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Can 0.32% of the Populace Pledge to Opt-Out of “the STATE” by 2015?

Posted on January 11th, 2012 by Calvin

Since the last election cycle, Ron Paul has enjoyed an improved, more effective, campaign yielding more of the much-needed wisdom of true liberty[1] to not only be tolerated by the mainstream media, but now embraced by many mainstream GOP members themselves. Certainly a prestigious benchmark for advancing the ideas of freedom. Ron Paul may have delivered #over9000 babies, but he has also delivered #over9000 statists to real freedom, and that deserves some recognition. I often think that Ron Paul does an excellent job educating people on the principals of freedom, but where Ron Paul stops, agorism picks up by consistently applying what Ron Paul teaches to practical, socio-conscious, life. One good example is his idea of “OptingOut” of government programs, and while this may not go as far as an ardent voluntaryist would like to see; its a welcomed step in the direction towards freedom.

And of course, where a libertarian leaves off is where you can expect a voluntaryist pick up, so… out of the playbook of the Paul campaign comes a call to “Opt-out of STATism” and many other forms of organized theft:

 Here is the challenge; the goal of the project is to get a million pledges to opt-out of statism/taxation by 2015, but I think that can happen sooner; lets examine. The question is “what could encourage a million people to take such action?” Here is the math: the current USA population is nearly 312 million strong, of which 1 million is about .32 percent of the population, note: a very small fraction of the population. Not only is that achievably small, but the persuasion should be just as easy. Remember; its a matter of consistency. Most people conduct their personal affairs according to the golden rule as evidenced through their actions. Its only when people put on their STATist masks when it becomes okay to steal money from people to pay for things that people obviously want and would otherwise be willing to peacefully pay for. And of course we know STATists are quite presumptuous and full of inconsistency, and we as free individuals don’t have to fall victim to their logical fallacies if we should choose not to. So if you examine anyone’s consistency of principal to their actions, then you should be able to easily explain WHY they should consider opting-out of the inherently inconsistent STATE. How can a legal fiction such as the STATE establish and maintain real peace in any society when the very lifeblood of the STATE is legally-sanctioned violence or threats thereof?

We have made many great strides in human history when society has emancipated itself from dogmatic thought and embraced perception that is more consistent to reality. Let us remember the hardships of navigating the world using a flat earth theory, as opposed to now with adoption of the spherical nature of the earth, we’ve developed such precision technologies such as GPS systems and achieved space exploration; all of which could not have happened with a flat earth perception. Knowing the existential rewards for keeping the working concepts of the world closer to the facts that make up such mental-landscapes within ourselves should make this project a scenic and enjoyable endeavor.

So, can .32% of the populace pledge to “Opt Out” of STATism by 2015?  I think so, how about you?


[1] aka: “unique forms of domestic terrorism” or “potential threats” [to who and how?…]


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  1. Mr. Holipsism Says:

    Why don’t we start an online petition to test the waters?

  2. Mr. Holipsism Says:

    I meant an online survey. My bad.

  3. john Says:

    Thank you Marc for opening our eyes to reality

  4. Ben Says:

    Not pay taxes…I’m in!

  5. JP Says:

    I’ve not paid taxes in 7 years and am a full fledged sovereign. No more slavery for me. . .

  6. John Says:

    Have not paid taxes since 1993. Sell raw milk for cash. I’m not opting out; I’m just continuing to ignore them.

  7. NoStateJake Says:

    1 million should be an easy goal – based on the IRS’s estimate of how many non-filers there are (does anybody know what it is?) – millions I think.

  8. Gerald Says:

    I’m in, but you shouldn’t have to petition for your rights. I’m ready to go to jail if that’s where a jury of my peers thinks I belong (or more likely flee the country a few days before trial). If liberty is criminal, then only criminals are free. Let the state go bankrupt paying for 1 million’s room and board. We are already slaves living in a cage.

  9. Rick Says:

    I’d be in for this.

