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NSP – Oct 20, 2012 – Co-host: JT

Posted on October 20th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

Co-host: JT.

Show Topics: Tickets, Tyrants, and Assessments -|- #NSP #AiLL successes: Documentary Proof of Tickets and Assessments Kicked Out -|- Buffalo, New York workshop Nov. 3, 2012.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Rick from Mississippi: child support disaster, damaging someone under the banner of “operation of law”.
  • Leslie from Maryland: defending against a photo-radar ticket.
  • John from N. California: defending against a parking ticket in L.A., demur showing there are no facts code applicable, judges refusing to take judicial notice is obstruction of justice- usually a felony.
  • Mike from Idaho: Tax evasion prosecution part deux, Lori Hendrickson continues her attack with 28 witnesses who have no evidence the code is applicable and Mike believed he was required to pay taxes, complaints to the bar about malicious lawyers like Lori who knowingly attack people without any facts.
  • Julian from Louisiana: court Monday for possession of a plant, preliminary hearing, put cops on stand “What facts do you rely on the code is applicable to me?”
  • Bruce Sloan from New York: Parking ticket hearing in NY Tuesday, possible jail time for parking tickets.
  • Mary from Michigan: 2 court dates this coming week, suspended license trial Thursday, motion hearing Friday, proper voir dire, opening statement, objecting when prosecutor claims to be ready to proceed when they have no evidence the code is applicable, pointing out being malicious is part of prosecutors’ job, absolute immunity given by former prosecutors called judges.

Below is the raw audio, Calvin will work his magic and repost.   Most of the off-air comments are here.  With all the calls, you see how even three hours is not enough time, so we have started just blowing through the commercial breaks.  I’m doing this to get more talk into each show/podcast.  I think we’d still run out of time if we were doing 4-5 hours.

I’m very happy more people are getting active and defending themselves against these psychopaths; so I want to be able to get as many people on the show as I can.  But, we only have the three hours (4-7pm est) and we’re not always dealing with parking tickets.  It’s hard to believe this show started at only an hour.

I will be putting together a complaint template we can use when people like Mike report to us about lawyers and judges who are hell bent on ruining our lives with no evidence of any wrongdoing.  While it may not stop this psychopathic system, it can help bring attention to the problem.  People working at a court in San Diego are probably going to talk about a judge or prosecutor getting complaints from Canada, England and Australia.

I’ll provide more details later about a call to a prosecutor I had yesterday from Idaho who I mentioned on the show.  I just want to point out for now that despite having prosecuted people, this lawyer named Raphael Gonzales, admitted to never bringing evidence to a grand jury proving the code was applicable to those he accused of violating the code.  He also admitted to never presenting any evidence the code was applicable in any trial where he was prosecutor.  Think about that and all the people sitting in jail because of him.

Yet, despite all these agents and prosecutors who admit they have no facts proving the code is applicable, there are critics on the internets who think they know better.  That I’m an idiot and whatnot for even questioning their sacred cow.  There are two constants with these critics: 1) personal attacks and 2) no facts.  Despite an open invitation to present facts their code is applicable, none have presented any facts, let alone call into the show and present the facts that have eluded so many agents and prosecutors.

Real honest investigation by those interested in truth will come to the same conclusion; there are no facts proving the code is applicable.  It’s all about coercion and platitudes.


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  1. Panxer Says:

    If anyone needs a media rep in the Richmond VA area, lemme know. I’d be more than glad to perform that function.

  2. Andy Says:

    A thought for an opening paragraph to Judicial Notice:
    The judicial system and XYZ court being adversarial, there appears to be two maps. One for each adversary; the plaintiff has their map and the defendant has his/her map. In effort to clarify the court’s map I ask the judge to take judicial notice of the below xx (number) points.

    There are certain facts, that to judges and prosecutors are as asphyxiation is to humans – devastating and to be avoided at all cost. To a drowning man fighting to breathe the prosecutor&judge team up to throw him a boulder.

    In listening to the segment with John from N. California, I recall a comment posted on the last article Marc posted:

    Are the courts actually adversarial? “I’m inclined to identify their courts are inquisitorial. Note the act of being arrested begins with the Miranda warning: “ANYTHING you say can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.” Even if what you say can prove your innocence they will use it against you. If not inquisitorial, then how about deemed guilty until proven innocent?”

