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NSP – Jul 7, 2012 – Guest: Vin James from England

Posted on July 8th, 2012 by Calvin

Guest: Vin James from England [].

Show Topics: Effective Damage Control from Legal Attacks -|- how to participate on the No STATE Project radio show LIVE -|- benefits of utilizing your own court reporter such as reporting on judges practicing law from the bench -|- sovereignty vs autonomy: DO NOT ask for permission to live your life as a free person -|- recognizing patterns of behavior of malicious attacks, from IRS agents to pseudo-anarchists alike -|- wrongfully assuming intentions behind WHY people are liberty activists -|- deprogramming blokes from STATist fictions so to expose their tool-kits of violent doctrine (e.g., magna carta, constitution, ect) -|- Roger Hayes’ wrongful incarceration for challenging the council tax -|- using a habeas corpus to help others who are wrongfully incarcerated -|- Vin’s #AiLL‘s -|- exercising effective interFICTIONal damage control -|- more CDWS: “unlicensed” dietary advice -|- recent agent claiming that they “don’t have to rely on the facts” -|- WHY it is effective to challenge legal attacks on a factual basis -|- listeners phone-in with questions and comments regarding how to keep all dialogue during court on-the-record, using a “stateless” driver’s license, p2p “No STATE workshops: deprogramming fictions from reality one workshop at a time”, alternative issues to challenge jurisdiction, using consensual and beneficial legal fictions, non-factual butt-hurt, treading a motions hearing without the judge forcing a plea, traffic violations 101, CDWS: not submitting a quasi-voluntary SSN for a passport renewal, and responding to IRS form-40 letters.


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  1. StimuL8 Says:

    I signed up for the forum like 5 days ago will someone please authorize this? It might actually be conducive to discussion on there to actually allow people to join. 🙂

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Stim, I’ve been out of town, sorry for the delay.

    It helps if people can email me when they register. I can’t always go through the spambots to activate accounts. I wish the captcha was better.

  3. StimuL8 Says:

    Appreciate it bud didn’t know I needed to is that you mail dot com account?

  4. Bucky Says:

    Speaking of ss#’s… I am currently living in federal housing. It is NOT where I want to be – but it is the situation I am in right now. The lease here lasts one year and then when it is up – you gotta go and do all the paperwork again. So last time I went to sign all the paperwork, I said that I wasn’t going to provide a social security number because I had read on my former lease that “RHS (Rural Housing Service)will not deny eligibility if you refuse to disclose your social security number.”

    I talked to several different “authorities” who said the I absolutely must provide a ss# but they could not tell me what law provided for the disclosure of a ss number to be eligible to live in federal housing. All but one lady. She told me that the state that I lived in had a Memorandum of Understanding with the federal government and somehow this made it obligatory to disclose the ss number. In fact, one of the stipulations was that I register and take a test at the state employment department.

    The “authorities” basically told me that I was not required to provide a ss# but if I FAILED to do so, they would not be able to determine my eligibility and therefore would be denied.

    Like George Carlin said, “They gotcha buy the balls!”

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ stim – you don’t always have to, it helps when I’m really busy or out of town like this week. Yes, the mail(dot)com address is the better one to use.

  6. Chris Says:

    a PERSON is always a man, but a man not always a PERSON.

    Marc, you are correct: A man cannot REPRESENT himself; he can only PRESENT himself.


    Is the court calling a man to PRESENT himself or is the court looking for a man to REPRESENT a JURIDICAL PERSONALITY?

  7. Soni Says:

    Alabama circuit judge addresses fraud in the traffic courts and something should be done about it.

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