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Marc on What Lies in Your Debt with Jesse and Dave – Sept 5, 2013

Posted on September 11th, 2013 by Calvin

Marc joins Jesse and Dave on their show; What Lies In Your Debt.

Topics discussed:

  • Marc’s release of his new book Government: Indicted.
  • The journey that led to Adventures in Legal Land and Government: Indicted.
  • Marc’s Call-of-Shame with Kimberly Clark.
  • The Michael J. Scott law firm claims they “have no evidentiary burden.”
  • Receiving settlements from wrongful lawsuits.
  • Challenging traffic tickets by exposing the conflict-of-interest between the judge and prosecutor.
  • How to handle tax bureaucrats: “Is a lack of evidence sufficient grounds to stop an assessment? If so, what evidence do you have that the constitution and codes apply?”
  • Tax agents admitting they are “backed into a corner.”
  • Challenging the applicability when bureaucrats allege “the code applies because the code applies” [circular logic], because you are “geographically located” in their turf, or because they “say so.”
  • Using circular logic to demonstrate bureaucrat’s circular fallacies.
  • Ian Freeman’s administrative hearing.
  • Exposing the judge-prosecutor conflict-of-interest in Bill’s NHES hearing.
  • How to deal with threats of contempt.
  • How do you deal with money being taken for social security?
  • Bureaucrats conflating obligations and requirements out of their threats of use of force for non-compliance.
  • Taking personal accountability for funding the statist war machine.
  • “Paying taxes is the moral equivalent of driving your children to a pedophile’s house.”
  • Any claim from a bureaucrat that “taxation is voluntary,” point them to where that exact claim is explicitly classified as a frivolous argument.
  • The myth of excise taxes as voluntary in nature.
  • Comparing the differences and similarities of varying forms of government.
  • Jeff Daniel’s “America is not the best” speech on the show “Newsroom.”
  • You do not have the freedom to leave if you don’t like the organized theft and violence of the STATE.
  • Waking up to the truth of the immorality of the STATE.
  • Distinguishing between “idiots” vs “psychopaths” when describing bureaucrats.
  • Pointing out the emperor has no clothes.
  • Government are nothing more than childish bullies armed with guns.


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