    Sir, is this court adversarial or inquisitorial?

    Listening to Mike tell how the 28th witness (the IRS expert) agreed with Mike that he had no evidence until that day in court and that his evidence was the unqualified testimony of 27 impeached witnesses… sure sounds like deemed guilty until proven innocent.

    I’m re-listening to the show and to hear Mike say he “didn’t even have room to breathe” between him asking the witness what facts do you rely on, and Lori Hendrickson having already stood up saying “Objection.” And the judge saying: “Sustained.” That’s the boulder. Albeit, not thrown to a drowning man, despite their continual attempts to “drown” Mike. Before Mike could even finish asking his question Team Psychopath (persecutor&judge) knew their best mental-map-option was to repeatedly throw off the boulder that was drowning them. Granted, that’s not how I intended the above metaphor, but it fits here as well.

    Psychopath Lodge saying three months before the trial that Mike was going to do jail time is gold. In his own words; judge, jury and executioner.

    From the movie, The Firm:
    Mitch McDeere: I haven’t done anything, and you know it!
    Wayne Tarrance: Who gives a fuck? I’m a federal agent! You know what that means, you lowlife motherfucker? It means you’ve got no rights, your life is mine! I could kick your teeth down your throat and yank ’em out your asshole, and I’m not even violating your civil rights!

    @Marc, when you’re done working on your book, do you think you’ll have the time to do a second NSP show; perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday? A second day would broaden market penetration to people that are preoccupied on Saturdays.

    A really great show Marc. Super information. Testilying, Brady Cops, telling the jury in opening statement that because the prosecutor has immunity from being prosecuted for his/her on-the job actions, being malicious is part of his job; The A-B-C formula. And all that was just from the last segment of the show.

    BTW, Wikipedia has a page on “testilying” (the United States police slang) under the article for “police perjury”.

    Also, “Brady cops” is referenced on Wikapedia given its association with Brady v. Maryland.

    And this tangential tidbit from the above link in the article “prosecutors’ job, absolute immunity”: “[C]onclusory allegations or legal conclusions masquerading as factual conclusions will not suffice to prevent a motion to dismiss.” Not that prosecutors or judges would honor that above their opinions.

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Andy, great comment, you should copy & paste it into the forum. I would like to add another show during the week, I’ve spoken about it for a while, just no time.

  4. MC Says:

    Come on, Marc. Between talking to IRS agents, finishing your book, helping others in traffice court, prepping for your Saturday show, I’m sure you’ve got at least a good 10-15 minutes for a second show.

  5. Andy Says:

    @ Marc, when I tried to register onto the forum it returned this: “Your details match those of a known spammer, therefore you have been disallowed registration.”

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ andy, email about this and I’ll create the account.

  7. Andy Says:

    Thanks Marc, I posted the comment to the forum.

  8. Steven Says:

    I am glad I ran across your site. I’ve been running into some serious retaliation by governmental actors and judiciary system. I brought a 1983 rights act in the high courts, for the violation of the separation of powers doctrine, oppression under color office, and abuse of judicial code of ethics (48 Counts). They have been preventing me from appearing in court, digitally attacking me, disregarding Local Rules and FRCP, the magistrate attacked my financial status, prevented due process, and ignored high court orders compelling them to remove and recus and bring this matter before the judge. Later, she dismissed the case. Ever since, I have been getting pulled over, revocation of the rights to travel certification aka driver license, dismissing case without my appearance by preventing me appearing. I demanded a trial and still no. More and more charges applying. Here’s a proof of corruption, 12 tickets in 12 cities at 11:24PM on the same day.

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Steven, Sorry to hear about that. Can you post those tickets on the forum? I’d love to see that. You should call into the show about this.

  10. janice Says:

    here is why they are calling traffic offences criminal
    please watch it

  11. Cindy Macdonald Says:

    The video is black from my end… : (

    Cindy Macdonald

  12. Cindy Macdonald Says:

    Never mind I clicked on the link.



  13. janice Says:

    Andy…it is is canon law which is roman law and all courts are run on behalf of the corporation known as vatican city. Do you know who ran the office of the inquisition last? Pope benedict XVI. You should look up my main video on my youtube channel @ artsy_chic2000 and see how all governments therefor all courts are run by the vatican. Makes sense when you know it is all latin…

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