in English Law is this: All men are equal before the Law.

    We are governed and policed by consent and we have a Constitutional acknowledged Right to withdraw that consent at any time. This can be found in chapter 61 of Magna Carta and the legal term used is diffidatio.

    No one is above the Law not even the Monarch for in the words of famed English Jurist Henry de Bracton The King is not above the Law because the Law makes the King.

    Calgary Canada still has a Monarch as head of state and the judiciary have to take an oath to the crown so they are representing the Monarch via proxy.
    No judge can presume or claim to have jurisdiction over any subject without supporting evidence. This judge seems to want to be a tyrant and is himself breaking the Law he is breaking the maxim above.

  7. NonEntity Says:

    Law: an opinion someone is willing to back up with force.

  8. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Arten Says:
    “We are governed and policed by consent”

    Are we?

  9. doyle Says:

    administrate. verb. administer, captain, command, conduct, control, direct, govern, head, lead, manage, officiate, operate, preside, regulate, render, sit in judgment, stand over, superintend, supervise

  10. NonEntity Says:

    “… policed by consent…” Does oxymoron ring any bells? Or is rational thought outside of the bounds?

  11. doyle Says:

    Law doesn’t change, that’s why it’s law. What does change is statute, acts, and legalese, which is all opinion.

  12. NonEntity Says:

    “Laws don’t change.” Example: “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” [an imperfect quote of Lord Acton]

  13. dan Says:

    I wish I could play as sloppy as Jimmy Page.

  14. dan Says:

    I wish I could play as sloppy as Jimmy Page almost as much as I wish every single bureaucrat everywhere would do that to themselves which is physically impossible.

  15. NonEntity Says:

    Voters. You forgot the voters!

  16. dan Says:

    I did forget the voters! No soup for me!

  17. Kurt Says:

    Wouldn’t the prudent thing to do after this response is ask if rule 602 (or whatever it is) applies to this court? If not why not? If they are going to violate their own code, call them on it specifically.

  18. Ken Says:

    While questions are better than statements, I believe a more appropriate response would be: “Objection, are you telling me that this court is allowing the ‘prosecution’ to violate your ‘602/ rules of evidence’ and proceed without evidence”?; perhaps include at some point, “even after my demands to see their evidence”? 😉

  19. NonEntity Says:

    Ken’s getting ît down and polished to a high sheen. 🙂

  20. dan Says:

    Yes, much more polished than, “Where’s the factual evidence I became your bitch?”

  21. NonEntity Says:

    Nice, Dan, NICE! 🙂

  22. Spencer Morgan Says:

    Jimmy Page is the man. His playing is what got me started on guitar. Also, his impact on guitar production (mic placement, recording, production) is very under-appreciated.

  23. BlackPrince Says:

    I would suggest reading the analysis in Meads v. Meads, 2012 ABQB 571, at for how the Canadian courts view common “freeman/sovereign” arguments. It has been cited by more that 130 Canadian court decisions rejecting such arguments as “you can’t prove you have jurisdiction” since it was published.

  24. kevin Says:

    You don’t need evidence?
    How many people have you found guilty and jailed without prima face evidence from the prosecution? 😎

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