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Marc on the Truth Frequency Radio Network – Jun 29, 2012

Posted on June 29th, 2012 by Calvin

Marc’s second appearance on Truth Frequency radio with hosts Chris Geo and Sheree to discuss establishing and maintaining one’s sovereignty against legal coercion and extortion.


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  1. Leo Roy Says:

    Hello, I got this link from the DETAX CANADA website.
    I was looking for the information listed below. What and where is it available?

    For excellent procedures in the ‘scumbag’ courtrooms of the land,
    check out Marc Stevens’ courtroom tactics.
    Especially useful for any Government origin charges – tax, traffic, misdemeanor violations.

  2. Packabowlla Says:

    Well Done Sir. ———— Packa

  3. Chase200mph Says:

    Re-cap from another post I made….
    I keep hearing about this case trial that just doesn’t really appear to exist. America vs. Chris Geo? Catchy title but lacking any realism since it would be Texas vs. Chris Geo. All that appears on the internet are quotes from other cases explaining why Chris’s case was won (Supreme Court rulings). Even though these cases are not representation of Chris’s actions and have little or nothing to do with his actions that I’ve seen. Not one supporting fact exists outside of his claim it seems…..Chris refuses to post his Court case rulings even though he makes the claim he won…. which mirrors your blogs posting here…. Yet there doesn’t seem to be any evidence presented and Chris edits and bans anyone asking for said same…since this doesn’t add up and smells of fraudulence and before I pay to order this supposed trial case, have you seen one piece of evidence about Chris’s claim here…..I am betting you have not.

  4. indio007 Says:

    I would seriously disassociate yourself with these 2. I’ve listened to their broadcast for 2 years.

    But this is on their website.

    Hour 1: We welcome back an old friend, Marc Stevens, to talk about law and courtroom tactics that sovereign citizens can use to help them stay that way.

    SOVEREIGN CITIZEN? WTF!!!! I know that didn’t come out of Marc’s mouth. The term “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron.

    This is the kicker though.

    Hours 2 and 3: We are joined once again by Brent Johnson and engage in healthy debate about what may/may not be necessary in the upcoming 2nd American Revolution. We discuss the pros and cons of a violent overthrow and try to get a new perspective of how valuable diplomacy is when we’re being ruled over by a criminal, tyrannical government.

    The violent overthrow of the gov’t + sovereign citzen = cointelpro honeypot

  5. chase200mph Says:

    The sovereign individual … Maybe he is speaking in the mythical sense of the term. After all he smokes dope and talks to the inter galactic counsel and admits his knowledge come from them concerning his legal prowess.

  6. Robert Says:

    Chase200mph: A lot of talk show hosts use pseudonyms rather than their true identity. When you go to validate claims they made by using their pseudonym name, then you may not find verification. That doesn’t mean their claim(s) are true or not, but uses of pseudonyms adds to the complexity of verifying claims made by these folks.

  7. Leo Roy Says:

    How many people out think there is a private living soul (you) and a public paper entity, ie a person (you as well) ?

  8. Lyndon Says:

    Leo Roy: what are asking?

  9. Leo Roy Says:

    I’m not asking, I’m stating our reality. Do you know the difference?

  10. Incubus Says:

    Are you driving towards the whole strawman/freeman all caps idea? If so, it is utter nonsense and has no basis in reality. It is as ficticious as the state itself.

  11. Leo Roy Says:

    Where is your proof?? I have all the facts I need for our real world – strawman – very real.
    Person is a corporation – paper you.

  12. Incubus Says:

    “I have all the facts I need for our real world – strawman – very real.”

    This is the place to show those facts. Lay them on the table.

  13. Lyndon Says:

    Leo Roy: I think you asked a question because you used a question mark. What is your question?

  14. Chase200mph Says:

    Robert Says:
    July 26th, 2012 at 10:46 am
    Chase200mph: A lot of talk show hosts use pseudonyms rather than their true identity. When you go to validate claims they made by using their pseudonym name, then you may not find verification. That doesn’t mean their claim(s) are true or not, but uses of pseudonyms adds to the complexity of verifying claims made by these folks.

    If this were true Robert, then Chris Geo was arrested for providing false ID no doubt and this would indeed invalidate all of his claims. So the question remains, why should we accept an “argument from Ignorance” and why has Chris gone into hiding on this issue?

