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NSP – Jun 1, 2013 – Co-host: JT

Posted on June 1st, 2013 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

  • Filing complaints against judges and prosecutors that commit a due process violation by assuming jurisdiction.
  • Jurisdiction that’s based on “it just isis not evidence.
  • Prosecutors bringing forth complaints without providing evidence: prosecutorial misconduct.
  • Tracking down insurance information for aggressive bureaucrats that destructively ignore their lack of evidence.
  • The empathy deficit of bureaucrats: destroying other people’s lives despite a gross lack of evidence.
  • For there to be an adversary there has to be be proof of a violation of someone else’s rights. ***
  • Request for evidence from the critics.
  • The incompetence cop-out.
  • Contacting Marc to question bureaucrats of your choice.
  • Making personal recordings of your hearing to later reflect upon.
  • No accusations of any wrongdoing in Yeoman’s non-case.
  • The burden of proof rests on the one making the claim; make bureaucrats prove they have jurisdiction by requesting they produce the evidence they rely on as a basis of their assertions.
  • PorcFest X: experience real voluntaryism and personal autonomy.
  • Getting date-stamps for the paperwork you file it with the court clerk.
  • Staying consistent with volutaryist principals and avoiding using the force of the courts/STATE.
  • Power of attorney card played by the court when faced with investigators that question their lack of evidence.
  • Objecting when the judge uses the term “the STATE.”
  • Keene’s famous 420 civil disobedience.
  • Using certain litigation methods as a form of leverage to get unjusticable assertions dismissed.
  • “Jurisdiction: such requests won’t advance the case.”

Caller’s Topics:

  • Tom from GA: being bureaucratically attacked and jailed for not producing proper travel documents, judge not reviewing motions for longer than 30 days, judge stonewalling the evidentiary discovery process, and working without permission.
  • Bassador from NY: getting dialogue on the issue of evidence by filing motions with the court, requesting evidence in the subpoena that is not in custody of the plaintiff, and traveling without producing proper travel documents.
  • Vin James from England: listen to Vin James’ NSP Reloaded at 1pm GMT, helping someone in court as a McKenzie friend with a speeding ticket, judge claims he took an oath to himself (instead of to the crown),  pointing out the conflict of interest between the magistrate and the solicitor, stupid admissions from English bureaucrats, documenting court proceedings, judge claims the Blackstone commentaries have nothing to do with the courts, and every violation is an issue of “non-compliance” with their law.
  • John from TX: questions regarding applicability of the constitution, prosecutor reverses his burden-of-proof by asking what facts and witnesses do you have to prove the constitution doesn’t apply, private parties are not parties to the constitution, lack of description of where jurisdiction comes from according to what makes one a “citizen,” what is a STATE factually? (different ways to more effectively question the STATE), and the only way you should be charged with “witness tampering” is to make a threat or intimidate the witness.
  • Matt from TX: using a motion to compel, using the courts as an act self-defensive, using requests for admissions and interrogatories, and collaborating other knowledgeable callers and listeners to the show.
  • Kea from AZ: police brutality case update, evidence tampering from the cop who initiated the stop, website redirects for questions of evidence, and car-seizure vandalism.
  • Jay from Richmond, VA: 3 motions before the appellate court questioning evidence of jurisdiction, and preparing for raising an issue of prosecutorial misconduct.

12 Comments For This Post

  1. Dan Says:

    Hey Bub, who is this Marc Stevens guy?

  2. Mr. Mike Says:

    “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the great legislator of the Universe.”
    -John Adams(1735-1826)-

  3. NonE Says:

    Okay Calvin, I have to say that this is just too much, you’re becoming a danger to the site and to Marc’s readers/listeners/followers. Posting the actual podcast so soon after the broadcast is harmful to a person’s sense of reality. It creates a false sense of expectations and soon enough you’re going to find people going into court with a Motion to Dismiss and EXPECTING it to be instantly accepted. People may even expect that police won’t Tazer them as long as they question the probable cause for the stop. I say, you are becoming a potential menace and a danger to free thinking people everywhere. You need to be reined in. Damn, man, don’t you have any sense of proportion?!?!?

    – NonTaZe

  4. jdsmith Says:

    Hey Dan, who is this Bub guy?

  5. Packa Says:

    Yo’s way good show, far out Dude. I say why is the show so good, It just is. Peace

  6. Dan Says:

    @jdsmith, Let me explain, the Bub, so that is what you call him, you know that or uh, his Bubness, or Buber, or uh El Buberino if you are not into the whole brevity thing.

  7. Nomos Says:

    Hey Marc,

    The new word of the year is “discrimination.”

    Here’s how we use it in a sentence:

    “I need to speak to an attorney? So are you discriminating against me because I’m not an attorney?”


    The other new phrase of the year is “witness intimidation.”

    Here’s how we use it in a sentence:

    “Sir, do you know I’m a witness to criminal acts by [this person], and what you’re doing I construe as intimidation. Please don’t intimidate me.”

    I think that fits in nice with complaints for prosecutorial misconduct.

  8. NonE Says:

    So Calvin, Since I’m finally listening to this podcast, and I noticed that right after the Onion intro there is this COOL new music bed thingie… well I got to thinking about how, with all of this extra time you have on your hands and all, that maybe it would be neat (that’s like “neato” only a few decades newer) that you could put info on the music up here as well, so us music luvers could check it out and stuff. Just a thought.

    – NonE

  9. Pete Says:

    @NonE: I think the music sounds like the intro theme to the “Jackass” movies, doesn’t it?

    Great show!

  10. Jake Says:

    Regarding the call with John from TX and multiple definitions of the state. I found multiple definitions, but none that he listed. Which law dictionaries were used?
    Additionally, where did he find the incorporation documents for his state? I’m looking for Florida’s and it appears to not be available anywhere I’ve checked.

  11. bruce sloane Says:

    Nomos Says:
    June 3rd, 2013 at 7:12 am

    Hey Marc,

    The new word of the year is “discrimination.”

    I much prefer the word ” Bias “

  12. Nomos Says:

    @bruce sloane:

    I guess I should have been more specific. Discrimination goes to bureaucrats. There is no penalty for bias for anyone but judges. But there are for discrimination.

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