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NSP – Feb 23, 2013 – Co-host: Calvin

Posted on February 24th, 2013 by Calvin

Co-host: Calvin [@YouTube].

Show Notes:

  • NSP simulcasts and new AiLL “Success Stories” section of the website.
  • The meaning of the phrase “damage control” within the context of legal land.
  • Why it is more effective to ask questions rather than taking a position by bringing your own theory (BYOT) to court.
  • Non-laywer’s performance versus STATE-sanctioned attorneys.
  • Building an objective, accurate, clear picture of the bureaucratic attack/threat you are defending yourself against and legal tools to help leverage your success rate.
  • AiLL critics backhandedly attacking the most proven tool for seeking truth; the scientific method.
  • Maintaining the burden-of-proof on the one who is making the accusation.
  • The essential role of cross-examination of witnesses.
  • Using cross-examination techniques on the phone with the prosecutor during the pretrial discovery phase of litigation.
  • New #CoS: logically checking irrational, non-responsive statements from a CAFTB agent.
  • Challenging the competency of the witness by questioning them on the facts, compromising their testimony as a qualified, credible witness.
  • Marc’s “method” vs the Freeman/UCC/corporate-strawman method: completely opposite.
  • Including role-playing workshops as part of your your legal preparation to effectively navigate court.
  • Bill’s NHES hearing and his excellence in objecting when the prosecutor fails to provide evidence.
  • Government’s information hoarding in a supposedly “free and open society.”
  • The real victim and perpetrator in bureaucratic attacks.
  • Ramblings of the insane: “We are all members of the bar, if you disqualify all of us, then you disqualify none of us.”
  • The judge is the only expert on the application and interpretation of the law.
  • Cutting your nose despite your face: the prosecution stated jurisdiction, applicability of the code, and presence withing the STATE were all considered “off the table.”
  • Using a whiteboard in court to help keep score.
  • STATE call-monitoring/surveillance.
  • Lawyers conflating opinion and facts with relevant evidence to the issue(s) raised.
  • Unfair treatment towards those who raise the issue of jurisdiction without a bar card.
  • Finding the gatekeeper agent that can stop an assessment and providing them the grounds to issue a temporary hold until certain facts are disclosed.
  • A presumption of correctness, that is supposed to be based on facts, CAN be challenged.
  • The assessment is that “you are a taxpayer with taxable income within their jurisdiction and that you have a liability to pay;” not the report.
  • Recognizing the value in early deescalation procedure in litigation to prevent an escalation from lengthy aggressive bureaucratic attacks.
  • When to motion for dismissal on the fly when there’s a lack of evidence.
  • Asking the prosecution if they are sure they are ready to take their blow-off (non-)responses to court.
  • Martin Jenkins with the NH Labor Board claims that the LAW is universal and applies to everyone; “compulsory is the only operative fact.”
  • Keeping the prosecutor’s discovery specific to the issues that you raise about their lack of evidence.
  • Amateur psychic bureaucrats presuming the acceptance or nonacceptance of facts before presenting the facts.
  • Defending yourself versus representing yourself in court.
  • Using a Brady request.
  • James’ offer for anyone who donates $75 to Marc’s site will receive a BarryCam.
  • Being “untouchable,” Lanny Breuer style.
  • Due process and justice.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Phil from SC: the presumption of correctness, and psych evaluations for incessantly pursuing bogus theories in court.
  • Jim from MO: traveling without permission, playing the name game in court, challenging presumed authority, belief in duties and responsibilities to your fellow man, and being associated with the sovereign-citizen movement by law enforcement.
  • Richard from TX: prosecutor and court reporter failed to appear for a scheduled hearing, judge excising severe discretion on essential facts to a case, maintaining a good rapport with the court, dealing with prosecutors that specialize in neutralizing pro per litigants.
  • James from UT: extraordinary procedure in Wyoming traffic courts.
  • Eric from NJ: blatant denial of service from the courts when questioning the evidence.
  • Jerome from MD: hearing scheduled for March 29th [media reps], and judge face-palming when asking for evidence.
  • Michael from MD: wiretapping laws versus self-surveillance, participating in the mid-week role-playing workshops on skype, and responding to a $20 parking ticket.
  • Pete from WI: responding to a violation for not having a life-jacket in a canoe, when to object to assumptions of facts not in evidence, adding an amendment to a filed motion, factually challenging taxation while using the courts for bankruptcy, and raising speedy trial issues for dismissal.

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