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NSP Live Ep 39 Gotta Role-play to Prep for Court

Posted on October 25th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

Spoke with Moses in Colorado and Andreas from Adelaide, Australia.  Prepping for court requires role-playing, Andreas didn’t and is going to court right after the show.

Infamous Witt from Gilbert, Arizona called about the good things “governments” do, such as the Hoover Dam.


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  1. david dan Says:

    In california, the 1879 Constitution’s effective date was repealed Nov 8, 1960 ballot pamphlet #12 – this is certified by the Sec of State and has never been re-enacted – all enacting clauses for statutes in California were archived in 1910 – specific enacting clause required both legislative houses to perform in representative capacity
    the enacting clauses for california now only have the legislature passing laws and not in a “representative” capacity – The only “Constitution” is the 1849 – I stay within the exterior borders, boundaries, and “surveys” of the country known as California, and without the exterior borders, boundaries, and surveys of the United States federal territory

    The purpose of this communication is to request certain information in reference to the definition of “in this state” as recorded in the following sections of the California Code: General Provisions, Section 6017, and Assessments Section 11205:
    “In this State” or “in the State” means within the exterior limits of the State of California and includes all territory within these limits owned by or ceded to the United States of America. (Emphasis added.)
    Includes is a word of limitation. Where a general term in Statute is followed by the word ‘including’ the primary import of specific words following quoted words is to indicate restriction rather than enlargement. (Powers ex rel Dovon v. Charron R.I., 135 A. 2nd 829)

    Please provide a copy of the documents or reference to the documents ie.. maps, surveys, or specific examples that are within the category of property, that specifically identify all the territory/land owned or ceded, that is “included” in the definition of “in this State” listed above for California.
    Additionally, I request a copy of the documents or reference to the documents that specifically identify all the territory/land that is “excluded” from the above definition of “in this State”.
    I am requesting this information so that I may adequately determine for my travels, when I am on the territory/land that is the venue of “in this state” as defined above and the land upon which the statutes applicable to “in this state” are in force and effect, including but not limited to the California Vehicle Code.

  2. NonEntity Says:

    How can a date be repealed?

  3. dan Says:

    NonE, you mean you’ve never been stood up?

  4. NonEntity Says:

    Oh. Nevermind.

  5. Nelson Donnell Says:

    It appears that Witt from Gilbert, Arizona is a true believer that, when it comes to the gang of men and women who are liars, killers and thieves that call themselves government are concerned, their ends justifies their means.

    Will also seems to think that the said club can do no wrong, so I think he has chosen to ignore how the members of the liars, killers and thieves club have reneged on their agreements with Native Americans under their treaties with them and how both national and local authorities have pursued to commit genocide on Native Americans in the process.

  6. Infamous Witt Says:

    High Nelson,
    Speaking of being a true believer, I will give you one milllllion dollars if you can come up with anything I said to,Marc that gives credence to anything you put in print above. When it comes to the gang of men [and women] who are liars, killers and thieves I think of those that call themselves ministers whose ends justify their means…Daryl Perry, Mark Edge, Ian Bernard….and the people’s you lament about and on behalf have long since been dead and gone even long before one United States Congress passed laws protecting America the beautiful’s most sacred lands…that don’t discriminate passed on race, creed, color or national origin, that even you can go up nort( and enjoy….yeah, and there are demonstrably good things our government does like it or not and name calling and black labeling anybody for sins committed by others in another time and place is why I call you High Nelson. Thanks for listening gotta run on

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