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NSP 26 August 2017

Posted on August 26th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

The Joe Arpaio pardon by Trump.  Joe never showed any concern for those who were wronged by the court system, he’s never had a problem jailing those raped by the legal system.  But when he gets caught in it, he’s screaming witch-hunt and needs a pardon.  What a despicable human being.

Matt in Brisbane, Australia, my vegan facebook thread.  Same responses from non-vegans as we get from bureaucrats.  I ask a question, they claim I’m making a stupid argument.  We’re not being preachy or forcing our views on anyone, we’re pointing out morally inconsistencies.

We are not omnivores and even if we are, there is still a moral choice.  We don’t need to eat animals.

Jeremy in Colorado is prepping for court in a week.  Do we need to stick the exact questions when cross-examining a cop?  Yes, don’t change the context of the questions as we are trying to get certain admissions from the witness.

Will from Minnesota called about his money being stolen from the IRS.  The company is forced to be accomplices to the IRS’s robbery and we need to contact the IRS and the company and get statements/admissions to get the money back.  We need an admission from the company they blindly gave the IRS the money because they are forced to, that they did not make any determinations of federal law against us.  We also need IRS admissions there is no evidence supporting their claim their laws apply and there is jurisdiction over us.


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  1. stal is hungry Says:

    just a suggestion Marc, NSP Saturdays and Wednesdays is great, how about a separate no meat show on a sunday?,I get your analogy, but one fight at a time, if you cant get people to not believe in, which is as you know hard to do, how can you convince them not to eat meat they been eating for majority of their life? My mouth waters saliva when i smell flesh-meat cooking, it doesn’t do anything for me when vegetables are being cooked. thats my evidence i’m a meat eater, and my dog agrees (chuckle).

    . also your swinging at the branches instead of the roots. If we got rid of the killer farms and butchers, people would be turned into more vegetarian then meat eaters, its very hard to kill your own, skin it and eat. once the root of the problem is gone, and no meat sold in stores then no one would be out there eating meat. strike at the root, not me and other branches.

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    That salivating is a conditioned response, come on, you know better Jan. You may be a meat eater, but you’re not a carnivore or omnivore. The length of your intestines says you’re an herbivore. We bring people to anarchy the same as with veganism, it’s a moral/ethical issue. If one is morally consistent, then they’ll see the merit with anarchy and veganism.

  3. aVoiceInTheWilderness Says:

    Gotta agree about the sheriff. Ruins countless lives with a thought then cries like a baby when he get prosecuted. scum is too good of a word….

  4. Sedonabear Says:

    You can argue if there is a “state” or if there is “no state”, and yes, facts or lack thereof should prevail in such an argument. However, Sheriff Joe is part of a system that is based on various forms and levels of agreements and consents. Has Arpaio put people in jail who did not actually commit “crimes”, i.e., no injured party and mala prohibita offenses? Yes. But that system in which we are all forced to operate seems to exist based on an overwhelming consensus among the people at large. It’s not a justification. It’s just a plain hard and immutable fact that is not going to change… ever. As much as I admire and respect the effort, teeny tiny infinitesimally small groups, such as the No State Project are not going to change it. The consensus will always agree that there are things that should be jailable offenses regardless of the existence of an injured party. So, does he deserve what he gets for what he’s done to others? By one standard yes, but by another standard which makes up the consensus the issue is argued by the left and right political factions and some percentage mix thereof. The left faction are arguing that he should not be pardoned, while the right faction are arguing that he should be. But here is a legal perspective that uses Common Law maxim, common sense, and immutable law to justify the pardon of Joe Arpaio. Arpaio in essence was part of an agent-principal relationship whereby the federal government was ostensibly given the responsibility of keep “illegal aliens” out of the boundaries of the United States, but under the leadership of theoretical POTUS Barak Obama this responsibility was cast aside and allowed millions of illegal aliens to cross the theoretical boundary into the so-calles USA. Arpaio’s knowledge and understanding of the law was that illegal aliens are not allowed to be in the USA and it is a crime if they are. Arpaio was given every indication that the illegal aliens who flooded Maricopa County during his tenure were a problem in many aspects and that they were not being properly dealt with by the government agency claiming to have jurisdiction, i.e., Immigration and Customs Enforcement. i.e., the “agent”. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the “principal”, having perceived a stand down by ICE proceeded to exercise what he believed to be his lawful duty and arrest and detain the illegal immigrants based on their conformity to a criminal profile. Race and “nationality” are primary and fundamental elements to successful and professional criminal profiling and is taught in Criminal Justice 101. The basis of Arpaio’s decision to act as a principal was based on the agent’s decision to not act. A Maxim of Law from the Code of Hammurabi says that “If the agent falls down, the principal may stand up”. This basic fundamental tenet of law was not taken into account by the activist “judge” who issued the injunction order against Arpaio, so he ignored the court’s order and continued to perform what he believed to be his sworn official duty. When judging Arpaio’s character keep the following in mind… he has been on the job for 50 years, he has personally seen and dealt with some of the worst people on earth, he has attended crime scenes filled with dismembered bodies, he has witnessed first hand death and destruction caused to Mexican illegal immigrants by the so-called “coyotes” who smuggle them into the USA who are raped, robbed, beaten, murdered, dismembered, kidnapped etc. Now, whether you are a “no state” patriot or not, those things don’t matter in the least when you are literally standing in the blood of slain immigrants or fellow officers. Your only thought in that moment is that this must stop, but you know what a tough battle it is going to be. So you press on and make the criminal justice system look so unappealing in your jurisdiction that you hope nobody wants to mess up bad enough to become a part of it. You put prisoners in pink jump suits, you feed them food that is barely passable, you house them in tents that reach 130 degrees in the summer, etc.

  5. Pete Says:

    Hey Marc: Are you still offering the $5,000 reward for proof of government laws applying to anyone? What was the exact wording of this challenge? Thanks!

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, though I haven’t had contact with Paul in a while. You have to prove there are citizens/states and governments, so you have to show evidence of citizens, being members of the body politic, owing a duty of allegiance in return for a duty of protection.

  7. Ed Says:

    It’s a lot worse than what you have stated, what about the hundred of thousands of homes in Maricopa County that he stood by and let the BAR card Attorneys steal.

  8. Boxer Says:

    “But that system in which we are all forced to operate seems to exist based on an overwhelming consensus among the people at large.”

    Which came first, consensus or force?

  9. NonEntity Says:

    Sedonabear, you sed a lot of things that were worth pointing out. I thank you for your perspective. You also sed, “You put prisoners in pink jump suits, you feed them food that is barely passable, you house them in tents that reach 130 degrees in the summer, etc.” I want to point out that many of those kept in the conditions you describe had not yet been tried. They had not yet been found guilty. They were simply charged. To put a “presumed innocent” person in these conditions is simply inhumane. Regardless of the pressures you may be under. Also remember that most crimes are of the mala prohibita kind. It’s not like these people have actually harmed anyone.

  10. NonEntity Says:

    Back in some prior century when I was less wrinkled, there was a saying which I recall as being common. It went like this: Better that ten guilty should go free than that one innocent be falsely jailed. It seems the world’s ethical perspective has been inverted.

  11. Boxer Says:


    “It seems the world’s ethical perspective has been converted.”


  12. NonEntity Says:

    Boxer, “It seems the world’s ethical perspective has been inverted.”

    FIFY 😛 🙂

  13. Dave Beaulieu Says:

    “It seems the world’s ethical perspective has been perverted.”

  14. NonEntity Says:

    It seems as though the backseat drivers have gotten control of the steering wheel! Someone grab the ignition keys… QUICK!

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