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NSP – Feb 1, 2014 – Guest: Alex Knight III

Posted on February 2nd, 2014 by Calvin

Guest: Alex Knight III [, @FaceBook,,,, and]. Alex spends some time with us to elaborate on his latest article, “The Meat of the Matter” featured on, and shares his thoughts on the most recent shenanigans from legal-land.

Show Notes:

  • Technical difficulty adventures in radio broadcasting land.
  • Alex Knight III will be speaking Saturday February 22nd at the AltExpo, Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire in tandem with the New Hampshire Liberty Forum.
  • NSP voluntaryist panel at PorcFest 2010.
  • Masterful penmanship from Alex Knight’s latest article; “The Meat of the Matter:” “Government, as an idea and institution, is a ready-made haven for the most vicious, cruel, unfeeling, hateful, violent, vengeful, callous, unempathetic, cold, ignorant, arrogant, egotistical, and sadistic host of bitches and bastards on the planet. It always has been. And there is zero evidence to suggest that this is changing, or ever will. The contrary, in fact. It seems to be intensifying on all fronts. When, but when, government-lovers, will you finally learn and admit this?”
  • Latest CoS: “It’s not our job to know anything.” An IRS supervisor claimed that “jurisdiction is outside the scope of the hearing,” she then turns around and determines that they do “have jurisdiction” to issue their order.
  • The STATE-department two-step: rerouting questions of evidence to another department to avoid taking the responsibility of making a damning admission.
  • Identifying the dark moral degradation inherent within statist bureaucrats, and then asking the question “do we continue to allow these fear-mongers to control us?”
  • People seem to be hung up on the theory and mythology of government instead of forming their judgements and opinions based on the evidence and facts.
  • Question everything and think for yourself by using a proven self-education system such as the trivium.
  • What if people acted on the truth instead of conditioned social norms?
  • That “golden-moment” of the CoS where the agent is at a loss for words if face of their lack of evidence.
  • Bureaucrat’s threat of jail and punishment when they can’t answer questions of evidence.
  • Statist’s severe lack of empathy.
  • Knowing ahead of time that they will lie every step of the way when you question their evidence, all you have to do is verify the bureaucrat’s statements and/or admissions.
  • Don’t accept government sacred cows and presuppositions.
  • Irrational defenses of government as heard on Marc’s interview with Tempe city council member Kolby Granville.
  • Investigating insurance policy information on judges to then be able to file claims detailing their misconduct.
  • An agent claims a specialized unit can only answer the question of whether there is evidence to prove jurisdiction in the latest CoS.
  • Getting a hold on an assessment order by verifying the empty claims of lying agents.
  • Phone tips to catch a lying bureaucrat.
  • The “frivolous non-filer’s unit’s” official policy is to not respond when asked questions of evidence to prove jurisdiction.
  • How to counter, using an evidentiary foundation, when bureaucrats mischaracterize you as “argumentative” for questioning their baseless assertions and contradictions.
  • Bureaucrat asks “who do you think is [legally] attacking your client?”
  • The exploitative nature of willful, soul-less servants of tyranny.
  • The inverse psychological nature of psychopaths in contrast to non-ASPD [normal] individuals.
  • The rare exception to the general observation that psychopaths lack creativity: serial killer, jazz musician Melvin Rees.
  • Three ways to neutralize a psychopath: shun them, expose them, or defend yourself against them.
  • The lack of empathy people/attorneys can have with close family and friends.
  • National trend: lawyers are committing suicide at disturbing rates.
  • The courts monopoly on redressability.
  • An AiLL that requires the excessive expense of a lawyer because the court staff is stubbornly stonewalling all communication with anyone who is a non-bar member.
  • The degrading nature of lawyers and their communication.
  • Some of Alex’s adventures in legal-land.
  • The deep allegiance between members of the legal-industrial complex.
  • More warnings and disclaimers on hiring an attorney.
  • Close conviction rates of those who represent themselves versus those who retain council.
  • The admitted actual role of a public defender.
  •‘s reporting ethical violations and misconduct in effort to keep judges and prosecutors accountable.
  • One Small Step: Immunity Doctrines Do Not Shield All Rogue Prosecutors.
  • Marc’s endorsement of passing laws to strip prosecutors and judges of their immunity.

