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NSP – Jul 13, 2013 – Co-host: JT & Guests: Vin James and Robert

Posted on July 14th, 2013 by Calvin

Co-host: JT & Guests: Vin James [,,] and Robert.

Show Topics:

  • Adventures in sand-sculpting for the cover of the much anticipated “Government: Indicted” that’s scheduled to be in-hand for Libertopia 2013.
  • Lack of an indictment in the O.J. Simpson and Trayvon Martin cases media-circuses.
  • Unusually aggressive law-enforcement and court-procedure in states like Florida compared to other less-oppressed states.
  • Judge’s severe lack of fairness in Robert’s and Vin Jame’s hearings.
  • Update on Dennis’, now quasi-ancient, Maryland tax case: the prosecution still cannot confirm if there is evidence to prove jurisdiction over Dennis.
  • Lawyers claiming that they “cannot confirm or deny evidence to prove jurisdiction.” (interpretation admission: “I don’t have evidence to prove jurisdiction.”)
  • Former prosecutor admits wrongdoing during trial.
  • What is it going to take for people to act to change their communities for the better? Full-spectrum globally dominate intelligence spying?
  • Missed CoS because unusually buggy recording software.
  • Joel Reader’s “self-explanatory” response to Marc’s letter questioning the evidence, or lack thereof, that the constitution and law applies based solely on geolocation.
  • Marc calls-out Harry’s lack of empathy and interest in only in getting a paycheck and going home.
  • The value of investigating the evidence over debating forms of government or legal opinion (law).
  • Hopeful dialogue with the newly sworn-in Tempe city manager to get a hearing on the topic of empirical evidence to prove jurisdiction.
  • Obtaining btaining insurance policy information on Tempe city attorneys to investigate whether there’s a way to enforce any accountability by examining their liabilities.
  • Kathleen Barry dismissed Marc’s complaint because of their claim that Marc is being “dishonest” when they are the ones using circular logic when responding to a honest and straightforward question of empirical evidence to prove applicability.
  • Adam Kokesh’s raid and charges of sedition for his short Independence Day speech.
  • Instead of marching, start questioning any and all bureaucrats on the evidence that proves that their laws apply to you or anyone.
  • Questioning the evidence that proves jurisdiction to a Atlanta prosecutor.
  • Admitting when you’re wrong or when you don’t know something that is being asked.
  • Vin’s latest update acting as a McKenzie friend in a UK “drug case.” (Warning: excessive circular-logic ahead.)
  • Breaking the logical barrier with people that have been instructed on what to think instead of learning how to think.
  • Breaking through the reification process where bureaucrats are using terms that they can’t define.
  • UK judge cannot digest the language within a motion to dismiss for a lack of evidence, says its “written in Pirate.”
  • The courts keeping the jury misinformed and/or ignorant to the most important elements of case and bailing out their buddy the prosecutor.
  • The difference between “what works” versus something “having merit” because although in court your position my have all the merit in the world, the judge still may feel inclined to deny justice.
  • Why the adversarial system replaced the persecutorial inquisitorial system by requiring an actually an adversary. (No adversary? Welcome to the neo-Inquisition.)
  • When asking for the evidence to prove the code applies, the magistrate claims “the crown doesn’t have to prove anything.”
  • Flaming personal insults from the magistrate when asking for evidence.
  • Deflective bureaucrat’s natural tendency to suddenly and fallaciously turn questioning and assertions around 180°.
  • How to recognize when the judge is picking up the prosecutor’s burden of proof.
  • Judge disallows objections from the defense because “its not a USA court.”
  • Dodgy bureaucrats conflating facts with evidence and engaging in information overload to escape the burden of proof.
  • Cross-examining the copper.
  • Guiding and tracking the judge’s reversible errors.
  • Judges suggesting the defendant cross-examine legislative members about evidence to prove the laws are in fact applicable.
  • Juries being intimidated and manipulated by the courts.
  • Juries should object when a judge tells a defendant that they can go to jail if the challenge an element of the crime.
  • Psychological and sociological influences of conformity to bureaucratic dogma in and out of the courtroom.
  • Being violently oppressed and aggressed against by the-powers-that-be for actively practicing moral non-compliance.
  • Handling attorney’s emotional and irrational outbursts to divert attention away from their lack of evidence.
  • Robert’s bureaucratic attack from bully psychopaths.
  • Yet more intimidation tactics in the Florida courts.
  • Judge mischaracterizes a question of evidence as making an argument.
  • Checking your statements for validity.
  • Jurisdiction is not exclusively a trial issue, but judges will try to trick you into thinking so for when you bring it up they can turn around and say its now not a trial issue leaving you hanging out to dry. (Immunity from accountability must be nice.)
  • Proving every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Robert is on his third prosecutor AND judge for the same case.
  • The fact that the prosecutor can take a charge to court without providing any evidence, and the court will give them a free pass and hear the case regardless, demonstrates the brutal nature of the courts.
  • Normal people don’t excuse STATE sanctioned violence.
  • Carletta Bassono update: “We cannot speak with [the defendant] you unless you have a lawyer.”
  • Update on Bill’s case: prosecutor declined to participate in disclosure and present evidence the the laws actually apply.
  • The open file doctrine [FYI: may be the wrong term].
  • Being persistent with questioning.
  • Using visual aids to help relay your point clearly to the jury and your audience.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Packa Says:

    Great show as always……Pro. Mobutu Packabowlla

  2. NonE Says:

    Agreed, excellent show, Marc! I think from now on you should consider taking EVERY Saturday to go surfing in Californika. 😉

    – NonExemplary

  3. Thad Says:

    I once had a judge here in the Federal Magistrate Court as the applicant in a case tell me when I objected to my wife’s lawyer ranting and gaslighting me, that objections are just RUDE to me. I said, Sir is not objection a proper courtroom Proceeding used in court? Are you making a legal determination that objections are no longer allowed in this court? He talked around me after that through the rest of the court that day. Guy did not even know I was the one who filed the parenting orders nor did he know any of the documents I filed. Good times.

  4. Latimer the Cat Says:

    Good show again Marc,

    One correction for you though (getting the *facts* correct). Your citation about telling big lies for a long enough period of time making the general populations to believe them in actual context was NOT cited by Hitler about his use of propaganda. It was cited by him in context regarding the judaic Zionist U.S. and England’s controlled governments in the consensus-think control of their populations via propaganda.

    Ironically, it’s that very consensus-think control of the people, who are not structured with the tools of trivium and quadrivium, embracing their false history and nation-state assumptions, that are not able to see your legitimate requests for *evidence* of the first element (jurisdiction) of legal entities (corporations in context) making claims.

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