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NSP – Mar 3, 2012 – Co-host: JT

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Topics: Tickets, Tyrants, and Assessments -|- how to participate with the No State Project LIVE -|- upcoming workshops -|- Donald Eyre – no explanation or grounds for his decisions or “policies” -|- refusing to hear a alleged case in a higher court does not affirm a wrongful decision in the lower court -|- exploring orders to show cause -|- inflation-induced gas price spikes -|- inquisitorial vs adversarial court proceedings -|- staying out of reach of their guns by utilizing telephonic technology -|- Marc’s call to Olympia’s city council from 2006 -|- WHY its important to get verbal affirmations from the judge -|- asking what the burden of proof is to discover the true criminal OR civil nature of the charge(s) hidden under color of “infraction” or “violation” nomenclature -|- forum registration issues -|- call board bugs -|- denial of voir dire questioning is considered an “incurable error” -|- failure to prosecute for lack of timely discovery -|- Marc’s garden taking root -|- taking judicial notice of statements of fact -|- listeners phone-in with questions and comments regarding filing motions to dismiss in short notice before trial based on lack of jurisdiction, disqualifying the judge based on a conflict of interest with the persecuting party, talking with the persecutor before filing paperwork to excise alternative damage control, how to proceed when the court doesn’t rule the cop incompetent or denies cross-examination, attempting to get an appeal bond waived, “corpus delicti only applies to crimes of passion” case update, dealing with lead-based paint lawsuit mill scam attorneys, verbalizing “let the record show…”, ineffective counsel from defense attorneys, getting dash-cam video from the police, #AiLL court preparation role-plays, judge’s denial of a formal motion to dismiss without even reading it, and judge accuses victim of “trickery”.


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  1. Jace Says:

    It’s weird now not hearing the bumper music, but I like having the off-air stuff included.

  2. janice Says:

    people don’t seem to realize that these courts are based on roman law. they don’t realize that our entire political system answers to the papacy as does the queen and the courts. This is (the papacy) the great whore that rides the beast (the false church that controls this monster) They are getting scared because people are waking up to them but jumping through their hoops doesn’t do much good because they just put more in front of you. The vatican is the most evil system on earth and they control everything. The minions at the bottom don’t know. Why do you think everything is in latin. Why do you have to understand latin to understand law? Why do you think doctors write prescriptions in latin? Pharmakeia is the greek word for pharmacy which means witchcraft and the vatican is up to their eyeballs in witchcraft, death and human sacrifice. The vatican controls the nwo. the vatican controls the world and the vatican are the ones that want you off the land. Do the research. It’s there, right now, but probably not for long.

  3. Incubus Says:

    “The vatican is the most evil system on earth and they control everything”

    Evil? Yes. Most? Control everything? What facts and evidence do you rely on to draw that conclusion? I think you’re ignoring the sway of Israel and Zionists.

    On the matter of pharmacy; while you’re correct that it is derived from the greek pharmakeia, that is the word used for ‘sorcery’, not witchcraft. Sorcery is the use of mind altering substances for the purpose of control and manipulation. Which is why most pharmaceuticals are are psychotropics. Witchcraft and sorcery are not the same thing.

  4. janice Says:

    The courts come from roman law. They same courts that killed Christ without evidence based on the testimony of the high ranking jews that wanted to control the people and didn’t want to lose their authority over the people. I admit there is collusion now, as there was then. The zionists are mostly a front for the vatican so that people will blame the jews. The same thing happened during the reign of hitler who was colluding with the vatican. The propoganda went out and the jews and christians were dealt with promptly and the consent of the people was by aquiessence. Witchcraft and sorcery are the same thing in many ways. Why don’t you define witchcraft for me? Do they use potions and spells? Is their intent to control anothers will with the use of such things?
    With respect to vatican control…absolutely, they control everything but they do it by way of jesuit infiltration. Every leader on the planet has a connection to the vatican by way of secret meetings. Even stephen harper here in canada. They are controlling through the court system and drugs/health “care”. Harper wants 6 billion dollars worth of new prisons when there is little or no crime in canada. Make a civil infraction a crime and you have a free labor force. Do more research. We are approaching horrific times. Research the “black pope” who claims to control china with the stroke of a pen

  5. Incubus Says:

    “The zionists are mostly a front for the vatican…” Personally, I have a hard time believing this. What has led you to such a conclusion?

