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Affidavit of Fear – Do Not Help Governments Appear Legitimate

Posted on April 8th, 2011 by Marc Stevens

I’ve mentioned on the radio show a few times about sending the IRS and other tax agencies affidavits.  The affidavits state we are terrified of the IRS and only file returns and report financial transactions out of terror of being attacked, put in jail and having all our property stolen.  I’m encouraging everyone, if you file or report to the IRS and other tax agencies, send an affidavit of fear with the return.  Let them know you are only complying out of a sense of terror, not because you think there is a legitimate obligation.  You may comply, but you will not conceal the threats and coercion they used to get compliance.  We will not help them make it look legitimate.

There are several reasons for this, and you’ll see it’s another tool to help bring about a voluntary society, building the free market.
It makes the bureaucrats aware of the violence.  I’m convinced, from years of personal experience with tax agents and other bureaucrats, the violent nature of government is very uncomfortable to them.  They think they’re the good guys and they have told me they “take offense” when I point out governments have no voluntary support, it’s all compulsory.  I have to tell them if it’s really offensive, then do something to change it; quit and offer your services to the market on a voluntary basis: but throw a few thousand assessments out first.
Imagine when there are thousands, perhaps millions of people sending a copy of the affidavit of fear with every return and financial report sent to the IRS and other tax agencies.  Think of the impact when they start telling friends and family about these affidavits they are getting with returns and other payments.
There is a real issue of admissibility.  I’ve had tax attorneys admit any information/testimony given under threat, duress and coercion is inadmissible.  Yes, they play desperate word games in a silly attempt to convince the gullible it’s not really threat, duress and coercion when you use the word government; we know better.  We know people are coerced to pay taxes and file returns and reports such as 1099’s; we also know there is a very real threat of jail for non-compliance:
Rational people aren’t fooled; facts are very stubborn things. Governments don’t ask for support, they demand it and are very willing to attack people and forcibly take their property if they don’t get compliance.  People are terrified of the IRS: I had a Ms. Little, an IRS agent in Austin, Texas, tell me on April 7, 2011, that she was afraid of the IRS.  Ms. Little told me when she gets a letter from the IRS she gets “flushed” and fearful.  Anyone who tells you they are not afraid of the IRS is probably lying to you.
The IRS relies on us to send them reports so they can attack us.  Problem is, coerced testimony is usually considered inadmissible, at least to those of us interested in truth and justice.  That’s looks like a pretty big fly in the ointment to me.  If they’re going to use threats, duress and coercion instead of providing a service we are wiling to voluntarily pay for, then we’re not going to hide that fact.  Let’s make sure the violence – our only real problem with the idea of government – is never ignored and is always center stage.  It undermines everything they are trying to put over on us, such as protecting us and that we are obligated to pay taxes.  Yes, pay or go to jail: sounds like great protection, no wonder they have no voluntary support.
We should also be doing this for business and driver’s licenses; any time we are coerced to pay something, we should include the affidavit of fear.  I prefer to see more people trading freely, that is, without licenses and taxes.  But, if you are afraid of retaliation from those called government if you were to trade freely with others, then let them know when you get that business license it is out of fear.  Let’s send so many they cannot ignore it and will see the futility in trying to spin it.  Remember, no one can testify to your mental state, your perceptions, even they know that.  We are not lying when we testify we are afraid of people like the IRS.
I’ve got two templates you can use and edit appropriately Affidavit of Fear 20110515, template 2.  Have it notarized and make up a few dozen copies and keep in mind we don’t have to just send them to tax agencies, it’s appropriate to send to politicians, such as governors and mayors.  Let them know you only pay their salary out of fear of being attacked.  They are people like us, only they may not recognize the true violent nature of their support.  Let’s help them see behind the PR and distractions such as elections.  Let’s help them see the truth.
It’s got to be difficult to continue doing a job when your pretended customers keep filing affidavits they are only complying out of fear.  If we’re going to continue to comply out of fear, we may as well let them know.  Why make farming us any easier for them?

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  1. Benjamin II Says:

    Affidavit of Fear in Hubbell’s legal directory for lawyers and businessmen

  2. Zonsb Says:

    Benjamin, the “affidavit of fear” described in the link you posted is not at all what Marc meant. Whereas a person has a very real fear of violence/theft from the IRS. The IRS would have no real fear from their victim destroying his/her own property.

  3. aaron Says:

    The links to the “affidavit of fear” are not working, were they moved?

  4. Calvin Says:

    Correct guess. Broken links will be updated in the future, higher priority updates until then.

