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Marc on Live Free FM – Jun 30, 2012

Posted on June 30th, 2012 by Calvin

Marc joins Nathan (a.k.a. Paranoid Patriot) to discuss voluntaryism, the monetary system, and effective ways to minimize damage done by banksters trying to collect on fraudulent loans.


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  1. Keith Says:

    Fight off their attacks on the facts, not the law. Makes sense to me. Thanks Marc.

    I agree with your approach of asking questions but how do we respond when the Magistrate says’ I am not here to answer your questions, you are not to ask questions of the court, if you keep asking questions I will hear this matter ex parte’

    This happened with Richard last March.

  2. Lyndon Says:


    “Black letter law” are concepts and procedures that are considered settled and irrefuteable. The elements of a contract is a good example; the elements of jurisdiction is another. Why did Richard begin with talking to the judge? The very first thing that needs to be established is jurisdiction. No jurisdiction: no court. It is that simple. One should be communicating with the prosecutor long before the “court date”. If the prosecutor will not communicate then default the asshole and get it on the court record. Make them prove they have jurisdiction and if they can’t prove it then they can “ex parte” themselves.

  3. Bucky Says:

    That was a really good interview. I felt like I was the one asking questions. A good history on the creation of the Federal Reserve can be found in a book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.

    I like how Marc whittles everything down to a fine point. My problem has been that I have not been able to focus on any one thing because of information overload. This site is really helping me to focus more and simplify my strategy. Ask the right questions. Ask for clarification. Separate fact from fiction. Don’t create controversy. …. THANK YOU!

  4. Incubus Says:

    G. Edward Griffin is a plagiarist. A better book on the FR is the original expose written on it 1952, which sheisters like Griffin lifted their material from. Secrets of the Federal Reserve, by Eustace Mullins. A bit dry, but straight and to the point with facts and saturated in sources.

  5. Bucky Says:

    Thank you Incubus, I will check it out. But see, this is what I mean by info-overload. I will read something and then it will be discredited. It’s not that I don’t want to know the truth – it’s just that sifting through the bullshit becomes quite the chore. You never know what to believe. Very draining.

  6. Incubus Says:

    I understand. You’ve got to train yourself to have a good filtering system with your mind, to isolate what’s useful and discard the rest. It can be difficult though and as you said, draining.

  7. bruce sloane Says:


    I was fortunate to meet Mr. Mullins before his death..

    His grandson Matt is selling what is left of his books, last chance for a hard copy

  8. NonE Says:

    “bruce sloane Says:
    July 3rd, 2012 at 10:21 am


    I was fortunate to meet Mr. Mullins before his death..

    His grandson Matt is selling what is left of his books, last chance for a hard copy”

    This big buildup and no contact info?

    – NonE

  9. bruce sloane Says:

  10. Bucky Says:

    Thanks for the link bruce. 🙂

  11. Keith Says:


    Richard was asking the Magistrate the 3 questions Marc suggests:

    1. Am I entitled to a fair and impartial hearing?
    The magistrate very begrudglingly and after some resistance conceded yes.
    2. Can I get a fair and impartial hearing if there is a conflict of interest?

    Judge refused to answer this question and when Richard repeated the question, this is when the magistrate threatened to hear the case ex parte even colluding with the prosecutor securing an agreement to continue the hearing ex parte. Richard, his first time in court, backed down so the case could continue with his inclusion.

    Richard never got to ask ‘Sir, who do you represent?’

    How does one handle such a blatant refusal to answer questions? The only thing I can think of is to walk out of the court room and demand a re hearing with a new magistrate.

  12. Lyndon Says:


    Perhaps Richard lacked the determination and confidence it takes. If the questions are asked meekly, the screws sense a script and test you. You need to go into the room with two witnesses that follow you around. Anounce to the people in the room that they are there as “observers”. Here is what I do. I ask even more questions:

    I ask them pleasantly and with a positive attitude: “On what lawful grounds are you refusing to answer the question? No answer or beligerence? “Then I presume an unfair and partial hearing shall take place? Can you rebut this presumption?” And state: “I can’t be party to an unfair and partial hearing. Can you?” No answer yet?

    I take some sort of control by saying “Well lets test the impartiality of this group -shall we? And state outright: “If the Pro. has not established jurisdiction then there is no court and no lawful hearing. I have some questions to put to my adversary on my right here…”

    It is good to ask the questions about conflict of interest first because they know there is a conflict of interest and are forced to be as impartial as possible because they know you know. Even if the screw won’t answer the fair and impartial questions they are useful to set up the jurisdiction questions. And the jurisdiction questions are the real nuclear weapons to any hearing. Don’t talk to the judge about jurisdiction. Get the Pro. to answer those questions. Smile and befriend the judge. Get the Pro. to admit that physical location is an element to jurisdiction. Ask the Pro. “Does the complaint bear all the elements of jurisdiction? What are the elements of jurisdiction?”