    As for Hitler and the whole regime, what about the amount of jews-zionists rather-who occupied high ranking positions and were in cohorts with the National Socialist Party?

    You are correct in that witchcraft and sorcery draw many parallels. The fundamental difference is in the use of substances for the purpose of control. While certain “branches” (so to speak) of witchcraft might entail rituals, ceremonies, and incantations–this is more solely for a psychological effect than a physiological. The capitalization of fear, ignorance, insecurities etc. As Anton Lavey and others referred to it, ‘Bitchcraft’, think of a woman who uses her body to seduce men, get them to essentially be her slave, and manipulate emotions (sexual and others) to get what she wants. Think of the propagandist/fear monger who uses ignorance to shape the minds and opinions for the purpose of getting people to carry out actions inconsistent with logic (war, for example [the “enemy” being “subhuman”]), or the well constructed marketing campaign that plays off insecurities to sell you this or that product (I’m sure you’ve heard of Edward Bernays; “public relations”, consumerism)–again, inconsistent with logic, banking off irrational-emotional reactions.

    Sorcery on the other hand, in tune with its relation to pharmakeia, requires a mind altering substance, typically that which is more potent; hallucinogens for example.

    Again, and without any intended personal affront, what do you* rely on in making such statements in regards to vatican control? I need more than “Do more research”, por favor.

  6. janice Says:

    look up “vatican wants control of jerusalem” same system killed christ wants it back. wants to kill and displace the jews again too..nuff said, not going to argue every worthless point. do some research on global control
    check it out

  7. Incubus Says:

    “…not going to argue every worthless point.”

    It was not my intent to “argue” or come off as combative. I was inquiring out of curiosity, and trying to prompt a discussion. I’m not sure how you mistake asking questions as arguing.

    And, which “worthless points” are you referring to?

  8. janice Says:

    look at the link i posted and tell me who really is in control. When i said worthless i meant there is no point discussing it with anyone that does not want to do their own research and i will not educate you. Do it yourself that’s why God put you here. To know the truth so that the truth would set you free…from the lies that is. this is not a’s a struggle for truth for each of us. I’ve done my research I hope all will do the same and not rely on any one person to show them what’s really going on.

  9. Incubus Says:

    It’s not a matter of me not wanting to do research. Nor did I request or expect you to “educate” me, but if you’re going to make such broad statements, I really don’t think its to much to ask for you to cite the sources you rely on, and for the sake of personal discussion, indulge with how/why you arrived at your beliefs. Of course, if you wish not to, that’s entirely your choice.

    However, when you make baseless accusations towards me, categorizing me in a group of people who “don’t want to do their own research”, and, contort my inquisitions into that of a “contest”, while boldly claiming to know the “truth”, but being entirely unwilling to share the “truth”, aside from vague search engine ventures, I can’t help but call into question your integrity and with it the validity of your beliefs/statements.

    I’ve heard the Jesuit conspiracy rallied before, along with the Zionist conspiracy and even the bizarre “reptiles” conspiracy as well. At this point, I’m open to new data, but I have not settled on any one paradigm to be the “truth”.

    But I suppose the “truth” is whatever you conceive it to be, and you’ve clearly created your own.

  10. jaime Says:

    Greetings,… My presents:
    Here in california I have cracked their code in the california vehicle code….there is no need to argue court cases , or case law or rules or laws or codes that the law society has created to be hidden from others (hence the title “code”)… this is the weak link….California Vehicle Code 40510.5 (a)(4)…if you read a book on contracts you will see this is the chain that they attach to people, or we attach ourselves through our signature …you can beat EVERY SINGLE TICKET no arguing, I have tested this on me untill I figured it out…I have proof I beat all tickets…just cancel your signature on the ticket within 72 hours…how? send a certified mail notice to the entitiy you contracted with on the ticket with return reciept and you will see the ticket dismissed or to not-exist…. when you sign the ticket you AGREE to appear without accepting guilt…so just cancel your agreement to show up…ha ha no arguing or nothing…your welcome…

    They mix law,codes,statues and all that legal stuff with contract rules or law and the contract law actually supersedes all the cases in my opinion,i.e. you can agree that someone can come in your house without a warrant if you give them permission. In california and all other states when you get a state identification card or drivers license if you lookk at the contract/application you sign to get the id card or drivers license you have agreed that you do not have god given rights but priveleges granted by the state…check it out…check me out and ask at….free information to sting the pirates…nothing personal to the STATE agents just businesss……!

