Broadcasting Without Permission

Posted on July 13th, 2010 by Marc Stevens

There are many ways we can destroy the false perception of legitimacy governments still enjoy, one way is by refusing to ask permission; there will be a voluntary society and we’re not asking for permission to get there.

I’ve been talking about this on the show for a few weeks: broadcasting the show without permission.  This is about setting up micro stations, lower power AM/FM transmitters to broadcast the show and doing it without license or permission.
There are already many so-called “pirate” radio stations and some have been around for years with large audiences.  A good example is Radio Free Santa Cruz.  Does this type of non-violent, non-cooperation come with some risk?  Yes, whenever we don’t bow down and lick the master’s feet, there’s a risk of being attacked.  Politicians and bureaucrats are psychopathic control freaks and live for others to obey them.  However, the risk is much lower than doing things like a daily 420 as they do in Kenne, New Hampshire, and not all of us use or advocate the use of drugs.  This doesn’t mean I don’t support such acts of civil-disobedience, I certainly do.  While I don’t smoke pot, I think it’s great there are upwards of 30+ people openly disregarding a bureaucrat’s stupid “laws”.  For every person who ignores the tyrant’s sacred writ, it becomes a little less sacred.  Remember, it’s about perception.  The more people rely on their own sense of right and wrong and not the whims of psychos called politicians, the less the politicians can enforce their silly “laws”.
By broadcasting the show without permission we educate people on the true nature of government and it really drives the point home we’re doing it freely, we don’t just talk about freedom and liberty, we’re doing it.  There continues to be more people at the daily 420 because as people see the cops not doing anything, the risk level goes down and more people are emboldened to join.  This is part of the power of non-violent, non-cooperation; politicians can either initiate violence or ignore open acts of non-compliance; either way their perception as a legitimate “authority” is weakened.  People are waking up to the true nature of government and it doesn’t help tyrants when people see bureaucrats using violence against peaceful people.
Governments are nothing more than gangs of men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun: pay-or-get-shot; support is always compulsory.  It’s time we really start working together to put them out of business.  We’ll never have a free, voluntary society by waiting around and voting.  Politicians don’t bother asking for permission, and neither should we.
You can contact me at or by calling into the radio show (402) 237-2525; you can also contact Ches Chain at Liberty 1640 for more information about broadcasting the No State Project in your area.  You don’t have to broadcast the show yourself, but you can help support someone who would like to.

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