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NSP – Oct 27, 2012 – Co-host: JT

Posted on October 27th, 2012 by Marc Stevens

Co-host: JT.

Show Topics:

  • Updated #NSP #AiLL successes: Documentary Proof of Tickets and Assessments Kicked Out.
  • Search for truth and building a voluntary society doesn’t have or need leaders.
  • Prosecutors don’t believe they have to prove essential elements of violations they accuse people of.
  • More circular reasoning from state lawyers, “they [laws] apply as a matter of law” and “you don’t need facts to prove the laws apply, it’s a given.”
  • Prosecutor refuses to answer how she can prove a code violation without first proving the code is applicable.
  • Judge stating California court system is not adversarial.
  • Buffalo, New York workshop Nov. 3, 2012, Brick by Brick Bible Church 212 Harding Rd. Williamsville, New York.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Keith from Melbourne, Australia: ex parte hearings, judges who refuse to be fair just ignore you and speak to the prosecutor as if we’re not standing there; judges thinking asking questions is an “interrogation”, reminding judges the burden of proof is on the prosecutor- they need to answer the questions;
  • Fred from Idaho: Psychopath judge rules only witness incompetent to testify and refuses to dismiss; never testify against yourself, never take a plea;
  • Bo from Austin: motion hearing where prosecutor doesn’t say a word; judge thinks motion to dismiss based on lack of facts proving jurisdiction is circular and asinine,
  • Ed from NY: challenging jurisdiction, judge asked for facts, has to consult with her legal team – Why confer?  The prosecutor is right there, what facts does he have?
  • Jerome from Baltimore: Asked a judge what the phrase “color of law” meant; judge responds with: “We don’t use that phrase here.”
  • Thomas from California: Nine cops didn’t show up for court;
  • Karl from Alabama: Karl presents is theory that traffic courts are using tickets to create credit.

It’s no surprise these lawyers don’t think they have to prove essential elements; I think it’s a good idea to keep questioning them on it though, in and out of court.  As long as they exert constant pressure on us to comply with there code, we should constantly pressure  them to prove their code is applicable to us.

As I mentioned on the show today, I spoke with several state lawyers this past week and they made some pretty good admissions e.g., “they [laws] apply as a matter of law” and “you don’t need facts to prove the laws apply, it’s a given.”  Sorry, but I’m not buying that crap and neither should anyone claiming to be rational and interested in the truth.

Then there is a judge in California stating the court system is no adversarial.  Despite this obvious lie, the prosecutor stands by and doesn’t say a word to correct the judge.  And why not?  Why point out the judge is wrong and have that burden of proof put back on them?

And that burden of proof is not satisfied by labeling me a moron, idiot or other personal attack.  Those interested in the truth, will question whether the constitution and code are applicable.  If it is a given, then it follows it can be proven.   You look at the facts and start putting them together and prove a connection.  If there isn’t one, then the opinion must change to conform to the facts.

Sadly, too many will not accept the facts, but cling to dogma and their own perceptions of what the facts should be.  Instead of being adults and accept what the facts prove, they get angry and make personal attacks.

Don’t be fooled.  Look to the facts.


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  1. Incubus Says:

    Unfortunately we live in a world where facts only matter when they’re convenient. If they don’t conform to an opinion they’re discarded out of hand, or worse ridiculed.

  2. Panxer Says:

    Great Show! Shame it only lasts so long per week. Anything that qualifies as a learning experience will leave you with more questions at the end than you had when you began is a good thing.

    The birth certificate-endenture bond stuff is a real precept for generating ‘full faith and credit’, but Mr. House, in his statements, had built plausible deniability built into the certificate system. I could go on for hours on this stuff, so I’ll cut to the quick…Is the BC stuff real? Yes. Can you prove it with documentary evidence? No. It’s structured in such a way that governments can deny anything (Marc can speak to that I’m sure), and thus why would you go to a thief to ask for the truth of his deeds?

    I called San Diego vital records, where my ‘certificate’ (title ownership claim) is on file, and I found out two things from the horses mouth: 1. My (and everyone born in that locality’s) record is on file with the San Diego County ‘Assessor’s’ office- the same office that holds all the house, boat, car, and property titles, and 2. I was told by a supervisor at the office (granted, it was 2 years ago, and I don’t remember her name, and I wasn’t recording the call, but I could reconstruct the experiment if asked) but when I asked whether or not my Birth Certificate was considered a ‘security bond’, the answer I received was “Yes.”.

