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NSP – Sept 14, 2013 – Co-hosts: Calvin & JT and Guest: John

Posted on September 15th, 2013 by Calvin

Co-hosts: Calvin & JT and Guest: John.

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Note: Apologies for the botched broadcast, audacity froze on me for about 10 minutes at the beginning of the show. Sufficed to say, the podcast was posted within the normal time frame. I am still recovering from a freak cold that hit St. Louis during 97 degree heat, so please excuse the spaciness and extra production time. Another NotE: @46:22 “JT will be back real soon,” “soon” being defined in the legalese as has been used for past podcast ETA’s. 😉


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  1. Sidewinder Says:

    Was this not a live show? I called about 5 pm, Eastern for a question/comment and the answering system gave me a message “the host has not yet arrived.”

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ sidewinder, no it was recorded, I mentioned that at the beginning and should have repeated it a few times.

  3. NonE Says:

    NotEd! Which reminds me of the famous saying, or the saying made famous, in Jerry Pournelle’s column in Byte Magazine “back in the day,” “Real Soon Now,” which referred to software announced but never delivered. In the really early days of the Personal Computer ideas for software were like kid’s views of the ability to each chocolate, way bigger than reality. “Real Soon Now” is the equivalent of any government claim of benefits to come from new programs. – NonE

  4. NonE Says:

    Wait… I think I missed something. It’s before sunset on Saturday. Is this the EDITED show that you’ve posted already???? I see no notation that this is a temporary, LRN.FM type post. If so, I’m gaberflasted! Gaberflasted, you understand?! – NonE

  5. Ben Says:

    Great interview! Very, very informative! Oct. 4 is my civil hearing for my 116 dollar blown out tail light fine?! US vs. Baily, point of clarification, good faith, due process, motion for misconduct, the “Zen and the Art of Litigation” AWSOME! Love that “circular logic” on the back of a shirt idea! LOL!

  6. NonE Says:

    I’ve been hornswaggled! I hereby rescind my Kudos, Kalvin. You had DAYS to put this together. MISTRIAL!

    On a separate point, GREAT SHOW. This is one of those “stays on topic and makes really clean, clear points” shows. FLAG this show as a reference podcast for people needing direct help with court appearances. Guineas RULE!

    – NonEquivocal

  7. Pete Says:

    Way to slide in a couple CALLS OF SHAME! CALLS OF SHAME rock because CALLS OF SHAME rock!

    Marc, I wish you wouldn’t hesitate to mention the names of your critics. I think your intelligent audience is more than capable of seeing through BS. Part of testing the truth is allowing it to be attacked and seeing how it withstands. Its also good mental practice to find logical fallacies and try to determine the secret motivations of hit-piece writers. And since none of these guys will debate you, it might be fun to politely taunt them and call them chicken in their comment sections…but only if we know where to find them, so please mention their names so we can check them out.

  8. Chris Says:

    Interesting and supportive discourse by Charles Tilly on the nature of the State. Do not be put off by the URL

  9. Eyal Says:

    “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal”


  10. liz Says:

    The complete lack of response on the part of the ‘buerocraps’ proves that they are forcing us to accept we live in a lawless society. The Constitution along with the Bill of Rights has been destroyed during the last decades. If we go back just 10 years, there is maybe some resemblance of response, but as of late, it is fast disappearing. What we have is a gunpoint “demo-crazy” where anything goes for those holding the gun.

  11. NonE Says:

    liz Sed: The Constitution along with…
    ———- Damn, you mean we can’t own black people anymore? Now THAT is truly a travesty! 😉 – NonE

  12. Eplo Says:

    It is impossible to prove jurisdiction exists absent a substantial nexus with the state [ nexus meaning: 1 a means of connection; tie ;link] , such as a voluntary subscription to license . All jurisdictional facts supporting claim jurisdiction exists must appear on the record of the court Pipeline v. Marathon 102 S. Ct , Crowell v. Benson 883 US 22

  13. Ellis Says:

    Not an attorney, but it seems like possibly inviting more egos to the psychopath party may be fun.

    Q: Assuming that the prosecutor predictably skates on past the idea of actually providing evidence that the law applies, Is it productive to offer to offer to sue their supervisor (the mayor)? In Federal Court?

    I.e. assuming that they wish to pursue prosecutor misconduct (no evidence) which violates your constitutional right to due process, this now allows you to hire a great big 6 foot tall process server to hand papers to the Mayor, preferably at a Council Meeting or at the Yacht club. For violation of USC 42 1983. 42 USC § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights. Failure to supervise, failure to train. Personally liable.

    Making the mayor and his wife potentially personally liable under USC 42 1983 (in their game) via a very public legal service of papers with copies to the press might give them more pause to race ahead without evidence. I am pretty sure the Mayor’s wife will be making a quick phone call to the prosecutor’s office at the least.

    Even though we all know their is no evidence the laws apply, in their little minds, the prosecutor’s career is taking a sudden turn when the Mayor and his wife are served papers and their stuff is now on the line.

    Just askin…

  14. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Ellis, claims against their insurance is something I would pursue. I would not use their courts as I don’t have constitutional rights.

  15. Ellis Says:

    I agree that their courts will not help, but, in a little psyop war, there is an actual, albeit small, unknown factor of a Federal jury might hand over a LOT of the mayor’s assets to some future unknown attorney. Their own paranoia works against them. Plus the bad press of being served by a nice off duty State Trooper publicly ups the ante. In my experience these psychopaths are fearful of exposure and of unknowns outside of their control

    Another question. I read an article which claims that a traffic citation is merely an “offer to contract” backed by violence, guns, gang in blue and a corrupt system of psychopaths. He suggested, an ex-judge supposedly, that using Federal law to cancel the contract under the consumer protection act would do the trick. Using certified mail, within 3 days.

    He claims that the theory “tacit procurem” gives them their jurisdiction. I.e. They shove a ticket in your face with a gun, if you don’t reply, it is assumed that your silence is consent.

    Have you ever had to battle the theory of tacit procurem, if that is even real? I.e. you took the traffic ticket, so you must accept our game… not that you can refuse when they give it to you with guns backing their offer up..

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