NSP – Jun 29, 2013 – Guests: Eyal and Vin James

Posted on June 29th, 2013 by Calvin

Guests: Eyal from Israel [Bureaucracy.org.il, facebook.com/IsraelBureaucracy] and Vin James [No-STATE-Project.co.nr, NoSTATEProject.weebly.com, AwakeRadio.co.uk] from England.

Show Topics:

  • First NSP success in Israel: ticket dropped for a “lack of evidence.”
  • Using the same principal of a “lack of evidence” from successful dismissals on other similar charges.
  • Weak excuses judges use to blindly deny motions that seek evidence from the prosecution: “Since you are defending yourself, I can’t answer that question.”
  • Breaking the reification process.
  • Using their lack of evidence as leverage to achieve effective damage control.
  • The use of the medical term “psychopath” when applied to bureaucrats.
  • Update on Vin’s council-taxextortion litigation: adjourned again.
  • Tax agent’s belief that taxes are voluntary citing submitizens are “asked to pay taxes.”
  • Stopping a tax-summons process by questioning the qualifications of those making baseless assertions of an obligation to pay.
  • Making use of honest, constructive criticism.
  • Helping a couple out as a McKenzie friend with a bureaucratic attack involving not having a TV license by asking for the facts they rely on to prove their code is applicable.
  • Objecting to responses that lack evidence to prove that the constitution and codes apply and objecting to circular reasoning.
  • Tracking down a qualified bureaucrat who is qualified to determine the applicability of code.
  • Asking if you can get a fair hearing if there was a conflict of interest.
  • Bureaucrats conflating questions of evidence as an argument or legal opinion.
  • “Self-explanatory” vs “responsive” replies from bureaucrats.
  • Making an appearance before the court IS NOT accepting jurisdiction; its avoiding being shot by police armed with a warrant authorizing the use of deadly force.
  • Kops arresting people at public bars for public intoxication.
  • You can challenge jurisdiction at any time, even after a plea that has been entered under threat, duress, and/or coercion.
  • New Call-of-Shame posts coming this week.
  • Getting a case back into court after a forced-plea or conviction.
  • Jurisdiction is based on facts; its not exclusively a legal issue.
  • Getting a judge to recognize and accept an affidavit from a public notary designating one a “non-taxpayer.”
  • Forcing a defendant to court and adding insult to injury by disallowing them to record.
  • Marc quotes Charles Dickens on a call to the lying bureaucrats at the NHES; “The law is an ass.”
  • Investigating whether an opinion of jurisdiction is based on facts or if it is arbitrary.
  • Entering a line of questioning beginning with “would a lack of evidence of jurisdiction be grounds to nullify a forfeiture?”

Caller’s Topics:

  • Mike from TX: two tickets in the same day for pointing out dishonesty and the violence inherent within the system, asking if there needs to be evidence of jurisdiction before entering a plea, plead guilty to get out of jail, challenging jurisdiction after a guilty plea, and getting all recordings from the court.
  • Chris from TX: giving bureaucrats a “notice of understanding” from a public notary, litigating as a non-taxpayer, getting video and audio from court for your own records, and participating in the NSP Traffic Study.
  • Pastor Pennington: update on a bingo-ticket bureaucratic attack, speedy trial requirements, different ways of proving a lack of applicability by exposing the prosecution’s lack of evidence, and how can you get a fair trial with a conflict of interest?
  • Sean from Canada: officer writes a parking ticket without any personal firsthand knowledge and establishing jurisdiction.
  • Michael in TX: countering the assertion that “jurisdiction is not a matter of evidence, its a matter of law,” and meeting up with other fellow NSP voluntaryists.
  • Susan from MI: judge grants home forfeiture for unpaid taxes despite a lack of discovery to prove evidence of jurisdiction.

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  1. Randy Says:

    lol “whenever NonE says so” good one.