    Take from that what you will. I spent two years getting to the bottom of this nonsense, and figured out (thanks in no small part to Marc) that is this all true? Yes. Can you prove it objectively with evidence? No. Same with the UCC1 filing…why would you go to the thief who stole your name to recover it? Why would you expect them to play by the rules that the thieves themselves wrote? And why should it ultimately matter when there are no facts and/or evidence to prove that the birth certificate is binding on you since you didn’t agree to it in the first place?

    Just some food for thought.

  3. Karl Lentz Says:

    did U hear the END of the show where i said to marc,
    “lets start our own debtor-credit society, where “WE” can swap peoples names and property around on PAPER to create our OWN trading/banking/bond system, i will take Poland, marc U can claim France, and “JOE” can claim England….

    thats All they are doing! NO conspiracy!

    Are they HURTING U by swapping around amongst their little CLUB, Your name on Paper?
    No injury!
    No harm!
    no Loss!
    = No Crime, So WHO CARES!
    Better idea is to spend YEARS, helping women and children or stranded dogs and Cats, than trying to figure out why they are doing what they are doing

    U dont like the GAMES they Play?
    LEARN to stay out of their World/game/courts

  4. James Says:

    Bummer that the archive doesn’t have the during-the-breaks content, I was looking forward to that…

  5. Calvin Says:

    @James: We’ll be sure to include the breaks in the future; the off-air commentary is ~40 mins of the show. I have been working the past few Saturdays and have left most to the tech work to Marc.

  6. JP Says:

    Great show as always guys. If you need a 20yr tech veteren to help in anyway I barter and use bitcoin. I am an expert in wordress, web design, photography, graphics, computer hardware and networks. I also do not file 1040’s, am no longer a citizen and do not vote nor do i do any banking.

  7. Bo Says:

    @ JP

    Way to go JP…that is what will turn the tide…non-participation in the criminal arena!!

  8. Panxer Says:

    Didn’t mean any slight or offense by my comment. Just listing my personal experience with the BC research.

  9. JP Says:

    Panxer: I totally agree with you. The BC is a Ceste Que Vie Trust. Period. Proof or not it is being used as a bond. Albeit it is an esoteric bond with no cusip number but that is because many people and agencies are making a ton of money off of it. I reversed my BC with the US treasury and negotiated with the IRS (The only way to deal with them). They got what they wanted and now they leave me alone period. Its been 5 years now. I also hand a delivered an 100 mil bond to Mr. Geitner himself and it was accepted. I have also done several A4V’s with the Treasury successfully. This does require a lot of study into their piracy system and the UCC. I love what Marc does and support him, I just wish he would embrace Conditional acceptances along with the Socratic questioning system. There would be alot less drama in the court room if he did. You can A4V court judgements and avoid lockup.

  10. william garris Says:

    Marc, got ticket New Bern N.C. for crossing medium Answered the ticket with paperwork for judge prosecutor and officer just a few questions. they failed to anser and ran ticket though courty court. Illinois sent notice my license would be pulled. I returned to NC and went to clerk asked to see record with court room sheriff. My filings were missing from record. I was given a new court date. (other comments not purtent are left out) Arrived a new date and given trial without jury as demanded in paperwork, theirs and mine (affidavit).

    Returned to appeals court (Supreme court) a differnet system in N.C. This was only to set up a trial date and time. OH! in NC you appear in court basically register and sit though all the trials until yours is called, I was told you will be here for the whole WEEK!

    Went though my paperwork with prosecutor and more filings were missing he copied and inform me he would get back to me.

    about 10days and I get’ssss thisss lettttter. case is to be dismissed. If you like I will mail you a disc of what I did. I had prepared a list of questions for the judge prosecutor and officer for the trial

    Oh! I sit now with the judgment call of writing the dismissal ORDER. Ofcourse I will be demanding as per paperwork compensation for damages and colour of law abuse,etc against elderly.

    Keep want to listen in on Sat by one thing another with moving to new state and just have not made the listen.

    Love and appreciate the work U and Menard and Keene and others are doing.

