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NSP - Apr 18, 2015 - Co-host: Calvin

NSP – Apr 18, 2015 – Co-host: Calvin

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Calvin

Co-host: Calvin. Show Notes: Next-level AFK activism and actually doing something about that which you morally object against. The underwhelming response amongst the liberty community of news of someone discrediting a high level bureaucrat and their criminal social hierarchies. “Every American considers apathy their God-given right.” Armando’s defeat of the Michael J. Scott law firm’s […]

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NSP - Apr 11, 2015 - Guest: Jeff

NSP – Apr 11, 2015 – Guest: Jeff

Posted on April 12, 2015 by Calvin

Guest: Jeff, who has recently managed to get a speeding ticket dismissed from court by using the motion to dismiss template and script, describes his adventure in legal-land and discusses what he’s learned. Show Notes: Facts don’t matter when it comes to statist bureaucrats, their cohorts, their apologists, and their useful idiots; because nobody really […]

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NSP - Apr 4, 2015 - Guest: Matt Papke

NSP – Apr 4, 2015 – Guest: Matt Papke

Posted on April 05, 2015 by Calvin

Guest: Matt Papke from Free Tempe. Show Notes: Why its so important to expose the statist double-standard of any local bureaucrat if you get an opportunity to fairly and openly debate them. Tempe city council member Kolby Granville asserts he, and his fellow lawyer associates, have jurisdiction “because we say so.” Entering politics by sharing […]

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NSP - Mar 28, 2015

NSP – Mar 28, 2015

Posted on March 29, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes: Routine Traffic Stop = Assault with Intent to Cause Bodily Injury. First Call-of-Shame with the DEA: Billions Stolen by Forfeiture – Not a Single Fact Proving Jurisdiction. New Same ol’ Lie World Tour: New Zealand Adjudicator Cannot Prove Laws Apply. A brief restoration of faith in humanity when a cop said he’d gather […]

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NSP - Mar 21, 2015

NSP – Mar 21, 2015

Posted on March 22, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes: Anarchy is the rejection of arbitrary authoritarians. Responding to Eye2’s “devil’s advocate” comment about Marc’s possibly overzealous use of the label “psychopath” to describe aggressive government agents. Killer music tracks used on the highly acclaimed “Better Call Saul” series. Reviewing three defining ‘signature traits’ of a psychopath: 1) a massive narcissistic ego that […]

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NSP - Mar 14, 2015

NSP – Mar 14, 2015

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes: Happy Pi Day! New Call-of-Shame with two hangup happy American Terrorist Organization (I.R.S.) agents: “Facts to prove jurisdiction? That’s way over my head.” Core psychopath attributes: 1) massive narcissistic ego that does not like to be challenged, 2) lie incessantly, and 3) no empathy. “When you force people to pay you; you don’t […]

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NSP - Mar 7, 2015

NSP – Mar 7, 2015

Posted on March 08, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes: Exploring the latest Call-of-Shame: More Lies From the IRS-American Terrorist Organization. “Forcing people to pay you means never having to be professional or never having any facts to support your arguments.” Peaceful Unarmed Man Shot In The Face During Botched Drug Raid. How is it fair when the the judge (a.k.a.: lead prosecutor) […]

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NSP - Feb 28, 2015

NSP – Feb 28, 2015

Posted on February 28, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes: Two traffic tickets dismissed from court after filing a motion to dismiss for lack of evidence. “The only way to overcome an assertion of a lack of evidence is to produce the evidence.” “You cannot violate a rule or principal that does not apply to you.” Making any and all objections properly. Imran […]

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NSP - Feb 21, 2015

NSP – Feb 21, 2015

Posted on February 22, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes: Rephrasing our language more objectively. New Call-of-Shame: Projection, Lies and Diversion From the IRS – American Terrorist Organization. Countering an attorney or bureaucrat that mischaracterizes your questions of evidence as a “debate” or “argument” by reversing the context. How to respond when an attorney wants to know “where you are going” with the […]

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NSP - Feb 14, 2015 - Co-host: JT

NSP – Feb 14, 2015 – Co-host: JT

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Calvin

Co-host: JT. Show Notes: JT’s adventures in media-repping for John Myser during his aggressive legal attack, saturated with prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, from the Minnesota courts. Jailhouse maltreatment and enhanced interrogation for refusing to book. The push-back you’ll get and consequences to expect for asking for the evidence the prosecutor is supposed to have before […]

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