  2. NonE Says:


    – NonE

  3. NonE Says:

    Hmm. That didn’t seem to work.
    Let me try again… SO.
    – NonE

  4. NonE Says:

    Calvin, it seems to be broken.
    – NonE

  5. Calvin Says:

    I appreciate the patience, while it seems someone’s metaphorical quarter got stuck in the podcast vending machine ( 😉 ), we are once again dispensing NSP freedom snacks. If you like it; tell your friends where they can get a taste of unpasteurized anarchy too!

    Don’t forget to kopimi. 😎

  6. NonE Says:

    It’s possible I ended up putting in a Susan B. Anthony Dollar instead of a quarter. I always get those mixed up. Sorry! Also note that we are covered in case we forget to Kopimi… the NSA seems to be very supportive of our efforts in this regard. Go Gov! 🙂

    – NonE

  7. Dan Says:

    Surely, Marc, the book has to ‘Government Convicted’ by now

  8. NonE Says:

    Dan, That was lox. LOW I say. Even lower than many of my despicably low jabs at the man. Nasty. Mean. (True?!)

    – NonE

  9. Mr. Mike Says:

    To Chris in TX, about “notice of understanding.” I have made previous comments (e.g. http://marcstevens.net/radioarchive/nsp20130427.html#comments ) about using a notary public and filing with county and/or court clerks.

    A specific missing comment/suggestion (only a cursory search was performed) mentioned filing a civil claim against offending officials. At the same time, file a no contact order against ALL government entities. This effectively provides individual “Diplomatic Immunity.”

    Another course of action is the COMMERCIAL LIEN. Hearsay has it, if attempted with a federal judge, felony charges can/will be filed against you. This potential kink aside, it is a very powerful tool to bring most, if not all, bureaucratic *@$#?!! to their knees financially.

    Disclosure notice: I have no direct first hand knowledge of the effectiveness of the above; only academic or preliminary research has been done.

    Most of these ideas come via Dean Clifford out of Canada. Some words of caution: a lot of his material and beliefs require sifting and considerable critical thought. Rejecting everything he’s said however, is the equivalent of throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water.

    Further words of caution: Marc’s methods (tactics) are generally along the line of “the path of least resistance.” He is one of the rare few with documented proof backing his position. Straying very far from his simple concept has unintended pitfalls…

  10. Dan Says:

    NonE, Yeah I know, I do not know what came over me. I guess I should get back on board and reify the book.

  11. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dan, that is actually the follow up to Government: Indicted. That one is also almost done.

  12. Incubus Says:

    Well which is it NonE? Is it lox or is it low? Flip-flopper!

  13. NonE Says:

    Incubus Says: Well which is it NonE? Is it lox or is it low? Flip-flopper!
    —– I REFUSE to be held responsible for my actions! REFUSE, do ewe here me?! – NonE (anyone got any cream cheese?)

  14. Latimer the Cat Says:

    Just thought I’d post this little video as it covers another perspective to what’s being exposed and fought.


  15. esgatch Says:

    Is this Marc’s current mailing address?
    p.o. box 31258
    mesa, arizona

  16. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ esgatch: yes, that’s correct

  17. dan Says:

    I was listening to an old archived show from 2008. Marc was talking about a new book? Where can I get that book?

  18. Dan Says:

    From one dan to another, I think a Tarot card reader may be able to help answer your question

  19. dan Says:

    Four of Swords:
    After every exertion there is a need for rest and rejuvenation. This card reminds us that we are human, flesh and blood creatures and we must put our thoughts at rest and escape to a quiet place within ourselves to bring peace and healing to our frequently-exhausted psyche.

    The withdrawal that this card recommends is shown by a tree in the shape of a woman, symbolizing Mother Nature, who is nurturing four fetus “fruit” in her branches. Sleep is a wonderful escape and balm. Nothing feels safer than sleep in a mother’s arms and finding the peaceful slumber of the innocent.

    You must find time for rest and healing. This is a time to retreat from your daily routine for convalescence and repair. This is a time for escape.

    The negative of this card would be breaking out from a solitary state of rest, a return to the world and regular activities.

    In the movie The Game the main character was pushed too far in a mental game, was outsmarted and in the end was beaten and attempted to escape.

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