    And God bless that man Lysander Spooner. Too bad he is not here today…


  11. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Bill, send me the CD, the address is PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275

  12. Cindy Macdonald Says:

    True law delivers justice through equality of access, a scrupulous regard for clarity and scrupulous respect for rights. It embraces only such principles and purposes which can each be upheld without a violation or compromise of any other, and which can be contemplated, without art or artiface, by all to whom it applies. While these characteristics necessarily leave much outside its reach, it is only thus that the law can meet the prime requirement of legitimacy. Individually, we all know that a seizure of property without a trial, whether called a “civil forfeiture”, or by any other name, is a violation of due process.
    Individually, we all know that the growth of State power over our lives, which is both a market-broadening interests of its symbiotic beneficiaries, [like running federal prisons business] and the inevitable consequence of “make it up as you go along jurisprudence”, is rapidly erecting the infrastructure of totalitarianism, conditioning and ever-more poorly educated population to the habits of subordination to government, and strengthening the general perception of the law as fundamentally outside the ken of the average citizen in the corrupt cycle that is the essence of the con.
    Individually, we all know these specialists in government have been struggling to devolve the law into a “living law” by virtue of which they are elevated to a legal priesthood!
    So do we meekly do what we’re told? Do we sign where we’re told? Parrot what we”re told? Think what we’re told? Indict our neighbor when we are told? Arrest our neighbor when we are told? Convict our neighbor when we are told and haul away our neighbor’s property when we are told? Everyday, dazzled by fine words and fanciful images, and cowed into silence by fear of looking foolish, we sacrifice a bit more at the direction of the priesthood of the “living law”. Every day, the fabric of our true law becomes more threadbare. We must, like John Adams boldly declared, “Study politics and war (THE REAL LAW) again so that our sons and daughters may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy…etc. Quote from Peter Eric Hendrickson’s book, “Upholding the Law”.
    Cindy Macdonald

  13. Incubus Says:

    @ Cindy,

    A law is merely an opinion backed by a gun. I don’t think it could devolve much further than that.

  14. Incubus Says:

    @ Marc, you have the patience of a saint, sir!

    Karl, LOVED the call! 🙂 For anyone who missed it:

    Karl: *Jibberish Jibberish Jibberish*
    Marc: Do you have any proof for this?
    Karl: *Jibberish Jibberish Jibberish*
    Marc: I get it, but what I’m asking for is proof.
    Karl: Right, so like I was saying *Jibberish Jibberish Jibberish*
    Marc: Okay that’s a plausible/possible theory, but is there any proof?
    Karl: Look all I’m saying is *Jibberish Jibberish Jibberish*

    Beautiful. Very well done. I love your refusal to give Marc a responsive answer and present the facts. That took finesse!

  15. Andy Says:

    @ Incubus, There’s plenty of evidence that they (the bad guys pretending to be government) don’t “play” fair. Who would have thought that when the SWAT team comes to arrest a person, s/he only has to say: “Now is not a convenient time for me to be arrested.” And the SWAT team simply leaves and goes back to where they came from – the doughnut shop.

  16. NonE Says:

    That was choice, Incubus. 🙂 🙂

  17. NonE Says:


    I wonder if it might be possible for you to make it clear when the “new and IMPROVED” version of the file is put up on the site. I hate to download the show twice, and as I look at the current page I am unsure as to whether this is Marc’s original upload of the file, or if it is the “massaged” file.

    Some clear indication as to which is which would be an excellent addition to the archive pages, in my Most Very Wonderful and Special Opinion.

    Thanks, NonE

    (I’m guessing this is not the “massaged” file since it’s so close to the show date and I’m guessing you’ve not had time to work on it yet, so I’ll be waiting a few more days before I try downloading and listening to the show.)

  18. surfer349 Says:

    got a question about Fred’s section. Yall were talking about posting bail before the trial/hearing and how in CA they make you pay it before setting a date and all the extra fees.

    How do you get around this and assert your rights to not pay bail before the trial? Every experience I’ve had, they demand you pay up before even setting a date ($449 for the CA ticket).

    What about the counter arguments to give them when the court starts tacking on all the fees and surcharges?

  19. Panxer Says:


    That sounds great! I’d love it if you’d get on the NSP on saturday and walk the rest of us through the process you went through & break the process down objectively and put this whole business to bed.

    Personally, I gave up on ucc ‘redemption’ concept simply because the fact that you have to go to these institutions in the first place to ‘submit’ paperwork to ‘get out’ of a system ‘they’ designed in the first place is logically fallacious at best, plain fraud at worst… regardless, if you have facts and evidence to concretely and objective support that the process exists and works, please bring it on the show!

  20. Jake Witmer Says:

    Dear Marc,

    You’re an inspiration to the freedom movement, and one of the few who is on the right track! I disagree with the “agorist” position only in their disavowal of electoral participation. No, I don’t believe the sociopaths in the state will “voluntarily relinquish power.” My arguments in favor of participation, combined with your style of _videotaped, recorded, organized_ courtroom activism, are more nuanced than that.

    It isn’t that I’m suggesting you stop doing one single thing you’re doing. It’s all a ray of sunshine in an otherwise sociopathic->conformist society.

