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NSP – May 11, 2013 – Co-host: JT

Posted on May 11th, 2013 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Keith from Melbourne, AU: what would a society without the government look like?
  • Jay from Richmond: taking an administrative proceeding to court, comparing the standard-of-fairness between administrative proceedings and government court hearings, “don’t ever speak to the FBI without a tape recorder runningvideo, new technology used to document aggressive law enforcement, The Partisans – Is Obama A Keynesian?, and Adam Kokesh’s Open Carry March on Washington DC July 4, 2013.
  • Matt from KY: motion hearing with prior notice, pretrial with Billy “I’ve done the best I can” Riley, jury trial this week with a judge that claims “jurisdiction is an issue for the jury,” dealing with an exceptionally dismissive and deceptive judge, and what is a proper voir-dire?
  • Matt from Houston, TX: not permitted to assist minor child court, courthouse payment streamlining, prosecutor lied about not getting discovery request, and case dismissed for lack of evidence.
  • Michael from MD: LRN phone-in listen line and Larken Rose‘s minarchistish submission “It Can’t Happen Here” for Operation Paul Revere.
  • Scott from Long Island, NY: “its not the service provided; it’s the violent imposition,” “good government” limited by a corrupt system, afterthoughts of Marc’s interview with Kolby GranvilleDoug Stanhope’s “F**k the French” bit, what happened in Larken Rose’s tax evasion “case,” and Ademo’s experience falling victim to Michael Valentine’s activist crackdown.
  • Johnny from TX: wants to sue Marc for tort damages because “Government: Indicted” has not been released, filing charges of prosecutorial/judicial misconduct to get prosecutors/judges out of their shells/bubbles, political adversaries can expose misconduct charges/complaints filed against their opponents, and how to get criminal complaints against bureaucrats to grand juries.
  • Helen, Fabrice & Toby from Sussex, England: new hearing set for plea; 45 minutes to enter a plea, the court’s response to issues of fact being questioned, exactly what evidence the prosecution will be required to prove in hearing, the brute intimidation of the courts on a ex-soldier, exceptionally close docket entries between hearings, conflating issues of factual evidence with legal opinion, filing charges for prosecutorial misconduct, and what’s the minimum amount of time between hearings?
  • Jerome from Baltimore, MD: judge threatens with FTA charges while defendant is in court, continuance granted because prosecutor was not ready to proceed, and possible denial of speedy trial.
  • Kea from AZ: getting an impounded car back.

12 Comments For This Post

  1. NonE Says:

    Hah! I see Calvin wasn’t so stupid as to promise to get the podcast done in some unrealistically short period of time this week. As we get older we sometimes get less stupid. (I am not a good example of this theory.)

    – NonE

  2. Calvin Says:

    @NonE: podcast is done in an unrealistically short period of time, still not quite sure how that happened… 😯

  3. scott o'connell Says:

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  4. Mike Says:

    what do they put in the long island water?

  5. Andy Says:

    “What truly threatens their system is non-compliance.”

    They have so many laws/codes/statutes/regulations that essentially every person is in noncompliance every day. So Mr. code enforcer. judge, prosecutor, politician and bureaucrat, since your “machine” apprehends one person for his/her non compliant act out of a thousand, despite the massive non-compliance that hasn’t caused society to collapse — individuals and the communities prosper despite massive noncompliance — what excuse do you have for the existence of your government machine?

    Shift your point of reference and it’s massive civil-disobedience.

    How many ways are there to show that those who interact voluntarily (96% of people) are each holding a Royal Flush and men and women calling themselves government are totally bluffing — they don’t have even so much as a pair of twos.

  6. Dennis Says:

    I saw a previous post where you said you dont have a drivers license. Do you have a license plate on your car?

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ dennis, I don’t own the car and would not use any car without current tax tags, getting killed on the side of the street is not my idea of good activism at this point.

  8. Mr. Mike Says:

    Addition to Johnny from TX; holding bureaucrats accountable. Look up the COMMERCIAL LIEN process. There looks to have some real power and teeth behind holding them personally liable…

  9. Dennis Says:

    Looks like we might get a chance to try our voluntary society in Detroit. Its not exactly what I had in mind but…

  10. Stephen Gilfedder Says:

    The whole systems a fraud by any standard,they have just adopted the mafias system of pumping money out of people by use of government thugs,Heavies as we called them,and they didn’t have the technology they have today,their all Jack boot thugs with a badge that think they can run a muck on your rights,but their God Damnable wrong,and a jury of your peers will prove it.

  11. Larken Rose Says:

    Just stumbled on this discussion, based on a search for “It Can’t Happen Here!” (scouting out any related buzz about it). I would like to plead “guilty” AND “not guilty” in the charge that “It Can’t Happen Here!” has a somewhat minarchist tone to it. While the video does NOT ever say that “government” is ever legitimate, it is mostly a discussion INSIDE the statist paradigm, simply because the specific question of whether tyranny can happen in the U.S. doesn’t really require mangling the viewer’s bogus underlying statist paradigm. (Similarly, if the topic was whether it will rain next week, I don’t really think a dissertation on anarchism would be required.) I actually made an effort NOT to get into the philosophy thing too much (it’s not like I don’t get into that in everything else I do), simply because showing the path this empire is on can be done without even challenging the cult of statism. However, at the end, the bluntly stated solution is outright disobedience and resistance to the state, followed by a world of equals, with no masters and no slaves. Considering how often Marc speaks of things INSIDE the statist paradigm (legalities and procedures), WITHOUT pretending any of it is actually legitimate, I hope I can get a little forgiveness from Marc and his listeners for having made a video which is mostly about history, “political” BS, and so-called “law,” which only touches on the voluntaryist philosophy at the very end.

  12. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Larken, we’re very forgiving here, especially when you make guest appearances on the show there goomba. I did think the video was very well done.

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