6 Comments For This Post

  1. andrew Says:

    is there a problem with comments getting moderated on this site? it appears they are not getting published – ?

  2. johnc Says:

    Well Tough Guy, hate to break your winning streak in Arizona with the Insurance Companies, it won’t fly in New Jersey. I requested the identity of my Town’s Insurance carrier, which I already knew,which is already public knowledge. I had to file a a FOIA request with the state, and was denied the name by the Clerk as being to vague. You got it easy pal !

  3. bobby goodwin Says:

    I have a feeling that all of these tickets that are getting tossed out are not because they don’t have the evidence (which they don’t), but because it is a waist of their time to keep fighting and waisting the court’s time, when it can be making money from the “sheep” who do not fight tickets.

    This clearly indicates that they can’t afford to waist time in the cash-register courts. Therefore, we should all tie up the courts via the DEMAND for jury trials. Most states will tell you there is no jury in cases of infractions, but that is just their wording. The state constitutions guarantee a jury in ALL CASES! It does not say all cases exceot for infractions, that is just the court claiming such. For example, Utah Rules Of Criminal Procedure (17 a) says “A jury shall not be offered in the case of an infraction”. Notice, that in all other cases a person must file a written DEMAND for a jury within 10 days of trial date. Of course if you do not file a demand, a jury trial shall not be offered. Same applies in infractions. There is not law that actually says “In cases of infractions a jury trial is not available”, or something to the effect.

    If everyone filed for a jury trial in all misdemeanor traffic cases, including infractions, the courts would be overwhelmed. They could not afford to have even one (1) jury trial, because it would cost them too much money. I’ll bet they would just simply and quickly drop the charge.

    Fighting them on law issues such as standing/jurisdiction/etc., is fun, but it takes time and money and in most cases it doesn’t work out for the plaintiff.

    The average person should be able to file a jury demand and comprehend the constitution provisions for a jury trial in ALL cases. Any thoughts?

  4. RUBY Says:

    i would have agreed with u a few months ago but i am in the process watching a guy go through court …i think your right depending on the area u live in….fla where i live they don’t care. i know a few guys who decided to fight their unjust arrests one for an open container the other for arrest without violence because he would not agree to a car search so they arrested him to search it…the guy and his open container got arrested because the officer had issues with his attitude…but he has been to court 5 times it’s a joke he is not facing jail …yet they arrested him…the worst he is going to get is a fine and probation for a few months which does not even come close to the cops pay for a day in court..or the prosecutor/judge so why have they kept this guy coming back…the police has not been back since his first court date…another point…the guy got arrested NOT for a crime but because the cop felt disrespected..the guy is in criminal court on an open container. it’s funny this guy never discussed jurisdiction he chose to fight the ticket/ordinance that isan’t even close to a crime… and then he claims he is suing for his constitutional rights being violated…….i think they are hoping he will buckle and pay…your right other courts might take the sheep others fight to the bitter end afraid if one gets off word get around…..THE COP probably will not be back until his judge trial….it’s all a farce… a joke…i commend the guy for blindly fighting his cause….but i think they will turn up the heat and get him to go for a trial by judge…which is the stupidest kangaroo court move….u loose…unless u get out the constitution and the federalist papers and stick it to them …..i read their manual on dealing with freeman sovereign people it’s on line ….their goal is to proceed until they get a person who KNOWS HOW TO NOT APPEAR IN COURT…wear u down until u go broke or cave in using strong arm twisters…..another point …this guy because he was arrested the courts gave him an attorney …this guy is directing his cause and using the state paid attorney to do the paper work…it’s funny…

  5. A Says:

    That study doesnt say that pro se is better or the same as counsel. It only compares conviction rates of public defenders vs. privately hired counsel. That said, there are other studies that suggest pro se results in a lower conviction rate. However, this may be biased by people going pro se with easier cases. There really needs to be a comprehensive study or meta-study, but the problem is the only people who could do this have no incentive to study it. The law professors. However, I suppose a sociologist could do it.

  6. MickeyG Says:

    FOIA is a trick. It is a statutory procedure that any person, including a corporation, can use to obtain info. It is strictly statutory. The right of the people to know is way above that. The officers owe a fiduciary duty to give the info to you, or they fail in that duty. Not a good position to be in.

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