    I simply believe that there are a few substrategies that, if you added them to your repertoire, would bring about the change we seek much more quickly. I believe that your method of resistance produces incremental change, and that those increments are small even though they can happen quickly, (yielding a gracefully-decaying strategy that is subject to fast correction by engineered feedback) and that these points are relatively noncontroversial.
    1) Substrategy 1 – I & R that posts entire court transcripts online, as well as FIJ Amendment initiatives and referenda, or “constitutional amendments.” Now, I don’t thing that the goal equals the change. I’m not that naive! …But the goal allows for immense “audience participation” –a far faster growing of the ranks, without attacking the sacred cow of the minarchist state’s existence. ie: “We’re just out here trying to make sure that innocent people don’t get punished. We don’t want to change a thing about the system, except for the fact that we want to return it to its proper, form.(insert short explanation of how they lost proper jury trials, and how noone could be punished for marijuana, gun, or tax offenses with a proper jury system. Depending on acceptance of the message, mention: and we don’t believe that we should have to pay taxes to a system that doesn’t provide even the core services that it says it provides. So, in that regard, some people see themselves as anarchists, whereas other people simply see themselves as people who literally believe in the Declaration of Independence, when it states that proper government only exists with the consent of the governed.)”

    In this way, you need never theorize about whether DROs (Dispute Resolution Organizations) constitute a minarchist state (because rapists and murderers are retaliated against and isolated from society even in a voluntaryist system, even if they didn’t pay into the system) or whether they do not. When asked if you’d want to stop funding people like John Douglas from arresting serial killers, you can then say “No” without crossing wires in their heads that raise fallacious objections like “Without police, you couldn’t stop those people, etc…”

    The few coercive “services” the state provides that have some legitimacy are always the first to be cut by the state as movements like ours become popular. Then, they point the finger at us and say: “look what those retrogrades did!” My above strategy takes this strategy away from them, and it also has been very effective at drawing in liberal activists who, though ignorant of economics and logical moral theory, are very very very empathic (possessing large functional networks of mirror neurons).

    There are sufficient numbers of people in Chicago to finance a large jury rights activism project here (combined with your suggested strategies for courtroom defense, as we rise in effectiveness), but it will result in a lot of us being jailed (at least temporarily). We need to establish a self-financing support system to get us released, or keep the media spotlight on us, in case the marginal supporters or ACLU finally say “Sorry, these guys cost us too much, and they don’t believe in the ‘rights’ of the poor to steal money for ‘education’…”

    If there is to be justice in this system it must be a combination of internally and externally imposed. However, it will appear to the sociopaths in the system that they are under external attack. I view this as a “project” that can have an enormous impact on the system. Also, there are a bunch of leftists here in Chicago that want you to speak here.

    Love and Prosperity,

    Jake Witmer

  21. Jake Witmer Says:

    Substrategy 2) Using jury rights activism to vet candidates for state legislative office (anarcho-zionism), and sheriff (oathkeepers).

  22. NonE Says:


    Whutz an “I & R?”

    “I’m in with the in crowd, I know what the in crowd knows. I speak in the in code and all others just blow.” Kinda sorta paraphrasing that song from the 60s or 70s or whenever the hell it was…

    – the Non Mind Reader

    FIJ stands for Fatally Injured Jackalope, I finally figured out. Alma will be disappointed.

  23. JP Says:


    I would be happy to share my experiences. I am very tenacious and that is probably why I had so many successes. The key to A4V is staying current where that technology is and who to involve and always A4V way more than they ask er wants! If the IRS wants 10K then A4V 100K. If the bill or court charge is 100K then A4V 200k! The whole system is based on intention between 2 people. Extreme generosity is very important. There is no one system that works. It is based on the interactions of 2 people without regard to whatever any system is. The UCC is just a guideline for success between 2 people. Not a good or bad imperative. Laws or codes are not important but intentions are. The UCC guidelines help just like knowledge of the court procedures help in court matters, but intentions between 2 entities is always the bottom line. Competency is crucial but not a bible. I don’t know why had the success I did other than my intention was to always go to peace with my brothers and sisters and avoid argument at all times.

  24. free Says:

    You can’t even verbalize where your workshop is to be held. If you don’t like Buffalo then do us all a favor stay in Phoenix despite your opinion there are great people in WNY. And you definitely are NO Alex Jones you are just a wanna be who enjoys insulting others and profiting from people’s need to defend themselves from people who want to take advantage of them. You said you are glad your parents took you from Buffalo but I guess your pocketbook enables you to come back to the place you despise so much.