  15. Robert Says:

    Chase200mph: To me, your logic doesn’t make sense. If someone is using a pseudonym to host a talk show, I doubt that pseudonym name would be on his/her actual ID.

  16. Bucky Says:

    A name is a designation. Not a fact.

  17. chase200mph Says:

    Robert, if a supposed talk show host uses a pseudonym to identify himself to authorities ….. the logic equates a felony. Look at the video again and tell me who Chris identifies himself as, maybe my hearing has gone bad?

  18. Robert Says:

    chase200mph: I have not seen that video you are making reference to.

  19. chase200mph Says:

    It’s “Chris Geo gets arrested for defending the fourth”…….Chris makes claims he refuses to be questioned on.

  20. indio007 Says:

    What authorities? There is no such thing. Salf annointed rulers … bah..

  21. chase200mph Says:

    : )

  22. Robert Says:

    chase200mph: I saw the video. As far as I can tell, he never presented his ID, nor did he have too. You weren’t able to find a record of the incident because it was stricken from the record…and for good reason.

  23. chase200mph Says:

    Unfortunately, there is no way to make that determination with the information provided…..and Chris gets very defensive when questioned.

  24. Robert Says:

    Chase200mph: In the YouTube video “UPDATE Chris Geo Arrested by Homeland Security – DISMISSED!” Chris does go into great detail about how he constructed his motion and what happened. To me he was very genuine and very thorough. I just don’t feel Chris is someone trying to hide something.

  25. chase200mph Says:

    Chris has required the reader to accept an argument from ignorance. Sometimes this fallacy is caused by an error/lapse in judgement, it becomes erroneous when this error is pointed out and someone goes into hiding….and Chris has done this.

  26. Michael Says:

    I heard Chris on Marcs show today so I e-mail him. This is the reply.

    “Thanks for the e-mail, glad you enjoyed the show. I’ve never read the comments over at but if you look up an article called “Confessions of a paid troll” you’ll see that people are paid to A> shill and B> get bonuses for finding out people’s real identify. I simply don’t post any more of my personal information on the internet than I have to. I don’t think anyone can blame me for staying safe. We already have a handful of stalkers, we don’t need to make it any easier for them.

    To answer your question, the formal charge was “failure to comply with a federal officer”. Cases by the department of homeland security are tried in federal court, so yes, the complaining party was the United States of America”. Whoever said this should be a state case doesn’t fully understand how the system works.

    I’m not here to prove anything to anyone. The road is each of ours to follow. I don’t have time for the nay-sayers. They are simply living in fear and don’t understand who they are and where they come from.

    I suggest you study the trivium to identify some of the methods used by the trolls. Logical fallacies, ad hominem attacks, appeal to ridicule, appeal to emotion, etc. etc. My rule of thumb is to listen to everyone and take out whatever resonates with you. The only people I NEVER listen to, are the ones who tell me not to listen to a certain source of information. So take it for what it’s work.


    Chris Geo”

  27. Chase200mph Says:

    Trolls, interesting transformation this term has taken…. a Troll use to be someone with a single intent to disrupt a thread (or equivalent) in order to kill the topic. He or she would accomplish this by posting (or spamming) controversial content almost never having anything to do with the topic in the first place. Then the term then morphed and encompassed anyone with an opposing view that didn’t reflect with popular opinion within the group….an atheist posting with a theist group, a Democrat posting within a Republican multitude are just couple examples… the word Troll seems to be used every time the author a forum or thread is cornered. Not really a novelistic idea, more of a special pleading using a stealthy argumentum ad populum. Trolls don’t (or rarely) get caught up in in debates or the use of logic since they are merely trying to create a sensation…. making false claims of accomplishments that would appeal to a lowbrow crowd for example.

