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Posted on July 26th, 2007 by Marc Stevens

Marc Stevens

The No State Project is an uncompromising libertarian talk show; the only one on the air dedicated to bringing about a voluntary society.  Deprogramming the world one show at a time live every Saturday at 3:00 pm central time, 1:00 pm pacific time, and 8:00 am on Sunday in New Zealand.  The basis of the No State Project can be summed up with one sentence:

It’s wrong to kill people to provide services

It’s also wrong to threaten to kill people using euphemisms such as “bench warrant.”  The show is live on Liberty Radio NetworkFreeman Radio, and Militia Radio and Talk Stream Live.  Call in and join the show at (218) 632-9399.  Archived shows are available here.  Check here for LRN affiliates such as 107.5 FM in Keene, New Hampshire.  If the No State Project is not on an Liberty Radio Network affiliate, then contact the station and let them know you want the No State Project on.  We have the unique distinction of being taken off an American Freedom Radio affiliate (Corvallis, Oregon 1610 AM) for being “too out there”  We’re also on the Lone Star legend, 1330 AM KTAE in central Texas.

lrnThe world is already stateless, one of the objects of the radio show is make the world aware of it; to know and understand governments are nothing more than individual men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun.  Remember, “government – no consent necessary.”  It’s a relentless intellectual and factual attack on the false premise government is legitimate; never ignoring the gun in the room: “Under all that paperwork is a gun.”

ktaeEducation is only part of the process to bring about a voluntary society though; as I wrote in my book Adventures in Legal Land, we can put governments out of business non-violently by providing better services at a better rate; this of course is the premise of agorism.

Non-violent, non-cooperation, civil disobedience, are also effective ways at bringing about a voluntary society.  I’ve spoken on the show a number of times of creating a network of micro-broadcasters to broadcast the show without permission.  For info on broadcasting the show in your area, contact Ches Cain at Liberty 1640 AM.  If interested, please feel free to call into the show for help and support.  The first micro has been set up and is broadcasting at 95.1 FM in NE Alabama and is just the start of a much larger agora network.  The second micro is now broadcasting in West Putnam county in Florida at 91.5 FM.

We are also encouraging everyone to set up local No State Project websites, we have several already.  Keith has set up

No State Project Canada, No State Magazine by Brian of 95.1 FM WACA in Alabama; Jamie in England has set up No State Project England, and in Southern Texas, Armando set up the Rio Grande Valley No State Project.


The No State Project

Stickin it to the “man” one show at a time



Important videos. Below are videos I believe are important to expose the government hoax, the true nature of those killers, thieves and liars commonly referred to as “government.”

Cop in St. George Missouri.   What I believe is a very typical traffic stop.  I guess this cop never heard of youtube. Part 1 {youtube}3f9mj37SeMY{/youtube}

Part 2 {youtube}M72FCMC2MnI{/youtube}

Rumsfeld “loses” 2.3 trillion.  The day before Sept. 11, 2001, Herr Rumsfeld admits to losing 2.3 trillion.  The next day something hits the pentagon.  Funny, if one of the little people can’t account for five pennies they go to jail and lose their home.  What happened to Herr Rumsfeld? {youtube}xU4GdHLUHwU{/youtube}

Milgram Experiment.  The famous experiment by Stanley Milgram showing the sickness that is authority worship. {youtube}JQC5xWFWkE0{/youtube}

The Stanford Prison Experiment. Authority worship together with domination, a recipe for disaster; in other words, government.  {youtube}1KXy8CLqgk4{/youtube}

Waco: The Rules of Engagement.  Just in case there are people who still don’t think you’ll be killed for not paying taxes. Part 1. {google}4298137966377572665{/google}

Part 2. {google}1755692679103175934{/google}

US vs John Lennon.  Great documentary about the Nixon/FBI attacks against John Lennon.  Yes, singing about peace is a threat to the war pigs. {google}777046699234389996{/google}

Bill Clinton: His Life.  Good documentary; what a body count. {google}6107885031407830500{/google}

Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination.  The Bush body count is probably incalculable at this point. {google}4315024059102108031{/google}

The Americanization of Emily.  I have not seen this movie yet, but this short clip has motivated me to finally get a copy.   Great dialogue about how people enable to the war pigs.{youtube}12V_2hKh5ro{/youtube}

George W. Bush, known liar.  Just one of many, many lies.  Here he lies about not being “stay the course.”  {youtube}UdFk2jLmmwo{/youtube}

A Symphony of Lies. What rational person could expect anything other than lies from politicians? {youtube}x7xyd_IRgGs{/youtube}

OutFoxed – Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. The professional liars need their cheerleaders, though I don’t think for a second Fox and Rupert are the only cheerleaders, all mainstream media are cheerleaders. {google}6737097743434902428{/google}

2012 – The Future of Mankind.  Great video from Michael Tsarion. {google}-8545585184878490822{/google}


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