  25. free Says:


  26. bruce sloane Says:

    Mr. Free …

    I hope you are not representative of the Buffalo ” Free ” group … 🙁

  27. Incubus Says:

    @ Free,

    Marc provides a valuable, well appreciated and much desired service on a take it or leave it basis. What do you do?

    I don’t see where the Alex Jones comment is deragatory. Being compared to that man would be an insult.

    Marc, you are NO Alex Jones! Take it as a compliment. You’re welcome 🙂

  28. free Says:

    You demanded that Karl provide you with documentation but in your opinion people in the system are psychopaths which is your theory bring on your documents we would like to see them. I listened to your show and I can’t see where the info you presented would be worth the kind of money you require per person at your seminars. And there are plenty of free legal forms available online if people only took the time and effort to find them. And for you to standby and take credit for other people’s insights and ideas is beyond me.

  29. free Says:

    April 8, 2009

    Josyp Terelya bore two kinds of scars: external ones that
    filigreed his limbs, and internal pain, the searing kind
    that cannot be seen.

    The first came via his erstwhile Soviet captors, who had
    plied his fellow inmates with liquor and razors. The drunken
    prisoners gleefully acceded, and sliced Mr. Terelya’s arms
    and legs until he nearly bled to death.

    The internal wounds arose from being a guest in the Soviet
    gulag, a period his friends and supporters tended to round
    off as “more than 20 years.”

    Mr. Terelya kept a more precise count: He was interned for
    23 years, five months and four days in frigid Siberian
    prisons, labour camps, psychiatric hospitals and isolation
    cells the size of an outhouse. Between those were sleep
    deprivation and beating after beating.

    His atheist torturers just wanted to hear him renounce his
    faith. He never budged. If anything, he came to love it even
    more, and he spent nearly his entire life promoting the
    Ukrainian Catholic Church, the largest of the Eastern
    Catholic churches. From his Toronto home for the last 20
    years of his life, he crisscrossed the world, bringing the
    church’s message to tens of thousands of people, both
    Christian and not.

    “I had never met anyone quite like him. No one was tougher.
    No one was more dedicated to the church and his homeland of
    Ukraine,” said American journalist Michael Brown, who
    co-wrote Mr. Terelya’s 1991 autobiography, Witness to
    Apparitions and Persecution in the U.S.S.R. “He was like any
    human. He was not perfect. But he was a hero. It is hard to
    be perfect when you have witnessed many killed and your
    youth has been robbed from you.”

    Mr. Terelya was also known for his lifelong visions of the
    Virgin Mary, but he played down that aspect of his faith. “I
    try to minimize my visionary experiences,” he said while on
    a swing through Mormon Utah in 1994. “These are not my chief

    His mystical episodes and activism did interest Pope John
    Paul II, however, and the two met on several occasions.

    His life would have made a ripping Russian novel. He was
    born in western Ukraine in the thick of the Second World
    War. His father, who was Czech, had fought for the Yugoslav
    partisans under Tito, while his mother was of Greek-Jewish
    heritage and a staunch atheist. Both parents not only were
    loyal communists but also worked for the KGB.

    But young Josyp was raised by a pious Ukrainian Catholic
    grandmother who immersed the boy in the faith. He was just
    three years old when Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin banned
    the Ukrainian Catholic Church and imprisoned, deported or
    executed thousands of its priests and bishops.

    Mr. Terelya said he had his first mystical experience when
    he was 5 and that it was like “a strike of lightning.” The
    boy’s father retrieved him at 13 and within a year, Josyp
    was active in the underground church, handing out leaflets
    and attending clandestine services.

    He studied furniture-making for a time, while his mother
    questioned her son’s sanity over his religious fervour. At
    the age of 19 came a pivotal moment. Mr. Terelya had to
    enlist in the Soviet army.

    “I went to my room, put a knapsack on my back, took two
    icons with me, an embroidered scarf, a catechism and the
    Bible, and went to the registration centre,” he wrote in his

    Sifting through the belongings, the officer found the Bible.
    “What’s this for?” he asked.

    The reply: “I’ve come to evangelize the Soviet army.”

    And so began his odyssey: water thrown on him outside in a
    Soviet winter, pins stuck into his arms, lamps shined into
    his eyes all night, bullets blasted into his feet. His
    shoulders were dislocated so many times from being hung by
    his arms that he became adept at popping them back into

    It was in a “freeze cell” in the notorious Corpus Two unit
    of Vladimir Prison, a decade into captivity, where he
    related his first apparition of the Virgin Mary, who he
    believed rescued him by heating up his cell. His terrified
    jailers accused him of practising yoga.