    Question…for all of you who don’t pay taxes…can you please tell us (those of us that still do but don’t want to) how do to do it? I hear tons of people claiming they don’t pay taxes but never a peep as to how to actually go about it. I understand if I’m working for a corp. I would have to just claim a shitload of exemptions/allowances on my W4 so they don’t take any out. What about FICA and Medicare? How do I get them to not take any of that out?

    Wouldn’t my employer notify the thief’s at the IRS of this? What happens when one starts doing this (not having any withholding from ones paycheck…not filing a return..etc) and then they come after me? What then? How do I stay out of jail? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Marc Stevens Says:

    It certainly helps to work for yourself, that’s a good start.

  11. NonE Says:

    Think BITCOIN. 😉

    – the Very Non Entity

  12. NOTA2012 Says:

    What’s worked for me (nearly 20 years now):

    Do not work as an employee, or work where you have strong influence over who you work for. Easier in a field where contracting is common.

    Do not have significant assets in your name, it’s possible to control assets without owning them.

    Both of the above can be made a lot easier with an investigation of various business entities. I believe Marc had an advertiser called at one time. (I’ve never used their services but have heard good things about them)

  13. Bucky Says:

    NonE, have you used bitcoin? I am downloading the wallet (it’s synchronizing) and it is taking forever! I have a very slow computer and am wondering if it is a worth a person’s time to mess with bitcoin if one has an older computer like mine.

  14. NonE Says:


    Yes, a couple of times. But it’s been months. I’m not sure but it may be that catching up with history for the first time, or if you’ve been off line for a while may take longer than if you are a regular user. But I’m just guessing. You may want to go onto one of the bitcoin forums and look about and ask questions.

    Is it worth a person’s time to be free? 😉

    – the Very Good NonE

  15. NonE Says:

    Bucky, this is from the Bitcoin FAQ:

    How long does “synchronizing” take when the bitcoin client is first installed? What is it doing?

    The popular bitcoin client software from implements a “full” bitcoin node: It can carry out all the duties of the bitcoin P2P system, it isn’t simply a “client”. One of the principles behind the operation of full bitcoin nodes is that they don’t trust that the other participants have followed the rules of the bitcoin system. During synchronization the software is processing historical bitcoin transactions and making sure for itself that all of the rules of the system have been correctly followed.

    In normal operation after synchronizing the software should use a hardly noticeable amount of IO, CPU, or network capacity.

    The initial validation is very disk IO intensive so the amount of time to synchronize depend on your disk speed and, to a lesser extent, your cpu speed. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so. You can use the software while this process is going on, but you may not see recent payments to you until the synchronization has caught up to the point where those transactions happened.

    If this is too long for you, you can download a pre-synchronized blockchain from Alternatively, you can try an alternative “lite” client such as Multibit or a super-light client like electrum though these clients have somewhat weaker security, are less mature, and don’t contribute to the health of the P2P network.

  16. Bucky Says:

    Thank you NonE, It is a little above 80% right now. I have the wallet/client closed while I am using the internet because it slows my computer down so much while it is synchronizing. So I will just be patient until it gets done then I am planning on going to that thing called a faucet to get some free coinage.

  17. Packabowlla Says:

    Driving on government owned and operated roads is a dangerous business. More than 2,000 Canadians are killed every year while simply travelling from point A to point B. More than 400 people are killed every year in Alberta alone. Of those, an average of ten people die on Alberta’s Highway 63, the sole two-lane highway that connects Edmonton with bustling Fort McMurray [1].

    The highway’s high fatality rate and subsequent bad press has prompted the local MLA to jump into action. He has asked the premier to fund more full-time traffic policemen so that more speeders and more drunk drivers can be caught [2]. The premier is on-board, of course, and her Minister of Justice is backing her up with threats to start seizing privately owned vehicles if their drivers are caught travelling at speeds that the Minister of Transportation does not approve [3]. It’s good to know that they are all pulling together on this. Plus, the premier has promised to accelerate the conversion of the road to four lanes which has, so far, proceeded at a pace that is typical of government projects (i.e., glacial).

