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Marc on The Pete Santilli Show – Sept 26, 2013

Posted on October 2nd, 2013 by Calvin

Marc joins Pete Santilli on his show featured on the Guerrilla Media Network.

Show Notes:


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  1. Dan Says:

    “… I’ll be the last friendly face you’ll see”. I did not think you were going to get that out Marc, so happy you did. Nice job as always.

  2. Ben Says:

    Another awesome interview Marc! Very inspirational too! Tomorrow is my day in civil court when I stand up against these psychos trying to steal my hard earned money from me. A $116 fine for a blown out tail light bulb!!?? WTF OVER!!??

    Wish me luck! 🙂

  3. Dan Says:

    Luck Ben and do not take any bs from those psychos

  4. Dean Says:

    Good to hear you going out on other shows now your book is finished. Looking forward to your appearance over at Red Ice Radio. Wish Coast to Coast would have you on.

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dean, they said I’d never be on Coast to Coast. I’m not even pitching them this time.

  6. NonE Says:

    Ben Sed:
    A $116 fine for a blown out tail light bulb!!??
    You should be thankful we didn’t just execute you, plebian!

    – NonAmusedByItAllToo

  7. Alex R. Knight III Says:

    Great broadcast! 🙂

  8. meg Says:

    awww… thanks for using my pic, marc! i feel special! 🙂

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Meg, you’re welcome.

  10. NonE Says:

    Yep, that was an excellent interview. Kudos again, Marc. What a nice host.
    – NonE

  11. Alex R. Knight III Says:

    Marc: I am wondering, just as a topic for conversation, whether C2C might not have Stefan Molyneaux on in the near future. He was recently on Alex Jones’s show for maybe the 3rd or 4th time, and Jones has pledged to have him on more frequently. If you follow both shows at all, you know that there’s definite cross-pollination: Guests on AJ are very often — sometimes within the same 24 hour period — on C2CAM. In addition, unlike when you were on the now defunct C2C Live, Ian Punnett is permanently gone, as is Art Bell. Now granted, George Noory was NOT very friendly towards your appearance, nor did he like my write up about it either: He even blocked my e-mail subsequently so I could no longer contact him, among other subtle displays of dislike for my going public.

    Ian Punnett, needless to say,was pissed off too. F*** him, is what I have to say, and the same goes for Noory if his absurd ego can’t even handle an indirect constructive criticism.

    All of that said, it’s been several years since all of this occurred, and he may have well forgotten, or had a slight change of mind. Who knows? Cynically, however, I’m willing to bet that Noory will deduce in advance — even if AJ tries making a pitch for it — that Stefan is so much more intellectually advanced than him, that he’ll be instantly a second-rate fool on his own show if he allows Stefan on. Wasn’t that what Art Bell expressed fear of way back when, in terms of allowing Voluntaryism on the show at all, no matter the guest?

    In any case, we’ll see. It would be a considerable coup if Stefan did a C2C broadcast.

  12. Ben Says:

    DAM!! 🙁 I got railroaded! Everything happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to really say anything! When it was my turn I asked the cop if he filed a valid cause of action against me and the judge quickly said “The ticket is a valid cause.” I said “It’s not. Its just a ticket, a citation, a mere allegation.” He kept insisting that it was a charge and then he had enough and said “The officer signed it and that’s valid enough, I don’t understand the argument your trying to make here so your fined the 116 dollars have a seat please.”

    This all happened within 2min.! Obviously after asking that cop just that one question that judge wanted me out of there fast!
    This was my first time doing this so I was nervous as hell and I just sat right down. I’m kicking myself in the ass now because there was so much I could of said and done. It was a huge brain-fart on my part.

    But it was a HUGE learning experience and I’ll be less nervous and intimidated if I have to do this again.
    Best of luck next time I guess!:-)

  13. NonE Says:

    Alex R. Knight III Sed:
    Marc: I am wondering, just as a topic for conversation, whether C2C might not have Stefan Molyneaux on in the near future.
    Alex, with all due respect, Stefan is a lying, manipulative, egocentric scumbag. Mentioning him in the same space as Marc is offensive. I understand that is not your intent, but it is the reality.

    – NonE

  14. NonE Says:

    Ben, So sorry your learning experience didn’t flow the way you had it pictured in your head. As Marc repeats regularly, practice is crucial. I wish you more peace of mind and steadity (I know, I just made it up…) of nerves in your next encounter. (And remember… ONLY ask questions! 😉 )

    – NonE

  15. Ben Says:

    Thanks NonE. Trying to stay focused while I was up there was harder than thought. These psychos have been doing this sort of thing for years and here comes little old me with only just 2 months of studying and practicing and no experience. (lol) But at least I tried, and I know I’ll do better next time. 😉

  16. Alex R. Knight III Says:

    NonE: I’m just curious as to why you feel that way about Stefan.

  17. NonE Says:

    Alex, Personal experience, and a LOT of experience and observation of him destroying the lives of children and families for his own aggrandizement. I don’t really care to go into it, but should you care to do some investigation on your own, you can start here:

    The man is despicable.

    – NonE

  18. Crazy Says:


    You should have objected and asked the judge if he is testifying for the officer? Then If the judge tried to stop you again, you should have just moved on to the next question? If he denied you the right to move on, you should have asked him if he is denying you the right to cross examine the witness? and you due process rights for cross.

    I would also recommend that you ask the judge if his statement on the ticket is based on facts in evidence or his opinion? and if he were willing to sign an affidavit under penalties of perjury that the ticket is a valid cause of action?

    You want all of this on the record for your appeal. You might be able to get an appeal if you were to claim that the judge would not allow you to cross the officer and that the ticket is not a valid cause of action. You can also claim that the judge intimidated you. Its worth a shot.

  19. Ben Says:

    @Crazy, That’s what I was thinking about the whole time. But I just couldn’t get it out! 🙁 The second they called my name my mind just went blank and my heart was going 90mph.(lol) I could of, should of, and would of but didn’t. But I definitely know what to expect next time.

    I did record the hearing and I do have a motion that I’m going to file tomorrow, along with the recording, that states the judge allowed the witness to make a legal conclusion, the judge testified on behalf of the witness, entering a plea on my behalf without my consent, ect. Hopefully it will make some heads turn. 😉

  20. NonE Says:

    Evybody, LISTEN! Ben sed:

    @Crazy, That’s what I was thinking about the whole time. But I just couldn’t get it out! The second they called my name my mind just went blank and my heart was going 90mph.———
    THAT is why it is SO important to practice… SO IMPORTANT.

    – NonE

  21. Ben Says:

    @ NonE, AMEN! 😉

  22. NonE Says:

    Ben, I plan to cut out your last post and have it gold plated just for good measure. 😉

    – NonE

  23. Ben Says:

    🙂 LOL 🙂

  24. Tony Freedom Says:

    Great interview, and yes, the answer is that a re-set is needed. Alas, the re-set ‘is’ coming!

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