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NSP Dec 16 Morality of Abortion, Anarchy and Veganism

Posted on December 16th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

I hit the hate trifecta today, abortion, anarchy and veganism.

ICBM Catcher called in to “hammer” me on the issue of anarchy.  He does a good job contradicting himself and doesn’t hammer much at all.

The moral principle “Do no harm” shows that abortion is immoral, it’s obviously causing harm, it causes death to a baby.  Call it a “trespasser” or that there is some “moral right” to cause it’s death, it still sharply conflicts with the principle of do no harm.


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  1. Dave Beaulieu Says:

    I just listened entirely to the moron that calls himself ICBM. He makes NO SENSE whatsoever! Does this guy have a clue? His premise is ridiculous aa there has only NOT been a society that has ever been ALLOWED to exist where a small percentage of the people want to control the masses through brute force! In our case, through lies and manipulation, otherwise known as “indoctrination” people have become the pawns of what Andrew Stephens once calle “designing men.” His premise that your show is about how not to pay taxes is idiotic! His indoctrinated assumption that taxation is okay is idiotic! He has not “hammered” you in any sense of the word. Taxation is, as Eric Williams would say, a euphemism for armed robbery.

    I can tell this moron what it would be like in your vision….FREE! Free of a “war on drugs” which has destroyed the Bill of Rights which were “guaranteed” under the CONstitution. This society is nothing short of “mob rule” which is set up to bully the so called “citizens” into paying for these criminals wars, which they have been lining their pockets with gold. Into paying for their “too big to fail” bullshit! Who have been paying, for their agencies which on one end, supply the major drug cartels, while building prisons and a police state to imprison the very citizenry which has been lining their pockets with the gold they force people to pay. They use subterfuge, fraud, coercion, lies, extortion, manipulation, conspiracy and are violating the very law of the land that which they swear to “serve and protect!” What on Earth is it that dimwit ICBM does not get about all of that?!!
    Keep up the good work Marc!

  2. Jim Says:

    It seems we are lead to believe that “pro choice” and “pro life” are opposites. Shouldn’t “pro choice” be exercised prior to conception? Shouldn’t the choice be to act responsibly or irresponsibly occur before conception? Isn’t arguing “pro choice” v “pro life” like addressing the merits before proving jurisdiction?

    Isn’t this argument another attempt to divide and conquer?

  3. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    @ ICBMC

  4. kevin Says:

    Interesting that people like ICBM Catcher think that essential services like hospitals, police and roads etc being funded and supported by voluntary means is nonsense, however believes that funding and supporting these services PLUS an enormous inefficient government bureaucracy to administer it all is not nonsense.

    He also gives government a free pass on using violence saying it is human nature and then saying we need government to protect us from others who are violent. He is advocating for a large gang of criminals to rob us all our lives, on the premise to protect us from somebody who may possibly harm us.

    His logic and ethics may not be consistent, but his comic relief certainly is. I always get a laugh listening to him. 😆

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Marc, you’re wrong (I’m pretty sure.) Thanks in very large part to Ernest Hancock you do not need government permission to concealed carry in Arizona, with VERY FEW, specifically delineated exceptions.

    Second issue, ate you drawing a very distinct and clear line between an egg and a single cell which has been fertilized as being just an egg versus (not verse) and a full human being with all the moral attributes and rights attendant thereto?

    – NonZygote

  6. NonEntity Says:

    All spell chicks should be ABORTED!

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