    Problem solved, right? After all these years of owning and operating roads, surely the big thinkers in the transportation department would know the winning formula. But wait, even with these brilliant state initiatives underway, we all know that people will continue to die in large numbers on Highway 63. So, let’s back-up a moment.

    If roads were owned and operated by private individuals, there is no way that people would stand by while their children, parents and neighbors died simply for using the services of a private business. In fact, they would demand that the road owners be put in jail for negligent homicide. Or the owners would be sued out of existence. Interestingly, government operators never suffer from such worries in this regard.

    Because the government never faces any legal challenges in the operation of its roads, its solution to people dying on its watch is always the same: add more cops to punish drivers, increase fines, confiscate private property (cars), add another lane and do a bit of advertising (called “raising awareness”). In private business the customer is king, but in government road operation, the customer is ALWAYS the problem.

    If a private road owner was faced with the problems of Highway 63, you can rest assured that the most creative solutions would quickly come about and his customers would not be viewed as the primary source of the problem! If the owner was truly free of any government oversight and regulation, and could charge drivers for the services he provides, then his solution might be to construct a highway with three lanes in each direction: a lane for slow moving traffic, another lane for moderate speed traffic and a third lane for drivers who are confident in driving in excess of, say, 150 km/h. After all, todays cars and trucks can easily handle high speeds. Intersections might be redesigned in a way that minimizes potential crashes. Sign and warning technologies might undergo revolutionary changes. The possible solutions are limited only by our imagination. The private owner’s focus would be on ensuring a safe and reliable customer experience rather than on punishing his customers and mopping up the blood of the ones who “didn’t make it”.

    Such solutions escape the incompetent bureaucracy of government. The transportation bureaucrats get paid the same whether zero, or 1,000, people die on their roads. History has proven that government-run monopolies always result in poor service, unhappy customers, and in the case of roads, mass injury and death. Because the roads are operated as government monopolies whose expenses are paid indirectly through taxes, the benefits of the price and profit signals are completely absent. As Mises wrote in Human Action:

    “The paradox of ‘planning’ is that it cannot plan, because of the absence of economic calculation.” [4]

    The politicians and the transportation bureaucracy are necessarily incapable of determining whether the road services they provide are acceptable to customers or whether they are economical and have good value. Furthermore, it is next to impossible for the government to know what investments should be made in the roads they operate, or whether new roads should be built and how much should be spent on them. All it knows is that it has a fixed budget that must be shared amongst the myriad of things over which it exerts its control, and roads are something that it does not like spending money on.

    For example, is adding sixteen more traffic policemen the right number for Highway 63? Who knows; there is no way to tell. Should they add one more lane in each direction, or two, or three? It is not possible to determine the answer. Is the money better spent on some other government program or initiative? Again, there is simply no criteria by which to make rational decisions. Is there a better approach to this? By locking out the private business owner who needs to compete for customers and who has a vested interest in the profitability of his business and good health of his customers, we will never know.

    What we do know is that a private road operator would not sit idly by while his customers were killed. Otherwise, he would be sued into bankruptcy or would go to jail. His customers would leave for competing, safer, roads. Killing customers would be very, very bad for business. For the government, on the other hand, allowing citizens to be killed is simply an excuse to exert more authority and control. No politician or bureaucrat goes to jail over it.

    The annual loss of thousands of innocent lives proves beyond any doubt that the government is the most inappropriate and dangerous organization to own and operate roads. Unfortunately, thousands of more people will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of government incompetence as long as things stay the way they are. It is time to acknowledge that the state-run Human Roadkill Project has been a deadly endeavour. Is it not time to ask that the current road owners and operators be called to personally account for the massive loss of life that has been occurring on their roads?

