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NSP – Apr 27, 2013

Posted on April 27th, 2013 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Dealing with the psychopathic courts, common evasions, and how to effectively respond to them.
  • Another NSP first: we’ll be speaking with Tempe City Councilman Kolby Granville for a few segments on May 4th.
  • Examining “fairness and impartiality” in accordance with their own cannons when they refuse to give grounds for their contrary rulings.
  • Non sequitur: bureaucrats submitting pictures as evidence the code applies.
  • Contact Marc and post on the forum to get him to your city for a workshop or seminar to effectively defend yourself against bureaucratic attacks.
  • Constructive feedback from the Tempe City Council hearing video and plans for future appearances with city bureaucrats.
  • Other people kopimi Marc’s challenge and questions to city councils for empirical evidence that their code/statues apply to anyone.
  • Arbitrary applicability.
  • Changing the use of certain legal terms does not work to effectively challenge their claims of jurisdiction.
  • Geographically uniform judicial corruption.
  • Going form the vague to specifics during litigation to paint a more accurate picture of what is actually happening in a court proceeding.
  • “Because I say so” = “I got nothing.”
  • The multi-talented Rory Gallagher’s most excellent sax work.
  • Even though the courts are ran by a anti-social monopoly, there are some great aspects about the structure of how the justice system is supposed to work.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Robert from FL: persistently pursuing unanswered questions of existence of empirical evidence, FL court rule that you “can’t re-argue a judgement” aka “can’t ask for clarification,” asking the court to provide grounds for their decision(s) especially when they contradict other higher court rulings, getting discovery of evidence for yourself when the judge fails to require presentation of the necessary evidence, judge shifting the burden of proof, getting the bureaucrat in the the headlights response when asking questions of evidence of applicability, social pressure and cowering to political dogma, “selling” bureaucrats the truth, and filing a motion to the higher courts for the prosecutor to produce the evidence or toss the case.
  • Jay from Richmond, VA: TSA case update, filing a motion with or without the record/evidence submitted from the agency, suggesting to the judge to force the prosecution to provide the required evidence, and “an attorney that is going to act as a witness in a proceeding cannot also pursue it” according to their code of ethics.
  • Basador from NY: DHS immigration/deportation problems stemming back to a detention removal related to a ’96 gun charge, bureaucrats skipping the first step of [factually] verifying jurisdiction, an arrogant judge stands on his opinion that he has jurisdiction and if Basador had a problem with that he can take it up on appeal, maintaining a record of correspondence with the court and prosecution, distinguishing between your personal property and the government’s property,
  • Karl from VA: using a claim for property to get kids back from “STATE” custody instead of habeas corpus [standing-by for evidence of this working…], and explaining the rules of “your court” to interpretive psychopaths and getting them to comply with “your rules.
  • Kevin from Canada: how to explain to the judge how the constitution and code do not apply: ask them for the evidence they rely on.
  • Scott from Long Island, NY: questioning fairness with contempt charges from a biased judge, and determining right in wrong in court [by sticking to the facts].
  • Pastor Pennington from GA: jailed for questioning fairness and a possible conflict-of-interest, declaring one as a “natural man/sovereign/individual” to void/vacate a traffic judgment, non-responsive cops acting as prosecutors, court refusing to grant a setting, PA court corruption, challenging jurisdiction on a 15 year-old gun charge, and filing a title 42 to get a contempt charge tossed.
  • Matt from Houston, TX: challenging the evidence in a traffic hearing, and a hearing officer’s evidence of jurisdiction is because he “says so.”
  • Dallas from TX: Mississippi traffic court’s lies about implied consent and claims “we don’t do discovery here,” making an appearance before the court over the phone, seeking the “nature and cause of the charges and proceedings being brought forth,” misapplication of Mississippi implied consent law, forced pleas, and setting a date for a motion to dismiss [for a lack of evidence] hearing before further interacting with the court.
  • Mike from TX: loose definition of what a fact is during an administrative hearing, distinguishing between random facts vs. facts that the code applies, cop tries to elicit testimony from the defendant, bastardization of the concept of due process, prosecutor claims she doesn’t need evidence because they have the video, violations of city ordinance considered a civil violation, and how do you appeal if you haven’t been to court once?
  • Mrs. Stevens from the fortified compound: approving of good court procedure in the Jodie Arias trial, what’s wrong with that?

Bonus Segment with Fabrice and Helen [,]:

  • Update on Helen’s council tax hearing.
  • A “liability order” in the UK is the equivalent of a tax assessment in the USA.
  • Challenging the applicability of the LAW of Parliament. Their response: “The LAW is fact,” and “the LAW applies to everybody.”
  • Council Tax scare tactics: 1) threat of moving the case to a higher court, and 2) payment upon demand if the council reopens the case.
  • The court kicking the can down the road when they can’t find any evidence of applicability of the code.
  • Instant freakout: “Can you confirm there is evidence proving the code and the laws apply to me?”
  • The art of keeping questions simple.
  • Adventures in seeking evidence of applicability from authority figures.
  • Keith’s pending discovery of evidence that the code applies.
  • Fabrice’s man-on-the-street videos.
  • Update on Toby’s charges of possession of contraband flower with intent to supply and his intimidating preliminary hearing when asking for evidence of whether the code applied and if there was empirical evidence that the court had jurisdiction.
  • Judge recuses himself after admitting he’d compromised his presumption of innocence and entered a plea on Toby’s behalf, and then stated that Toby “had an interesting philosophical view of life.”
  • Cases of judges staring down supporters of an inquisitive pro per litigant.
  • The use of “McKenzie friend“/next friend to bring in third party representation in court.
  • The difference between a prosecutor having immunity from misconduct versus having a complaint and/or appeal dismissed for misconduct.
  • Not accepting speculation in place of evidence.
  • Marc being scrutinized by a judicial officer while cross-examining a non-responsive cop about the involuntary nature of the driver’s license despite the “voluntary” claims found within the cop’s testimony.

6 Comments For This Post

  1. Mr. Mike Says:

    @Marc, The examples of prosecutors and other code bureaucrats non-answers are entertaining as well as strong evidence. The impression is, this evidence is used in court.

    Wouldn’t filing this evidence, along with a demand for dismissal, with the court clerk, be more effective in “damage control?” It seems the whole point in reducing the damage done to you by bureaucrats is not having to appear in court. In other words, staying completely out of court should be the highest priority to reduce your damage.

    No reply is needed here. It can be answered in another ‘NSP’ program, ‘COS’ posting, or in the forum. Large appreciation for your mind and body numbing efforts. 🙂

  2. bruce sloane Says:

    Is Karl a ..Stalker ..??

  3. Packa Says:

    Way good show….. please give us more

  4. Andy Says:

    bruce: “Is Karl a ..Stalker ..??”

    Ewww! That’s just creepy as all get out. I think he’s trying to “poison the well”, so to speak.

  5. Incubus Says:

    Marc (and Calivn), did Karl ever email you the evidence he said he would? Have you heard anything from him since this show? I’m curious.

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ incubus, I didn’t get anything from Karl.

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