  5. Kurt Says:

    The PDFs will not open, I tried both files. Apparently they got corrupted. Any chance you could update these files?

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    I’ll have to reload them this week

  7. Mike Says:

    first link is working but not the second one for me.

  8. George Mack Says:

    Why use an affidavit. The phrase “Under Duress, Threat, and Coercion” written above your signature is more than enough to let the court know you are doing something unwillingly.

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    Because on a tax return and other “state” documents, you could be sanctioned.

  10. Alex Says:

    @ Mike: ECHO that

    “Affidavit of Fear 20110515” link works fine.

    And the “template 2” link NO WORKEE…. it is NFG

  11. Sovereign Chaplain Says:

    You are in constant prayer as you are a champion for Freemen everywhere! Your courses are excellent! Thank you for what you do and whoo you are! Peace and Blessings!

  12. Dan Williams Says:

    Marc, I’d like to consult with you on some things. How would I go about doing that?

  13. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dan you can use the paypal donation button on this website. Then email me when you’d like to talk.

  14. Oc Says:

    Template2 has a broken link.

  15. Reece Says:

    Hi this was written from a politicion in the paper after another suicide last year as a direct result of tax collectors pursuing aggressively

    New Zealand hearald
    IRD needs reining in

    Rodney Hide: “The IRD’s sole job is to gather money for the Government. It does so by threatening and bullying people.

    “Our Parliament backs IRD through the law and turns a deaf ear to complaints that tax collectors are too aggressive.

    “There are no proper checks and balances on IRD’s treatment of people who, for whatever reason, have fallen behind in payments or, indeed, who dispute that they have been fairly and properly assessed.

    “In 1996, air conditioning technician Ian Mutton committed suicide after being pursued by the IRD over debt that started from a missed $84 tax payment. Mutton’s 13-year-old son killed himself a year later.

    “Our Parliament found a ‘culture of fear and punishment’ at IRD and ordered a clean-up. IRD seems to have slipped back to its old ways.

    “We have had another tragedy. And behind this tragedy are thousands of cases of injustice and poor treatment.

    “It’s time again for our elected representatives to inquire into IRD’s heavy-handedness.”

  16. NonE Says:

    Love it! “It’s time again for our elected representatives to inquire into IRD’s heavy-handedness.”

    It’s time for our psychopaths to show some empathy!

    Either that or it’s time to Wake the F* UP.

    None is so enslaved as he who believes himself to be free. (a paraphrase from someone I should know)

    – NonE

  17. Panxer Says:

    This is no longer on the site… it lists it as page not found. Has it been taken down?

  18. James Says:

    Marc, Thanks for all you do. I have a quick question. Besides calling court out on the lies, has anyone thought about just claiming to be the “People” and the beneficiary instead of claiming to be a “citizen”?
    By definition they are two separate things. From my studies it seems the prosecutor always claim they work for, or are representing the people or state.

    We must remember, People are above the Government and the government is above Citizen. And, all corporations have an administrator, a trustee and a beneficiary. This is how the court is set up also.

    By claiming to be the people and the beneficiary from the very start, you change the whole set up of the court. It puts the “prosecutor” in the position of trustee with liability, and thus makes it your court.
    We can easily prove we are the People and a US NATIONAL, not a Citizen, by showing our US Passport. It also would place the burden of proving we are not the People on the “prosecutor”. By doing this we don’t have to battle the judge, he becomes our ally. He has to administer the court for the beneficiary. Now we can go after the police and DA for attempted extortion.

    Also, look up the definitions of passport and contraband. It would seem the passport gives immunity to carrying “contraband”.

    I have a pretrial on a misdemeanor pot charge and I am currently building my case. I originally hired a lawyer but I plan to let him go this week. Do you know of anyone in the Waco Texas area that might be interested in helping me with some of the leg work or give advise?

    Once again, thanks for all your work.


  19. Rainy Gibson Says:

    I just recently filed an “Notice of Appearance, Notice to Public official questionnaire, and Notice of Civil rights violation, and the case was closed in two days! The psychopaths came to my home to try and get me to acknowledge a traffic citation I sent back to them 3 times. I put them on notice that the next time they step on my property without a criminal warrant supported by probable cause its a 10,000 dollar fine!

  20. Jack Herbert Says:

    Resistance is more effective when it’s a community project that we agree to and organize together. Suggest you make the effort to bring it to groups and organizations if you want to help build a more effective movement of resistance, for community of us to replace domination and direction from dominators.

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