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Ron Gets Tickets Dismissed in Vegas

Posted on November 14th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

Congrats to Ron for standing up to the predators in Las Vegas, and thanks for sending me the documentary proof.

While I can’t say this dismissal is directly because Ron filed the motion to dismiss and discovery request, this is still significant because it’s more evidence we can get these tickets dismissed.  Not only that, we don’t need a lawyer to do so.

Circumstantially though, would the prosecution have withdrawn if not for Ron’s defense?  This has to be taken in context though, knowing these predators have no evidence to support their claim their laws apply.

The common arguments/excuses for this lack of evidence is they don’t need to prove it, that prosecutors can argue against us without evidence, while it’s contempt for us if we do.  Outside court they argue their laws apply because they put other people in prison, and the laws apply because “they just do.”  Yes, they have actually said such things.

Knowing they have no evidence to support their claim, that our position has merit, and a case can be made the dismissal was because of Ron’s defense.  We’ll never know for sure, though we can be confident that if attacked, we can successfully defend ourselves.


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  1. dan Says:

    Victory Screech for Ron!

  2. Nelson Donnell Says:

    Marc, you stated in the video that a conviction in this matter of Ron Fitzpatrick could have resulted in a “Hell of a lot more money in insurance cost”, but do you think any insurance company will insure him if he doesn’t have an active driver’s license and they know that he can’t be statutorily prosecuted? Just curious, that’s all.

  3. desertspeaks Says:

    Sacred Cow Shish Kabob – Larken Rose, Anarchapulco 2017
    Hope you allow this link marc..

  4. jailbird Says:

    On Fitzpatrick case, he doesn’t need a drivers license, registration, or insurance to travel in his private automobile, But to protect yourself in case he the cause of a accident, he could get a surety bond worth what ever the states amount is for liability is. this way keep you away from high insurance with insurance companies.

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