    Mr. Terelya escaped nine times from facilities across the
    vast Soviet empire. His letters to the Vatican were smuggled
    out and by the early 1980s, his plight had caught the
    attention of the Western powers, which pressed for his
    release. He was freed in 1987 amid Mikhail Gorbachev’s new
    policies of openness and was offered asylum by the
    Netherlands, France, the United States and Canada.

    He settled in Toronto soon after with his three children and
    wife, a physician in her native Ukraine who could not
    practise in Canada because of professional restrictions.

    Spurred by his beliefs and the Pope’s entreaties, Mr.
    Terelya began a bruising schedule of speaking at lectures
    and conferences around the world.

    “He was very warmly received everywhere,” related Roman
    Danylak, a retired bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
    in Toronto who travelled with him as a translator, “except
    in Canada. They weren’t much impressed with him here.”

    In 1992, Mr. Terelya was the third person in three months to
    report a vision of Mary on the same rocky hillside in the
    Eastern Ontario village of Marmora.

    He could not entirely avoid discussing his visions. Many
    people who attended his talks were interested in them. “Yes.
    I know what people want to hear about,” he said. “But when I
    do talk about them, it always is in the framework of the
    church’s doctrines. What’s important is not the visions or
    supernatural experiences, but the message of Mary and the
    effect on the spiritual lives of the pilgrims.”

    Mr. Terelya supported his family through private donations
    and with his art. He experimented widely in media – pencil,
    markers, oils and watercolour – but tended to stick to the
    same religious and anti-communist themes.

    “He spent most of his time travelling. He was gone often,”
    said his daughter, Kalyna. “When he was home, he spent most
    of his time writing and painting. Growing up, we really
    didn’t see that much of him.”

    He could also turn people off with a religious zeal that
    sometimes bordered on belligerence, said Walter Melnyk, a
    friend who accompanied him on several overseas missions.
    “But he really knew how to inspire people. Anyone who had
    the Lord in him came forward when Josyp was around. You
    could say he lived his faith.”

    He certainly suffered for it.

    Josyp Terelya

    Josyp Jaromyr Terelya was born in Kelechyn, Ukraine, on Oct.
    27, 1943, and died in Toronto on March 16, 2009, of heart
    disease. He was 65. He was predeceased by his first wife,
    Olena, in 2004. He leaves his wife, AlexSandra (Sam),
    children Kalyna, Pavlo and Mariana, and three grandchildren.

    Josyp collected petitions in the forest against Chernobyl nuclear threat and practiced his faith in the forests celebrating Holy Mass with the people. He recognized that change would only come about with God and not man himself. Everything is only possible with God and you people think you have all the answers. One of his Soviet captors was converted to faith in God. If you want to see major changes in the system try kneeling and praying to God for assistance.

  30. free Says:

    And you people sit around discussing trivial matters. If you all put as much effort into the nuclear threat that is looming over all of us maybe some of us would have a chance at survival. Read josyp’s book he dealt with the communists for several years and never waivered in his faith.

  31. free Says:

    Alex Jones openly professes his faith in God repeatedly. You people on the other hand are self-centered and self-serving leaving no room for the inclusion of God.

  32. free Says:

    Anyone who claims I cannot do a seminar unless I get x amount of people and dollars does not leave room for God. Josyp accepted donations and trusted that God would meet all his needs. You claim that there should not be leaders. By you requiring that all your needs be met before other people’s needs what does that make you? No better than the very people you profess to fight against.

  33. bruce sloane Says:

    Please take your ranting back to Tonawanda, and your ” Freedom ” group

    saaay, since you are so concerned about man, perhaps you might donate some of your personal time at the Reservation

  34. Andy Says:

    Everyone’s life is their own to do with as they please. Marc has chosen his path to help people in the way he sees fit.

    I’m against trolling and spam. If you identify a synergy or correlation to Marc’s methods (which is basically the Socratic or scientific method of questing and analysis) BRIEFLY describe the synergy/correlation and post a link where a reader can get more information. A lengthier discussion is encouraged to be posted on the AiLL forum.

    IMO, a person that disregards the respect and etiquette is intent on creating confusion and to disrupt.

    On topic: “Judge stating California court system is not adversarial.” Marc commented that the prosecutor should have challenged the judge on his lie (without accusing him of lying). I got to thinking about that and pictured a million cops realizing everyone is breaking the “law” everyday. A million cops with their “hair on fire,” wigging out at the realization of the massive lawlessness.