  11. Tom Says:

    The Vatican definitely does not control everything. Israel does. The Vatican is a front for the Zionists. Though they (the zionists) would have you believe the opposite. It is the perfect cover.

    They’re definitely not the whore that rides the beasts back. You’ve got it mixed up. And Israel and the zionists of the synagogue of satan The Word speaks of.

  12. janice Says:

    “They’re definitely not the whore that rides the beasts back”
    4And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having A GOLDEN CUP IN HER HAND full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
    This does not describe israel…

    “The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven,(mary) (isis) and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.” -Jeremiah 7:18

  13. Incubus Says:

    @ jamie,

    Tickets are not contracts.

    Nor is a DL application.

  14. Tom Says:

    Ah you forget my dear, it ends where it began. The middle east. Search a little deeper, you’ll find the truth. The Vatican is but one layer, an important layer and one close to the heart, but it does not rest in the center.

    God bless 🙂

  15. janice Says:

    it is the vatican, (rome) and the conspiring jews working together to destroy and control. The u.s. is their bully. There is nothing new under the sun. Look at the history of the vatican and how many christians and jews they have killed throughout the centuries, yet they claim to be christian

  16. Jaime Says:

    Hi there Incubus…. First I would like to say that you have just made a very revealing statement about your knowledge about tickets in California…

    Basically your statement that a ticket is not a contract and that neither is a Drivers License application must be based on something ?….what do you base your claim that they are not contracts on…just your assumption..or is it because you are getting paid to spread disinformation…either way officer or special agent let me enlighten you on the definition of CONTRACT…or maybe you Really just dont know…

    we can go to the online dictionary to make it simple for you…
    a contract is

    A written or spoken agreement, esp. one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.

    Or we can turn to a Professor of Law at lewis & Clark Law School , Brian A. Blum’s book on Contracts, 4th edition “Examples and Explanations” on page 2 half way down the page it reads:

    “A contract may be defined as an exchange relationship created by oral or written agreement between two or more persons, containing at least one promise, and recongnized in law as enforceable.This definition reflects several essentional elements:

    1. An oral or written agreement between two or more persons
    2. An exchange relationship
    3. At least one promise
    4. Enforceability


    but then again at the bureau I am sure that your mission is not to learn but disinform since you have not asked me for proof or addressed the facts but just made allegations…

    prove me wrong that a drivers license in california does not say in section 9 at the bottom of the application where you sign your name that by signing the person “AGREES” and this Drivers license contract is enforceable in court in case you dispute that….an agreement is a contract according to the Law Professor that wrote the book on it…but then again you know that right agent..

    or maybe I got it wrong but here in california when someone signs a ticket the ticket clearly says that the person signing is AGREEING to appear but not admitting guilt…but then again you knew that right…

    So if you have somehting of merit to follow then please dont respond and keep your non-sense to your self…when you get off of work officially as a federal agent go ahead and get at me on your personal time if you really want to learn if not please dont waste my time and any other freedom loving man or women…

    You Clown!

  17. janice Says:

    thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
    For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
    They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

    You do christmas tom? It’s a pagan practice introduced by the catholic church into protestantism that people still celebrate. they simply don’t know the history behind it.

  18. janice Says:

    here tom…
    santa/satan has a present for you

  19. Incubus Says:

    @ jamie,

    Clearly you’re not familiar with Marc’s work. Why exactly are you at this site if you don’t even know the material? Seems to me you’re the one spreading disinfo. The fact you jumped so quickly to accuse me of such only exposes you as the agent.

    Back on topic; how many factual elements are in a contract?

    And for that matter, you have made the claim. The burden of proof is yours.

  20. Tom Says:

    Janice, no personally I do not celebrate christmas. I never have. My parents were atheists, but as I got older and found the Lord, I still chose to not to. I will not participate in the commercialization of my saviour.

    I have been studying and researching for 40+ years. I too, for many years believed it was the Jesuits. I was wrong. But I recognize their symbiosis with the Zionists. I just know who the real puppet masters are.

    God bless.

