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Moments of Truth

Posted on September 17th, 2014 by Calvin

Here are some interesting ‘moments of truth’ from Kim Dotcom’s September 15th event titledMoment of Truth” and a few notes on a number topics that were discussed that regular website visitors may find familiar:

Laila Harré:

  • 0:23:02: “We are all neighbors online,” and in real-life.
  • 2:00:08: A big “thank you” to all the ‘warriors’ fighting for civil liberties, freedom of information, and for greater autonomy.

Glenn Greenwald:

  • 0:29:31: The accusation of being designated some sort of bad actor by authoritah, and their apologists, in an event where one is attempting to conduct oneself ethically and transparently.
  • 0:38:10: Countering those who are mischaracterizing the stated objectives and motives of an activist journalist.
  • 0:41:06: “People who make accusations about other people’s [alleged] hidden, corrupt motives are actually saying very little about the people they’re accusing, but saying a great deal about themselves.”
  • 0:45:58: “What makes this ‘different‘/[irrefutable] is that no one needs to rely on anybody’s ‘word.’ …And the public can go and look at the information themselves and reach their own conclusions.”
  • 0:48:28: “As a journalist, I understand that I can’t go around making claims and maintaining credibility unless I have the evidence to back it up.”
  • 0:49:44: “The evidence I have is” the NSA’s own words and documentation.
  • 0:57:25: “I view my job as a journalist to hold accountable, and to provide a check on, those who wield the greatest power. And the way that is done most properly is by scrutinizing and investigating the claims that government officials make, rather than just mindlessly and uncritically repeat them.”

Edward Snowden:

  • 1:03:28: “You’re always entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”
  • 1:07:14: Xkeyscore indiscriminately intercepts metadata and content in bulk.
  • 1:09:12: The public does not have a seat at the table where the rules that are violently enforced upon them are made.

Julian Assange:

  • 1:21:21: The ‘Five-Eyes alliance’ is a dangerous cocktail of intelligence agencies among various nations without any informed consent from the victims of those nations.
  • 1:24:28: Wikileaks, Mega, and many others have been politically targeted by the NSA and GCHQ despite not being involved with any acts of terrorism. (Remember? Its the reason they claimed they needed these capabilities in the first place.)
  • 1:27:03: The lack of oversight and the backroom deals that are made between powerful monopolistic government ‘clubs.’
  • 1:28:46: The less aggressive political cultures that some small geographic regions can enjoy.
  • 1:29:15: The subversion tactics STATE intelligence communities use to influence political policy of other non-compliant nations.
  • 1:32:21: Mega and Wikileaks are both being attacked by the same prosecutor.
  • 1:33:00: The broad agenda of coercive government institutions to arbitrarily apply extraterritorial and extrajudicial laws upon foreign nations.

Kim Dotcom:

Robert Amsterdam:

  • 1:38:58: Political backslapping that leads to very comfortably cooperative relationships between nations on controversial, secret policy.
  • 1:48:01: Governments have made our live more dangerous because of the social conditioning of the statist double-standard and their excessive use of force.
  • 1:49:31: STATE funded trade organizations and policy need secrecy so the general public does not get pissed off.
  • 1:50:40: Extrajudcial legislation can be found in STATE trade agreements and ‘legal conventions’ exporting laws of one nation to others even if such new law doesn’t comport with their native constitutions.
  • 1:54:52: Organizing an investigative commission, and possible indictment, on abusive government(s).
  • 1:56:21: “Do not accept narrow terms of reference and the beast investigating its own belly.”

This is by no means a complete breakdown of the event, so if there are any other important points I left out, let us know in the comments sections and I’ll add it with a research credit. 😉


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  1. Andy Says:

    1:24:28: Wikileaks, Mega, and many others have been politically targeted by the NSA and GCHQ despite *NOT* being involved with any acts of terrorism.

  2. Calvin Says:

    Thanks for the tip Andy! FIXED. 🙂

  3. Andy Says:

    1:59:05: “Let me tell you something about mass surveillance and your trust in this government or any other government — it doesn’t matter what the party is — even if you trust this government, history shows that when a government becomes empowered with the control of information it will ultimately turn against its own citizens.”

    If you or I were to force people to give us money it’s called stealing or robbery. When “government” does it, most people euphemistically call it taxation. Why, because the “government” controls the information from kindergarten on up.

    Zoos put animals and land-based mammals in cages. When “government” puts a homo sapien sapien in a cage, people euphemistically call it a jail.