    Ten’s of millions of people speeding in rush hour traffic is a whole lot of civil disobedience. In general, selective law enforcement identifies an unjust law. Thus the elegance of natural law. Or, should I say, the elegance of man for having identified natural law.

  35. NonE Says:

    Andy Says:
    November 3rd, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Everyone’s life is their own to do with as they please.

    Or not. It kinda sorta depends. BUT… reality is. 😉

    – the Very Non Goodity

  36. Randy Says:


    What facts or evidence can you present that states “religion is the crux of this matter”?

  37. Incubus Says:

    Apparently it was not “God” who met Jospy’s needs, it was the people who made the donations. Exactly how many dollars did “God” contribute from his coin purse?

    Josyp relied on the support of his fellow man. Meanwhile “God” sat idly by in the only place he truly existed; Josyp’s mind. Like a good “leader” he took credit for that which he did not do.

    Professing faith in anything is not proof that one really has it.

    Unfortunately “God” is self-centered and self-serving, leaving no room for the inclusion of freewill.

    Bible thumpers and statists tend to go hand in hand. Your religious zeal, appeal to authority, intolerance, threats to “shut down” a man who acts non-violently/voluntarily, and belief without facts are good proof of your faith in the delusion you cling to, “God”.

  38. Randy Says:

    Maybe we need to do what this guy did:

  39. Lex Mercatoria Says:

    Panxer Says:
    October 27th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    And why should it ultimately matter when there are no facts and/or evidence to prove that the birth certificate is binding on you since you didn’t agree to it in the first place?

    Good point! In all fairness to the Matrix operatives, they don’t state the BC is binding on men & women; we just assume & presume they are acting as if it is. They(tm) (US and foreign gov’t officials–it’s the same game everywhere) even state that a BC is not an identification document. To paraphrase one Canadian Vital Statistics official’s statement, “we don’t register people, we register events.” They are registering a life event & the creation of an ens legis bearing a name they own. They are well aware that to register people would be tantamount to slavery and would constitute a gross violation of their mandate on both low & high levels, thus they will not go there.

  40. free Says:


    Your mentality is showing I think it matches your user name you wouldn’t know the Truth and anyone who disrespects God is not worthy of belief.

  41. Incubus Says:

    My mentality is rooted in reality. I don’t genuflect to a blood thirsty deity, the likes of which people like yourself fabricate and try to impose.

  42. NonE Says:


    You wouldn’t know reality if it jumped up and bit you in the ass! Evidence: You’re attempting to have a rational discussion with… well, nevermind. Whatz the point? 😛 🙂

    – the Very Real NonEntity

  43. Incubus Says:


    Way to put things in perspective.

    I think I will go to church now and pray. Or is it prey? I can never remember.

  44. surfer349 Says:

    can we get back on topic? FREE is obviously trolling.

    Is the forum back up yet?

  45. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ surfer – I’m working on it. This code problem is pretty bad this time.

  46. Marc Stevens Says:

    free wrote: Anyone who claims I cannot do a seminar unless I get x amount of people and dollars does not leave room for God. Josyp accepted donations and trusted that God would meet all his needs. You claim that there should not be leaders. By you requiring that all your needs be met before other people’s needs what does that make you? No better than the very people you profess to fight against.

    Really? Sorry to sound crass, but airlines and hotels do not accept faith as payment for their services. While I was born in Cheektowaga, I live in Phoenix now.

  47. free Says:

    So tell us all about your raging reviews and success at the free seminar inquiring minds what to know what they got for their money’s worth.

  48. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Free, we had a great time, made new friends, met some old ones. Keith drove down from Toronto and surprised me. Most of us went to dinner after and had a good time.

  49. free Says:

    Did you cover subjects like international criminal something that might help a person to spare their life when NDAA martial law fema camps or extraordinary renditions occur? How will skipping out on traffic tickets help you in those situations?

  50. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ free You think there is a remedy for what you described there? I don’t teach about skipping out on traffic tickets. I teach damage control/problem resolution. I don’t know the source of your bitterness, but your comments are better suited for the forum. If you have an issue with the way I do things, then call the show and present your facts, 218 632-9399.

  51. free Says:

    Inquiring minds need to know how to protect their life

  52. free Says:

    Phoenix is a good place for you maybe you might want to check out “Strategic Relocations”

  53. free Says:


    People spent $75+ for an opportunity for you to make friends! How quaint.

