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Another Open Invite For Quatloos Dissent

Posted on February 10th, 2011 by Marc Stevens

I know I probably shouldn’t spend the time doing this, but I think it may save some people some time and frustration.  The same people who viciously attacked Larken Rose, have taken personal shots at me.  I’m talking about the guys at quatloos.  They posted personal attacks against me and the people I do business with.

Here are some of the comments, these are in regards to my article Owning an IRS Lawyer:
“Marc Stevens makes an ass of himself on tape.”
“Stevens is a blathering idiot who never actually helps the suckers who give him money, but instead leaves them in a worse situation than if they had never met Stevens.”
“Stevens is a liar who scrounges for business by telling people that he is successful in court when he is not.”
“I finally listened to the whole recording and it was embarrassing for Stevens, because he obviously didn’t understand the rules of the Tax Court, the rules of evidence, the Internal Revenue Code, or logic or common sense.
So I went to his web site and tried to post a comment, and found that nothing I entered was accepted.”
“It never ceases to amuse me how, according to these guys, Quatloos is basically the devil’s handmaiden; but we allow anyone who wishes to post here, while they limit access to sycophants.”
Nice professional bunch over there, nothing but personal attacks.  As far as not being able to post a comment (if true), that’s a software issue (I’m not a tech guy), comments are posted automatically.  I don’t have time to approve or disprove comments.  There’s nothing stopping anyone from quatloos from registering on the forum and posting comments.
I have always encouraged dissent.  But I’m sure Dan Evans from quatloos never informed the other members of quatloos he had an open invitation to come on my radio show and discuss the legal system; an opportunity to address the issues publicly.  Dan refused to come on the show when we spoke on October 31, 2006 @ 11:04am.
Big surprise; I guess it’s easier to be an internet tough guy when making ad hominem attacks, but when asked to publicly support their opinion I am a liar with facts, they aren’t so brave.  (I’m sure there will be quatloos comments making fun of the radio show as an excuse not to “waste” their time)
So I’m again offering an open invite to the members of quatloos who made such personal attacks about me, to come on my radio show and produce evidence I’m a liar, I ‘ve never been successful in court and I’ve never helped anyone be successful in court.  My radio show the No State Project is live every Sat. from 4-7pm est, 1-4 pst and the call in number is (218) 632-9399.
I have no problem with dissent, I welcome it and unlike Dan Evans, I’ve never avoided it.  What I have a problem with are people who make personal attacks while hiding behind a computer screen.  It seems the anonymity of the internet is the equivalent of alcohol for some people.
If you have time to post personal attacks against me, then you have the time to call into the show and present your evidence I am a liar.
I’m also asking my “sycophants” to not post anything on the quatloos site, please leave them alone.

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