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NSP – Feb 25, 2012 – Co-host: JT and Guests: Ben Gilroy & David Brown

Posted on February 25th, 2012 by Calvin

Co-host: JT and Guests: Ben Gilroy & David Brown [,]. Ben and David join the show to discuss their video documentation of peaceful encounters of the bureaucratic-kind.

Show Topics: Effective InterFICTIONAL Damage Control -|- San Diego workshop, hosted by Cafe Libertalia, recap and future workshops -|- Ben’s experience EXPOSING conflicts-of-interest to halt bureaucratic attacks -|- judges extending beyond their jurisdiction and FAILing to keep governmental powers separate -|- effectively challenging bureaucrats that have been unquestioned on the job for 30+ years -|- excessive force vs peaceful confrontation with police -|- different oaths of office -|- jurisdictional “hats” -|- similarities and differences between Iceland and Ireland with handling their bankster-caused crisis -|- the idea that “but if it was illegal, then why has it been going on for generations?” -|- Judges in the U.S.A. have decided Ben Gilroy is RIGHT about mortgage securities! -|- cult prayer to lawyers -|- Ben interviewed on Ireland’s TV3 -|- The Nitty-Gritty Law Library -|- challenging the fictions of the attack to limit the damage and loss bureaucrats wish to inflict upon you -|- people’s increasing hunger for political and economic freedom -|- dealing with “legal” stealth evictions -|- SpoonerBastiat study pack -|- Evidentiary-based Line of Questioning in Legal Land -|- Irish script coming soon -|- adversary proceedings that don’t require an adversary -|- filing paperwork with citing as little statute as possible to allow minimal legal wiggle-room -|- knowing how and when to object to a denial of a ripe motion and shattering the pretense of fairness -|- getting testimony stricken for incompetence and impeaching a witness who is not qualified to give legal opinions -|- challenging a valid cause for action and corpus delicti effectively in court by using an objective standard of proof -|- building and supporting a community that truly values voluntary trade -|- listeners phone-in with questions and comments regarding corresponding with the banks about securities fraud, Texas purse-snatchers, charges that lack to state a valid complaint, lack of proof of actually being within “the STATE”, damage control with felonious preliminary hearings, judges not disclosing grounds for denying motions, cross-examining witnesses separately, when to object, commentary on Ben and Bill‘s style of damage-control, less-lethal police outside the “United Fictions of America”, and promoting agorism on the show.


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  1. Keith Baber Says:

    Way cool stuff.

  2. jan Says:

    Thank your lucky stars (lets keep reLIEgion out of this) that saturday comes every week, for I know that another great NSP on LRN.FM show is about to start my great week, keep up the awesome work, Marc and others, (to many to name for a quick msg.), your inspiration to me is priceless.
    I look forward to more. Viva Le Freedom for all , and less tyranny to. Glad to know of you. cheers.

  3. Soni Says:

    Hail! to the Irish men, great job.

  4. Ellen Says:

    Utterly amazing work! IF ONLY this could be learned by ALL so these criminals would be stopped in their tracks.

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