  54. free Says:

    There are many people who cannot afford $75 for your seminars you are no better than the global elite I for one will be in the fema camps with the less fortunate awaiting the return of our Blessed Creator. Your focus on trivial matters keeps people distracted from serious issues you should think more globally instead of confining yourselves to limited topics & your small group of friends there are a lot more people who might have useful advise that you all could benefit from but it is not here or there.

  55. free Says:

    God is awesome he is the wonderous counselor and I will forever seek his guidance. I place my trust in him alone.

  56. Incubus Says:

    Instead of telling Marc what he should do, why not just worry about yourself? If you think what he teaches and focuses on is narrow minded and trivial, that’s fine. We get it. In your opinion he’s a money grubbing charlatan. Now we know what your opinion is, so what’s the use of rehashing the same point over and over?

    Maybe Marc isn’t equipped to address the issues you find important. Maybe you are and should offer your knowledge on a take it or leave it basis, or a faith based endeavor, whatever works for you.

    Comparing a man who offers a valuable service on a voluntary basis to the “global elite” is a bit far fetched to say the least. You’ve belittled and threatened that same man for what he does. What does that say about you?

    Do you berate oncologists because they specialize in one thing? Is the paper boy a pig headed, facist snake-oil salesman because the little bastard ONLY delivers…the newspaper?!

  57. Andy Says:

    Marc, wrote: “I don’t know the source of your bitterness…”

    Your commitment to sticking to the facts. Especially regards the alleged state/government – that politicians and bureaucrats have no voluntary support because taxes are compulsory — being able to help people see that if they stick to the facts not even the IRS with its team of lawyers have any evidence that the code and statutes apply to anyone — that there are no states, government and citizens – all of that is hugely important.

    Also, that you have accurately identified politicians and bureaucrats are psychopaths is very important to understanding how to interact with them when they force themselves on you.

    Perhaps free’s source of bitterness is this: “Your focus on trivial matters keeps people distracted from serious issues you should think more globally…”

    Marc, you’re simply not focusing and thinking how free thinks you should.

  58. NonE Says:

    @ Incy,

    DAMN MAN! How comez you keep feeding the troll. Whut, yu stoopid or somthing?????

    – the Very NonTrollEnabler 🙂

  59. Randy Says:

    I’d pay $75 to see Marc. Well worth the price if you ask me, in fact I think he is under selling himself

    @free: Take a long walk off a short . . . nevermind not worth it.

  60. highballit Says:

    Every time you post here makes me think you have NO faith. You profess your unwavering commitment and faith to your god, yet you seem to be very worried about things IN this world.
    You contradict yourself at every strike of the keyboard.
    If you focused more on finding yourself to be the problem, I believe you would have a better all around understanding of the teachings of Christ.
    And for the record, I have yet to hear marc speak or discuss any situation in a tone of voice above a speaking voice.
    You, free are at war not only with yourself but also the physical world.
    But who am I to argue with what YOU believe.
    Feeder of troll’s

  61. Randy Says:

    @highballit: Best comment and rebuttal!

  62. Nomos Says:

    NonE, I get you now. We’re friends again.

  63. NonE Says:

    Nomos Says:
    November 9th, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    NonE, I get you now. We’re friends again.

    WHUT? Damn, man, whud I do? Tell me so I don’t do it again! 😉

    – the VERY Very very Confused

  64. free Says:

    When the nuclear strikes are incoming we will see how useful your legal preparations will be then. We are talking life or death you have made it abundantly clear where your concerns lie. The global elite have accomplished their mission with all of you. While you all sit around focusing on legal issues it won’t matter in the end because you will probably all be dead anyway. I am just wasting my breath trying to hit the reality of our situation because they don’t want anyone to be prepared or to concentrate on the real issues. So carry on…just remember when you are dead and gone we are talking eternity.

  65. free Says:

    When the nuclear strikes are incoming we will see how useful your legal preparations will be then. We are talking life or death you have made it abundantly clear where your concerns lie. The global elite have accomplished their mission with all of you. While you all sit around focusing on legal issues it won’t matter in the end because you will probably all be dead anyway. I am just wasting my breath trying to hit the reality of our situation because they don’t want anyone to be prepared or to concentrate on the real issues. So carry on…just remember when you are dead and gone we are talking eternity.

  66. indio007 Says:

    Nuclear strikes?

    Is this you version of the Red Scare?

  67. Nomos Says:

    NonE Says:

    Damn, man, whud I do? Tell me so I don’t do it again! 😉
    – – – – – –

    Right there! You just did it! lmao

  68. NonE Says:


    What the hell did you do, drop some acid over the weekend?

  69. Randy Says:

    free is a fear monger

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