  4. trust Says:

    So Charles Baudelaire is quoted with saying.. “the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”
    Ha! The Devil’s most dubious of illusions was to convince you to follow (pay allegiance to, kill for, and cower before) something that cant exist, while still believing completely that it does: namely; “The State”.
    Reification is the real opiate of the masses.

  5. trust Says:

    Why not?…
    They’re called bureaucrats Sally. I mean really, pull your head out of your ass and smell the narcosis. These are deeply flawed individuals and they run the show. Any one of them has the propensity to exorcise depravities the average person would dismiss as urban legend.

    Seriously; think about it. In baseball you might see some ego-driven, spoiled men focused on their own pleasure; still these flaws are not what gets them to the top. They have to hone an honest, admirable talent. It has been their talent that has allowed their less honorable qualities to be shuffled through society’s filters.

    Depravity is not an attribute in baseball when striving for the big league but then again neither is philanthropy. Which is why, both extremes and neither will balance out within the players at the top of the profession. The main focus is athletic talent and a kid playing tee-ball now doesn’t stand a chance matched against a MLB all-star because the child lacks the skill level to keep up. (I’m not trying to pick on ball players here.)

    Now back to the bureaucrat. Sure, in the political minor league you’ll find honest men and women trying to improve the plight of the common person. This honorable desire though admirable is second to the public’s ‘perception’ of this honorable desire. The bureaucrat doesn’t need to actually want to make life better for people or even prove that they can; bureaucrats only need to project this desire effectively and convince the voters of their sincerity.

    So who gets to move on the next level of public administration? The true believer? Sure they may but I’ll lay my money on the best manipulator of perceptions. And which kinds of people are the most proficient at manipulation? Come on girl, you know; it’s the dishonest people. It’s the person best able to surpass guilt and conscience, it’s the person who can most easily dodge principle to attain their prize.

    I believe many of these people don’t even have fully functioning consciences and the ones that do must have to drown it out with alcohol, drugs, sex or some other distraction. Can you imagine the bile that you or I would have bubbling around in our guts if our whole life consisted of distraction, disinformation and flat out lies! We see these people caught in elaborate schemes and scandals all the time. Hell, I want a drink and an antacid just thinking about it.

    Lord Acton once said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” While I completely agree with him in general, I also believe his statement limits the spectrum. I think you understand the paradigm much better when you realize that power is actually magnetic to corruption. With a larger magnet comes a more proficient corruption. (The rest of the quote is “Great men are almost always bad men.”)

    If I were a serial killer, I might consider being the person on death row who administers the lethal injections or maybe a military sniper. This way I could exorcise my desire to kill proficiently and without repercussions. A pedophile may choose a career within C.P.S. or another profession that affords access to children unsupervised and in a position of authority. Go check out the stats on that one, you may be surprised.

    A nymphomaniac might choose pornography as a profession. It’s legal, profitable and accessible. And to be honest I hold more respect for the porn star than I do for a bureaucrat because the porn star’s consumer base must be one hundred percent consensual. Otherwise the porn star will suffer severe repercussions.

    In our political culture, the people that are weeded out at the bottom tend to be the honest or more importantly the incompetent at successful corruption. So what you end up getting at each successive level of power/authority is a more cunning, efficient, competent level of corruption.

    Sure, at the upper echelons of politics you’ll see someone brought down here and there by their character defects or incompetence but, A. you’ve got another heavy hitter warming up to take their place and, B. they rarely suffer any real consequences for their actions. Even if they are convicted in a court of law, the sentence they receive from authority is patronizing at best. Just throw a rock at bureaucracy and you’ll inevitably hit dozens of examples. From the city councilman taking contract bribes for public works projects to the local sheriff caught selling drugs to the local dealers then incarcerating their patrons for buying his product.

    These people ride a wave of status-quo like magicians. They are masters at promising every imagined change, profiting politically and even equitably on unattainable goals and then liquidating their failures for a pleasant pension from an early retirement leaving the wave untouched for the next magical charlatan to neglect and exploit to their will. Truly astonishing!
    Still you shouldn’t be surprised by..”A BUREAUCRAT’S NATURE”

  6. Incubus Says:

    I’m curious as to how something that doesn’t exist (i.e. the “Devil”) can convince you it doesn’t exist? Talk about a mind f**k!

  7. Andy Says:

    If there were a Devil it’s because God created the Devil. But it seems more likely the Devil created God as controlled opposition. Think about it, it’s clear why the Devil would create atheists. But why would God?

  8. NonEntity Says:

    “Think about it…” HA HA HA! That’s a good one Andy! 😉

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