Week of Sept. 11, 2010

Posted on September 14th, 2010 by Marc Stevens

Week of Sept. 11, 2010

This week we have three examples in the spotlight that we discussed on the show.  The first is pretty boring; me again.  I sold products & services to people in Arizona and did not collect any “sales tax”.
The second involves JT.  JT is a assisting a friend with a traffic ticket and is giving legal advice without having joined a bar cult.  Oh the horror.
The third is from K-man in Dallas.  K-man was also giving legal advice without belonging to a bar cult:
“In the first week of Sept, 2010, I was arrested and placed in jail for 4 days.  While in the various holding cells I was placed in the company of perhaps 300 people all told.  Since conversation is about the only thing that one can do in freely in jail I talked a lot to these people.  Of course I listened to their stories of why they were in ‘custody’ but whenever possible I gave them my best ‘legal advice’.  I spoke extensively about ‘legalese’ and how english words and terms have been hijacked by ‘lawyers’.  I spoke about what it means to the ‘court’ when hire a ‘lawyer’ (you are a ‘client’, someone who is “child” or even “unsane”) and that going against ‘them’ on the facts or the ‘legal’ aspects is a loosing case.
“Then I followed up with my best ‘legal’ advice, attack them in the one place that governments suck the most at, the paperwork.  I told them about ‘standing’, ‘jurisdiction’, and about how these are seldom correctly done and that that makes the whole motion “illegal” and most certainly unjust.  I explained that ‘probation’ and ‘plea bargins’ are but a hollow victory; in reality it is only a victory to the ‘system’.
“While there were many that would not listen to the voice of reason, but since they were stuck they still heard my words, When possible I plugged Marc Stevens work as a way to educate and arm yourself against these tyrannous bastards that only want one thing: money, as quickly and easily as they can get it.  I hope that I got through to at least a couple of those people.  I will say that jail is a depressing, stressful place and that that has a great affect on a person’s psyche.  I know how I am going to attack these gun-toting bastards and my only desire was to bring the other ‘prisoners’ a ray of hope in that dark place to help them help themselves.  Good luck to each and every one of them!”  ~Kman



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