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Posted on April 18th, 2011 by Marc Stevens

It’s time for the Agora Hour.  As mentioned on the No State Project April 16, 2011, instead of a typical “happy hour”, we’ll have the Agora Hour.

Agora Hour is about action; it’s where agorists/voluntaryists  meet up to not only discuss the free market, but actively participate in building it.  Remember:

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is about actively making it happen, not just talking about it.  The basic idea is for a locally owned business to have at least one Agora Hour a week where no sales tax is collected.  If someone wants to, they are encouraged to support the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund, instead of paying a sales tax.

I’m making the modest proposal the first Agora Hour, be on Saturdays during the No State Project.


Any local business who wants to participate in building the free market by hosting an Agora Hour, will get promoted on my radio show the No State Project, as well as support online (part of my website will be dedicated to promoting businesses hosting an Agora Hour).  Local entrepreneurs are also encouraged to not ask permission to trade with their community, that is, not getting a business license and paying taxes.  A good idea would be taking down a business license and not having it displayed during Agora Hour.  Symbolic yes, but effective at empowering others to live free, if even for 60 minutes.  To the average person, that would be a radical political statement.

While this may start with only an hour, it can really take off where there’s an Agora Hour in every liberty minded community.  Saturdays 4-7pm can start out as the designated Agora Hour.   This is also an excellent opportunity to network with other voluntaryists; more of a network of people who trade without asking permission.

And it doesn’t have to stop with the non-payment of sales tax and business licenses; I’m sure the Agora Hour will be very fertile ground for more ways to stick it to the man, non-violently of course.  From the Agora Hour, will come the Agora Day, then month etc.  Silver, gold, local “currency” and other types of trade not sanctioned by governments should be encouraged for the Agora Hour.  If not using government credit is now considered a “unique form of domestic terrorism“, then let’s make the most of it.  Since Anne Tompkins thinks free trade is terrorism, this is how we should respond:


Is there risk involved?  Of course, we’re voluntaryists, we’re well aware of the violence inherent in political systems, that’s why we’re voluntaryists, we abhor the use of violence.  This is only a baby step though, we’re not standing in front of tanks.  But just as the daily 420 in Keene, New Hampshire started small, as more and more people participate, the stronger the agora will get and the more difficult enforcement will become.  The risk is another reason why contributions to the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund are encouraged.

The time for talk is long over: we already know what the problem is.  The time to build a free society, a society without institutionalized violence, is right now.  Protests in the streets do not build the free market.  If we want a free market, then let’s get busy building it, even if only an hour at a time.



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