    Do not sit down. Keep your standing. Every time they fumble enter a motion “to this hearing/meeting to dismis based on lack of (whatever). Motions give the Pro. and the Mag./Judge an out.

    The best way I find is too pleasantly persist and push with questions about questions. And when you hit a road block, change subject and start asking more questions. Remember, “if this is a fair hearing then my there should be no problem with some questions?”

  13. Bucky Says:

    @Lyndon – Nice! Stickin’ it to the prosecutor! 😀

  14. Keith Says:


    Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I will pass your suggestions to Richard. Richard has appealed the decision and this will be heard in the Melbourne County Court in September.

    More details can be found in the Oz Newsletter which Marc has posted on his website.

  15. indio007 Says:

    He threatened to continue ex parte because he was trying to determine whether their was a conflict of interest?!?!?!?!?!

    The judge went from bad to worse.

    Richard might have asked “Is this proceeding pro forma?”

    Maybe that should be one of the issues for appeal. That he was denied a meaningful hearing and that the proceeding was pro forma for the purpose of inducing plea.

  16. Keith Says:

    Magistrate Lethbridge in the Melbourne Magistrates Court threatened to hear the matter ex parte in an effort to stop Richard asking his question on getting a fair and impartial hearing if there was a conflict of interest.

    Lethbridge went further in what has been described as ‘conspiracy to defeat the course of justice’.

    Magistrate: If you keep asking questions I will hear the matter ex parte.

    Richard repeats: Sir, Can I get a fair and impartial hearing if there is a conflict of interest.

    Magistrate: I have warned you. Madame prosecutor (Elisabeth Brett), do you want to make an application to hear the matter ex parte?

    Ms. Brett: Yes your honour

    MAgistrate: Thank you

    Ms. Brett: Thank you your honour.

    At this point Richard agreed to proceed no further with this line of questioning but later asked their witness if he had a valid cause of action etc.

  17. Tristen brown Says:

    how do u get ahold of this man so i can help drop bills that i cant affrod to pay i heard it has been done before an he’s the man to help

  18. Connie S. Says:

    Marc..We met at the 2010 LibConference. I was the lady whose daughter had put a protection order on my head. I stupidly signed it..and there had been no reason for the order and no harm to the daughter. All went well until her father informed me of her suicide attempt, and I sat near his house to ask him how she was. I did not know she was living there after being in a mental facility for 2 weeks..and suddenly she had me arrested. After being in jail in King Co. for 5 days with no contact with any family member..they brought me into court. I accused the judge, prosecutor and my bad public pretender of conflict of interests. I was thrown onto the psych jail floor for 10 days, and in lockdown. I was then brought before a mental health court and they made me agree that I knew how they operated and agreed to that ‘way’. After getting through that, I was incarcerated for 8 months…waiting to do the plea…as they threatened me with 6 years in prison (1 year for each call I made to find out how my daughter was). I had terrible public defenders..and now have a misdemeanor conviction and must see a probation officer once a month for 2 years, and cannot see my daughter for 5 years. I am broken-hearted, but have had to virtually forget my daughter. The state has NO BUSINESS in the bond between parent and child…no business…unless there is violence…and then perhaps. I have stunning stories about that jail…the abuse of innocent women..and there were so many innocent women there. I just want to tell you Marc…that I confronted them with their corruption and was immediately and brutally punished. I look forward to reading your new book…sincerely…as I am an anarchist or rather,more gently..a no state gal. Best wishes, Connie

  19. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Connie, that’s awful, sorry to hear about what they did to you. We know they are psychopaths, we don’t make accusations in their presence like that, we have to stick to asking questions.

  20. Connie S. Says:

    yes, I realize….and I knew that…but I was in shackles..dressed in a costume to appear to be a criminal…you know, all the mind-numbing things they do to you to keep you in slavery and submission. Well, I am more savvy now..and more ready thanks to listening to your shows..and really look forward to your new book coming out. I have felt for a long time…that govt. needs to be closed down…but then, where would all the psychopaths go? We would have to absorb them somehow..can’t imagine what that would be..evangelists, salesmen,?? My brother points out that commerce, the exchange of money is how the psychos manipulate …so how do we do away with commerce, lobbyists..all that? Perhaps that is addressed in your book.
    Thanks for all you are doing….CJ

  21. NonE Says:

    Connie, I just want to express how appalling I find your situation. You have indeed hit upon perhaps one of humanity’s biggest questions, how do we deal with these psychopaths without becoming like them? I wish you the very best.

    – NonE

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