    For further reading, I recommend Dr. Walter Block’s book “The Privatization of Roads and Highways” [5].

    [1] “Alberta’s Highway 63, an oil sands lifeline, has seen 46 deaths in five years”, National Post, April 30, 2012 (

    [2] “More Police Headed to Highway 63”, Edmonton Sun, July 24, 2012 (

    [3] “More Police Patrols Added to Deadly Oilsands Highway”, Globe and Mail, July 24, 2012 (

    [4] Ludwig Von Mises, Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, 4th ed., Yale University, 1949, pg. 700.

    [5] Walter Block, The Privatization of Roads and Highways, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, 2009.

    Roger Toutant has electrically engineered in private industry for more than 20 years and is currently tinkering in the telecom industry. He can be reached at

  18. Marc Stevens Says:

    Such long posts are better on the forum mate.

  19. Murph Says:

    I have a question for Marc or anyone who can answer. My question is when did USA become a Democracy? This is the term used by everyone to describe our political system yet our forefathers warned against the dangers of a Democracy. That is why they created a Republic form of government. So when did the change occur? I understand that voting for a presidentis a form of democracy but why do we all call it a Democracy? Can anyone give me references? Thankyou

  20. Karl Lentz Says:

    when did USA become a Democracy?
    June 21, 1788.

  21. Karl Lentz Says:

    when did USA become a Democracy?
    June 21, 1788. based upon the premise of self-determinatin

  22. free Says:

    I found several court documents regarding Karl the Alabama Dept in question is currently under federal probation you people couldn’t find the truth if it hit you in the face check this out:

    Karl deserves all the respect we can afford him you people should apologize him forthwith I would rather end up in a fema camp than rely on you people

  23. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ free, again, you’re generalizing.

  24. Murph Says:

    That was the ratification of the constitution and the federalists won. The constitution guarantees to each state a republic form of government. It’s even in the pledge of allegiance. So the states are a republic but the united states together form a Democracy?

  25. Incubus Says:

    @ Murph,

    What is a State, factually?

  26. Murph Says:

    Well a state is a body politic, through the enabling act, adopted a constitution and was granted the power to set up municipalities, fire dept, police and what not to govern a jurisdiction marked by imaginary lines.

    On June 16, 2011, the US Supreme Court overturned a US Court of Appeal ruling; and, believe it or not, reasserted not only State sovereignty but individual sovereignty as well.

    Carol Anne Bond vs. United States, No. 09–1227, 564 U. S. ____ (June 16, 2011)

    Full document:

  27. Murph Says:

    So there is supposed to be a checks and balances of the 3 branches but this is not the case. The legislation of the state passes a law, police enforce it blindly (executive) and the inferior tribunals enforce the legislation as law. There is no checks and balances unless you can get the appellant courts to take your case.

  28. Andy Says:

    @Incubus, [Vigorously waving hand in air to be noticed by the “teacher”.] I can answer that.

  29. Murph Says:

    I get it. The whole government is a fictional place where bureaucrats legal perform robbery and murder.

  30. Incubus Says:

    Yes! Andy. Please proceed.

  31. Murph Says:

    I forgot to add with force. Like the barrel of a gun.

  32. Andy Says:

    The vast majority of “state” workers (80% estimate) are just doing their job — they are ignorant statists living most of their lives by voluntary interaction. Unaware that they are the support structure for psychopaths that are men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun.

    The other (20% estimate) “state” workers are violent psychopaths that also claim they are just doing their job or just following orders. Factually, they are “professional” criminals because they initiate force, threat of force and fraud against many individuals. Those that actually believe their violent acts are just, are delusional psychopaths. The non-delusional psychopaths just don’t care and have no need to delude themselves.

  33. Andy Says:

    Factually, the state is men and women that are killers, thieves and liars with a large support staff — the state is a criminal organization masquerading as government.

  34. Incubus Says:

    @ Murph

    Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere. Force being the key word. So in other words your question could be framed, “When did the mafia change their PR from being a Republic to a Democracy?”. Is that accurate?