    One fallacy in reasoning that seems to be very popular around here is the argument from ignorance…. This fallacy in reasoning is very popular with the ‘less informed’ audience especially when the audience already wishes to hear some sort of conspiracy exists, one that’s held them back in their life and supports their personal bias for example. But enough of the psychology 101….. Appealing to the audience via false knowledge (or no knowledge), knowledge/evidence that cannot be checked on, is the very backbone of this particular fallacy in reasoning. Through the necessity of ignorance, the plea is made to the audience appealing to their existing bias. The author then commits this fallacy attempting to win acceptance of his assertion that already appeals to the group of it is aimed at. This form of fallacy is often characterized by emotive language which is identical to what has been termed and described as being a Troll. In short, the kettle is now attempting to call the pot black…

    The last appeal to Ignorance I investigated was where one Chris Geo made several claims to me that he was arrested by the ‘police’ which IS different than Home land security, which as stated is indeed Federal (more on this and we will jump back to fallacies in reasoning in a second). Even when someone boasts about Constitutional victories and uses carless grammatical phrasing I often ignore the error because grammar is not my strongest suit either.

    Now Chris seems to be implying someone is a Troll because he quotes/posts “To answer your question, the formal charge was “failure to comply with a federal officer”. Cases by the department of homeland security are tried in federal court, so yes, the complaining party was the United States of America”. Whoever said this should be a state case doesn’t fully understand how the system works. “

    This is complete nonsense technically and whoever wrote this does NOT understand legal terminology it seems. Federal Summons convey the appeal for the U.S. and NOT AMERICA” as Chris previously posted because America is a continent (not a continuant mind you). Chris Geo posts “America verses Chris Geo” and this sounds more like a sporting event instead of a summons (a red flag perhaps?). Like I said, I usually ignore carless grammatical trivia like this, but Chris Geo has now made grammar and legalese an issue ….and perhaps Chris ‘should’ ask someone more accredited before he repeating such nonsense as he has ion the above…right Marc/ Michael? Maybe Chris followed true to form and once again hasn’t told his intended audience the whole story.

    An example of a ‘appeal to Ignorance”, I Chris Geo went to Court and won (not one Chris) because “America” violated my constitutional rights…but I will not provide the details of this Constitutional victory so I now remit that you cannot prove me wrong because I refuse to source anything even though I could do so by posting the outcome of this State/Federal hearing and still remain anonymous by simply crossing out my name and or case number.

    Chris claims X is true because you cannot prove it is false….an argument from ignorance. Chris Geo who commands the attention of millions and millions of people (his words) wishes to remain anonymous even though he identifies himself to Police/Home land security/YouTube as Chris Geo “the journalist”….providing a false name is a separate charge, right? Of course Chris has edited out everything he digresses in his forum and has also banded me from responding directly to him before coming here and making his special plea for pity…another fallacy in reasoning he uses but doesn’t seem to understand as a fallacy in logic but depends on heavily every time we encounter each other.

    My apologies to everyone out there if this is a little hard to follow as Chris Geo (Famous man of our town and known by millions and millions of people) refuses all direct replies and I am often forced to use third party tenses in my accounts.

  28. indio007 Says:

    People can go by any name they wish as long as it’s not done for the purposes of fraud.

    As far as I remember troll started as someone that comments in a thread or news group only for the purpose of pi$$ing off the other people.

    No doubt the usage of the term has morphed.

  29. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ chase – I have known Chris for a few years and have always gotten along. I’ve also helped him with a few court issues, including the DHS charges. Chris did send me the dismissal of the DHS charges so I can post it on the forum.

  30. Chase200mph Says:

    ndio007, Agreed, people cannot provide false information in a Police OR Federal investigation because that would be fraud as you stated. Trolls can also be the proprietor of thread, and I see this as the case concerning our dear friend Chris Geo…… : )

  31. Chase200mph Says:

    Great Marc, to bad dismissal of charges is not at issue here. : )

  32. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Chase, I thought one of the issues was that Chris was not providing evidence of charges being thrown out. Let’s take this to the forum.

  33. Chase200mph Says:

    The short version is this……the issue is not ‘IF’ but rather “WHY” his case was dropped…. ‘If’ is irrelevant. Giving legal advice (as Chris has done) on how one can commit a crime (as Chris Geo did) and claiming he beat the system and championed the rights and protections of the Constitution (as Chris has claimed) means nothing if Chris Geos case (if there was one) was dropped because he (Chris Geo) wasn’t legal competent (for example) therefore making all of his boasting meaningless and having done little more than provide a foolhardy conduit for potential harm to others in retrospect of those claims and or advise……

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