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NSP ep 50 War is a Racket

Posted on February 8th, 2018 by Marc Stevens

Infamous Witt from Gilbert, Arizona called again to discuss the morality of the US government dropping two atom bombs on Japan, killing 200,000+ people,  including thousands of innocent children.  I think it was immoral, Witt defends it.  He does have great taste in music though.


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    I asked for a copy of the judges bond and signed Oath of Office and also for the state attorneys in my case and a copy of the authority over me and I filed a special appearance reserving all my rights and that I give none unless in writing and signed by me. The Judge went nuts and said he ruled on this before and I said Jurisdiction can be raise at anytime. This was a status hearing and the judge forced me to accept a trial date of June 25 with 4 jurors, I demanded 12. see case 161001013 I did an Interlockory appeal and the Judge just sent it back to the court without ruling on my request to rule on Judge Cutlers orders stating I had to prove they did not have Standing and Jurisdiction See Murray v Phillip Hanley

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    They don’t carry bonds anymore, they self-insure. Stick to attacking the prosecution’s claims.


    This is from while seated in the Gallery I raised my hand and ask the Judge if I may approach


    Murray Utah

  5. Dave Beaulieu Says:

    This Andrew guy is a clueless, blithering idiot!! He doesn’t even have his facts straight! He gushes with the mainstream media BS! Does this guy know what THIS government has been doing in flagrant, disregard for ethical, human rights violations?!! Too bad he, or his parents were not in Nagasaki and Hiroshima during the dropping of the bombs!

  6. JOHN COKOS Says:

    PHILLIP F HANLEY: Your requests should have been in the form of a Motion.

    Marc: You haven’t done ANY research into the subject of forced psych evaluations. Do you know the history and background on the subject? You don’t even know if the process is legal or binding…..

  7. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    forced psych evaluations

    Did the individual show signs of being a threat to others or themselves?

  8. NonEntity Says:

    4sst seYeK

  9. Infamous Witt Says:

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for taking me on, again, to discuss the morality of when war is the answer, or not. How many thousands of innocent children have been murdered by governments throughout the world since you began broadcasting the No State Project on Liberty Radio Network? I won’t cite any pro war U.S. generals or admirals to suggest to you it is a far greater 200,000 (most of whom were adults whose grown children where not vaporized because….their eldest children were all far off in foreign lands committing mass murder of innocents, children and adults). The number you cite is generally propagated by anti nuke activists and government officials from…the same country whose prior genocidal evil empire of Japan government officials started a war that murdered millions and millions of innocent children…until the Enola Gay dropped its payload. It took not one, but two atomic weapons vaporizing towns that had been on a total war footing for decades, before the so called government that you say was supposedly ready to surrender, finally, unconditionally surrendered. Lord knows Commander Sully and crew would have never taken off in the first place, and Truman would have never issued the order, and an admiral you cite would never lamented about it in the bombings in the first place, if the Japs high command had only surrendered before mid August 1945…and no doubt some of the children you lament about Marc would still be alive today! Leave aside their were warlords in the palace that still didn’t want to quit murdering people throughout the world even after all the devastation of the land of the rising sun. But since you like to cite the higher numbers of innocents believed to be killed in the atomic blasts, again, propagated by the victims/perpetrators of a genocidal war in Asia that the United States of America put an end to years after it was attacked in cold blood ( the Japanese flyboyz even toasted to sake at sunrise on the deck of aircraft carriers before Sunday Bloody Sunday December 7, 1941!) I will emphasize the 300,000 innocents, men, women and children the Chinese government says were murdered in only a month of living hell in Nanking, and not the lowly 40,000 innocents the Japanese government admits to having raped, tortured and chopped to death…the disparity in numbers one can see in that Wikipedia article you posted in response to my call Marc. Being anti war/anti death penalty is immoral. To Witt, just answer my opening question posed to you above Marc…and then tell me talk is not cheap as innocent children lie dying. Also, are you going to seriously tell me you would have been against the execution of Adolph….Eichmann. “Some people should die, that’s just unconscious KNOWLEDGE”! And, power, and the ways a man can be use it, or be destroyed by it, and how innocent human beings can be saved by it. Violence begets peace was the first subject I ever broached when I called into so called Liberty Radio Network (FTL 3/16/14), when I heard some thirty something year old smug, ignorant jackass spouting off an empty meaningless saying “violence only begets more violence”. Fat man and little boy achieved quite the opposite, and the innocent children and slaves that lost their sacred lives I blame their parents for worshipping at the altar of the rising sun (it still never ceases to amaze me that unlike the broken cross symbol of the genocidal Nazis, that blood stained orb flag survived all it wrought). World War 2 was not a racket on behalf of corporations, just as it will never cease to amaze me that right wing progressives will quote and propogate an empty and meaningless saying by a General Smedly Bultler, because it suits your sentiments or opinion. Respectfully Marc. Gotta run on, your biggest fanatic

  10. Andy Says:

    Seriously?! TD;DR

  11. les Says:

    @ witt..”genocidal Nazis” you say, a bit of a double standard going on there. You think it’s OK for the US to kill all those Japanese but when the Germans retaliated against their aggressors, you call them genocidal. Perhaps those Jews shouldn’t start wars they can’t finish.

  12. Infamous Witt Says:

    les thanks for reading my post and chiming in, I gusee? Not sure what double standard you are referring to, but that far off east countries gangs leaders were just that I refer to it all the time as…the genocidal evil empire of Japan…and yeah, I am okay with all the high altitude ordinance dropped on accessories to murder. Violence begets peace. About your stupid and extremely disturbing words that Germans retaliated against thieir aggressors,…those Jews…leave aside not one Pole, Belgian, Ukrainian, French, Russian, et al victims of the Nazis all over the worlds the Nazis conquered, no Jew ever aggressed against Hitler and his evil youth the SS. Perhaps les, You shouldn’t comment on my comments and just make the world a better place…like I always used to call in and tell Christopher Cantwell: pick up that gun on the front of your table on my screen, put it in your mouth and pull the triggger and make the world a better place: “Some people should die, that’s just unconscious knowledge,”. And Marc Stevens, I consider it a given you don’t share les sentiments but your more than welcomed to comment on mine. Les shut up or just die, seriously Andy

  13. NonEntity Says:

    Marc Stevens wrote: “They don’t carry bonds anymore, they self-insure.” Wrong. They just steal the more money from other “taxpayers.”

  14. les Says:

    @ Witt.
    Correct “stupid and extremely disturbing words”, if you are ignorant of history, otherwise just accurate. You need to get your facts right.
    “Judea Declares War on Germany!” – Daily Express headline, March 24, 1933.”
    There would have been no “genocide”, as you call it, if they had not started a war. The double standard you can’t/won’t see is that you’re happy for the Japanese to be killed but the “Jews” not so. Perhaps you have a preference of how one is killed as to meeting your approval? Again, another classic Witt double standard would be one minute you proclaim Christ, quote scripture, and the next “Les shut up or just die”. I guess you’re just another one who can’t handle the truth. “Lukewarm” i believe scripture defines you as.

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