  21. janice Says:

    yet you fail to name them. Please cite in the bible what points you to the jews when God specifically tells you that if you will bless israel he will bless you and if you curse israel he will curse you. Please cite the perpetrators. Please tell me the vatican and the rothschilds banks are not in control. Please tell me the “the love of money is not the root of their evil.

  22. Jaime Says:

    Wow …..Look Incubus….I guess I made you pretty fast huh…You cant possibly be that stupid….your mind game is good ,but now adays you clowns are very easy to spot…good day

    You made your point by non-response and avoidance.

    You= Cop=Pig=dirtbag=sellout=or sorrysoulthathasnoideaheisbeingused…

  23. Incubus Says:


    What exactly is your problem? I asked you a legitimate question and all you’ve done is call me stupid, a clown, pig, dirtbag, and other ad hominems. That’s always a dead giveaway of someone who has no substance. That or you’re incredibly insecure (troll perhaps?). I’ve neither said nor done anything to insult you.

    The fact of the matter is a ticket is not a valid* contract. It does not contain the elements of a contract. There’s no evidence to support your statement that it is (and you haven’t attempted to provide any, you’re to busy avoiding the issue with insults).

    Likewise there is no empirical evidence that “the law” is applicable or obligatory upon anyone. Nor is there any empirical evidence of States or Citizens. They do not exist. They’re fictions.

    I suggest you poke around this site some more. Read the articles, listen to the podcasts (old and new), study Marcs material and allow it to sink in. Its some pretty reality shattering stuff.

    And I also, HIGHLY suggest you call into the show this Saturday and discuss your statements/beliefs on the air with Marc. This isn’t the best medium and you’ll be able reach a much broader audience.

  24. Tom Says:

    Be at peace my dear. Now is the time for enlightenment, not anger. 🙂

    Bless israel and He will bless you. Curse israel and He will curse you. But we must examine who occupies and controls present day Israel. The edomite jews, as revelations tell us these are not true jews, but they call themselves such. They are liars, they are of the synagogue of satan. These are the same jews who funded Hitlers rise to power, and perpetrated the holocaust on the jews who would not conform, and ultimately set the stage to establish the Nation of Israel, complete with the satanic, Rothschild (red shield) emblem, the seal of solomon, the geometric mark of the beast.

    To bless Israel when it is currently in control by zionists, who in turn control the whole world, is to facilitate the enemy. Not until they have been exposed, dismantled and stripped of power, can we give Israel our blessing. They are setting the stage for the Antichrist.

    These are trying times. The enemy is using every trick in the book to keep us distracted. We must keep rooted in His word and ask for His guidance. Ask The Lord to show you the truth and He will, janice. But not all at once. It is a process. A very looong process (trust me, I’ve been in His covenance for decades, its a lot for one individual to take in). I do not want to see you led astray by the enemies lies.

    God bless. And keep digging 🙂

  25. jaime Says:

    California interesting and revealing sections of the pirates secret California Vehicle “CODE” …

    California vehicle code

    4155…vehicle registration only applies to U.S and or government vehicles…

    California vehicle code 15210(p)(7)……says in part…In the absence of a federal definition, existing definitions under this code shall apply.

    ..but there is a federal definition of “motor vehicle” that overides the california vehicle code according to sneaky…the federal definition says this at title 18 part 1 chapter 2 section 31(a)(6)

    “Motor vehicle.— The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for*** COMMERCIAL** purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or emphasis on commercial..”

    this is probably why people are encouraged by the state to “apply/ask for a california identification card…cali id card= CALIFORNIA STATE employee…
    when you apply for a cali id card you waive your rights away read section 9 of the application where you ‘AGREE’ to the certifications on the back of the document/application/contract…one of the things you agree too, besides all the (penal,civil,health and safety.etc…) codes is to “service of process” … you actually signed for them to be able to “serve” you “process” which is a summons or court order or warrrant….(you gave them permission to sue you?..why do they need that…only sovereigns cant be sued without there consent..What does it mean?)***….