  35. Murph Says:


  36. Murph Says:

    Sounds like you read Lysander Spooner. The constitution of no authority.

  37. Murph Says:

    I heard somewhere that once unemployment reaches 40% martial law will be enforced. Makes sense but that is scary.

  38. CD Says:

    Is it possible to e-mail and ask a question? This isn’t for posting – can someone please contact me? I have a question re. the New World Order – escaping it. Please let me know who I can e-mail about this. Thank you.

  39. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ CD, sure, the forum and radio show are good for questions. My email is marcstevens(at)riseup(dot)net

  40. Rod Says:

    When I moved in July, I got a voter registration in the mail that said I had to fill it out due to some state law. I checked the box that said I was not a US Citizen and a couple weeks ago a Secretary of State investigator called me to question me. Because I had voted in the past, she said I could be guilty of a crime. I explained to her I recently discovered that the “state”had no obligation to protect me per the Supreme Court, so I could not be a citizen, as such is a falacy at that realization. She didn’t understand so I told her it’s like finding out that you don’t have to be a democrat or a republican when you learn there are options. My option, since I’m not a slave, is that I have no affiliation to these so called “states” just because I was born here. She really didn’t understand it and called me a citizen when I said I was born in California, and I had to correct her yet again… She seemed satisfied as long as I was not going to try to vote. I laughed and said I have no interest in voting for the president of Macy’s anymore than the United States, as both were corporation and my vote was useless in either case since I’m not a major stockholder in either. LOL… the call was great…!!!

  41. NonE Says:

    Murph Sed:
    I heard somewhere that once unemployment reaches 40% martial law will be enforced. Makes sense but that is scary.
    DAMN! I didn’t know unemployment had reached 40% already!
    – NonE

  42. Douglas Kinan Says:


    I retired from the court on August 12, 2012. Please send me your email address so that I mat send your some information on Bankruptcy Court.

  43. NonE Says:

    Douglas Kinan, if you look at the top of the page, find the “ABOUT” button and click on it, you will find Marc’s contact information.

    – NonE

  44. Andy Says:

    Calvin wrote: “We have made many great strides in human history when society has emancipated itself from dogmatic thought and embraced perception that is more consistent to reality. Let us remember the hardships of navigating the world using a flat earth theory, as opposed to now with adoption of the spherical nature of the earth, we’ve developed such precision technologies such as GPS systems and achieved space exploration; all of which could not have happened with a flat earth perception.”

    Pete said: “Unfortunately, there are many disinfo shills posting intentionally kooky and unbelievable videos on the flat earth subject. Eric DuBay seems to be the real deal.”

    Pete’s a flat Earther.

    Pete, how is Jeff Berwick doing with helping the people that got swindled on the Galt’s Gulch Chile project that Jeff irresponsibly persuaded them to buy into, costing/losing them close to ten million dollars?

    Pete said: Hey Marc: I hope you interview Eric DuBay. He is a vegetarian anarchist yoga instructor and martial arts practitioner living in Thailand who agrees that states are imaginary. He is also a leading proponent of the flat earth theory. I think if you watch his videos and talk to him for an hour or two, you will come away with some very strong doubts about the “science” we’ve been taught in school. He was recently interviewed by Jeff at anarchast:

  45. Andy Says:

    Mr. Politician/bureaucrat, If I did business as government types do and forced people to give me money, would you consider me a criminal?

    Forcing people to give you money does not mean the person opted-in to government. If a mafia soldier forced you to pay the mafia protection money, that doesn’t mean you opted-in to the mafia.

    What every individual wants from other people in this thing called society is, when you tell a person to leave you alone they leave you alone. By them leaving you alone you have maintained your peace and freedom. And thus, civilization.

    No one opted-in to government. Government types opted-out of civilization. For to initate force, threat of force and fraud is uncivilized.

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