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Marc on Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Jan 3, 2016 & Jun 12, 2016

Posted on July 16th, 2016 by Calvin

Marc on Open Your Mind Radio with Allen James and Steven George.

Discussion Topics [for Jan 3, 2016]:

  • Challenging jurisdiction and questioning “where is the contract?”
  • Learning the effectiveness of challenging issues of objective fact over interpretive issues of law to achieve effective damage-control in court.
  • First Court Success in Ireland!
  • Scrutinizing the so-called “social contract.”
  • The fallacy of consent being assumed unless there is a positive objection, “that’s like saying a woman consents to rape because she never actually said ‘no’.”
  • It’s not a contract if there is violence and coercion involved, period.
  • Breaking down the statist double-standards and presumptions.
  • Making proper objections when the prosecutor does not answer responsively, provide the evidence in question, or when the judge steps in as a second prosecutor.
  • Overcoming the property tax extortion racket.
  • Leveraging the prosecution’s lack of evidence to put a hold on a legal attack.
  • Jurisdiction is based simply on your location, if you are in their territory; they assume jurisdiction over you.
  • Questioning the applicability of the laws and codes at the source; the constitution.
  • Exposing the inherent conflict-of-interest between the judge and prosecutor in 3 questions: 1) “am I entitled to a fair hearing?”, “can I get a fair hearing if there is a conflict-of-interest?”, and “who do you represent here today?”
  • Using powerful, yet simple, Boolean-like yes-or-no questions.
  • Applying the Marcratic method against foreclosures and credit card companies.
  • TV licensing gone wild!
  • Governments tricking people into consenting.
  • Jurisdiction is a threshold issue, the merits of a complaint don’t matter until you can first establish jurisdiction.
  • Thoughts on securitization in the finance and debt market sectors.
  • Have you ever been threatened for the activism you’re engaged in?
  • How to handle aggressive cops on the roadside.
  • Threading seatbelt noncompliance.

Discussion Topics [for June 12, 2016]:

  • Digging deeper into jurisdiction and citizenship.
  • How did you get into helping other people challenge the facts of the prosecutor’s complaints?
  • Being tricked into accepting jurisdiction.
  • Challenging jurisdiction precedes distinguishing the difference between civil and criminal.
  • Traffic stops are nothing more than “assault with deadly intent.”
  • Don’t say any more than you need to; “say nothing and keep saying it.”
  • “Their claim that their laws apply is irrespective of your political status; its your physical location that they use to apply their laws.”
  • Qualifying subject matter jurisdiction.
  • Bureaucrats using intimidation tactics and force to avoid people effectively defending themselves.
  • Irrefutable presumptions.
  • Use of force continuum.
  • Behind the scenes on some of the Calls-of-Shame.
  • The trouble with arguing interpretive issues of law.
  • Have you ever been stumped in court?
  • Preserving your own record of your hearings.
  • Naming and shaming aggressors from violent organizations.
  • The growing presence of the police state.
  • How to use the unsigned plea of guilty.
  • Getting full discovery to be able to effectively defend yourself.
  • Challenging credit card collection claims by challenging an actual contract dispute, valid cause of action, and jurisdiction.

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    This sounds like they were recording through a wet Brillo pad.

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    (Referring to the video, I’ve not downloaded the audio files.)

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