    (what if the judge did not have this consent to service of process agreemeent?)….that is why judges do what they do you have given him proof by the id card or dl card that you have waived your rights ….read the application for id or dl in cali. The contract is valid even if you dont know what you did because you dont say or do otherwise to void it …there is a difference in void and voidable contracts…(google it)

    c.v.c section 21052…this section says that the provisions of the california vehicle code are applicable to drivers while engaged in the employment of the STATE……

    C.V.C. section 17459..and 17460 …clearly reveals the sneaky method they use to get your ‘agreement’ on certain things that I dont think anyone would voluntarily or knowingly agree or “consent” …by applying and accepting a drivers license and a registration certificate for a vehicle you have given your consent and lost your rights and traded for state granted priveleges that can be took and regulated to nothing whenever they feel like it and your only resort is to beg/apply for releif to the master….so dont give it if you dont want to…

    section 12801.5(e) says you cant be arrested for having no drivers license..

    if your car is taken first get the ticket dismissed *(sign it “without prejudice” over your name and then send a certified mailing with return reciept signature required giving notice of cancellation of signature because you made a “mistake” (legal exit in contract rules)….)and get your car back by filing a suit for money damages against the officer and agency in a civil court …

    in a civil suit the officer would have to show evidence why he or the agency has authority to take the car…they will have to produce interest in the car such as registration with the state wouldn’t they….

    the burden of proof would be on the plaintiff which would be you suing to get their car back…. so file interrogatories for questions to the defendant agency and officer such as ,,who did they take the car from, the officer will say from the plaintiff,… there is your proof of who is the owner of the car…all you do is put the judge on judicial notice of cali evidence code sections 637 and 638 that say the owner of property is presumed to be the person in possession and excercising control over it like an owner… so the burden shifts onto the officer or agency to prove otherwise or be liable for the damages of money and have to return the property(car)…the agency such as lapd or chp would have to prove they have authority to take the property under the driving with no licence or no registration but….BUT…the car would have to be registered and or the driver licensed…or have some link to the state…what would the officer or agency attorney say…when the car is towed under a code that only applies to registered cars or licensed persons…if it ever went that far…

    sue the officer for unlawfull arresst and unlawful imprisonment if he did not have a warrant…which they never do for a traffic stop..that is why they try so hard to make the traffic stop stick..that would render any other issue moot or invalid…

    section 664 of the cali evidence code says this///

    It is presumed that official duty has been regularly
    performed. This presumption does not apply on an issue as to the
    lawfulness of an arrest if it is found or otherwise established that
    the arrest was made without a warrant.

    so anytime an officer does not have probable cause of a CRIME not TRAFFICE INFRACTION/VIOLATION or a warrant for the arresst of someone he is in violation of the law applicable to him as a state employee…

    simply put the court on judicial notice that section 664 of the cali evidence code says this and the burden is on the officer to prove he had a valid probable cause of CRIME or a warrant and a traffic stop is not a crime according to the rules and he does not have a warrant or reason if you have NO STATE IDENTIFICATION OF DRIVERS LICENSE( in otherwords no consent has been givin to the STATE corporation over your person….they own the cali id or dl person identified therin those…

    The california identification and drivers license contracts/agreements/application we file with the state is how we HAVE ALL BEEN DUPED INTO ENTERING THE IMAGINARY ZONE OF SLAVE PLANTATION……FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT OF A CONTRACT s.

  26. Al Thompson Says:

    I’m just wondering how the discussion got from the Vatican, Zionists, to the California Vehicle Code. You know, instead of arguing over that stuff, why not spend the time with Marc’s Adventures in Legal Land? If you have time to argue about this bull shit, then I think it would be more productive to learn Marc’s techniques. You can debate the other stuff later, unless of course you’ve mastered Marc’s material. His book Adventures in Legal Land probably save me 5 more years in prison. But if you spend time on all this “paytriot” crap, you’ll just frustrate yourself and frankly, it really isn’t worth the effort.
    Some of you if you get in trouble will hire an esquire (British noble and agent) and you will do the equivalent of being in hell asking Satan for a glass of water. Or you can master Marc’s material and at least have a fighting chance.
    The key to Marc’s success is that he shifts the burden of proof and openly displays their lies. Unless you understand how these judges and attorneys are, and you will be helpless in your case. Try to spend your time on things that may someday do you some good. Knowing a lot about evil doesn’t do anyone any good; that crap poisons the brain.

  27. Jake Witmer Says:

    The vatican and the zionists seem to be a bunch of serious assholes with delusions of grandeur, but I’m not sure they “control everything.” Controlling everything is a tall order.

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