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More Evidence Politicians Are Criminals

Posted on August 18th, 2010 by Marc Stevens

Here’s the phone callto a Maryland state tax agent Friday, August 13, 2010 (I did cut the boring prelim stuff at the start of the call and edited out the client’s name).  This is just one more piece of evidence politicians and bureaucrats are criminals.  All I do is ask two very simple evidentiary questions and when the agent realizes what it means to have no witnesses and admissible evidence, she responds by getting angry and accusing me of making up stories.  She also lies by stating she said nothing about witnesses.  Here’s a small part of the call:


When normal people, professional and respectful of others, realize their accusations are not based on witnesses and admissible evidence, they apologize and politely move on.  Not so with predators calling themselves “government”.  A lack of evidence only seems to embolden them.  All politicians and bureaucrats know how to do is 1) kill; 2) steal; and 3) lie to cover up their crimes.  So it’s not a surprise to anyone with any experience dealing with these psychopaths.
Pay particular attention to the part where the agent says regarding the income: “now whether it’s taxable or not we don’t know.”  She later claims nobody can answer the question if there is admissible evidence or not and claims no one at the tax agency is an expert on the Maryland evidence code.  She even claims whether someone is a taxpayer with taxable income is not dependent on the qualifications of the one making the accusation.  You’d think if there wasn’t admissible evidence they’d just leave you alone.  It helps if you remember politicians are psychopaths and aggressive narcissists; such behavior should be expected.  I just love the part where in frustration she says “Oh god.”
Keep in mind this is not an isolated case, that I just happened to call an agent who didn’t know what she was talking about.  No, doesn’t matter who you call, there’s never witnesses or evidence.  Another example is  “Daniel #622” of the California Franchise Tax Board who, on June 9, 2010,  insisted when it comes to tax assessments: “There doesn’t need to be evidence”.  Here’s the audio from that call:
Is always bears repeating: governments are gangs of killers, thieves and liars.  Politicians only deserve our disdain, not our compliance.  If compulsory support for governments (taxation) is not enough evidence to convince you they’re psychos, then keep checking back here often for more examples like this.

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