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NSP – Sept 21, 2013 – Co-host: Genia

Posted on September 21st, 2013 by Calvin

Co-host: Genia. Marc’s wife joins the show to provide some entertainment and analysis on “Marc’s method” contrasted against other factually deficient legal theories.

Show Notes:

  • Working to abolish the idea that its okay to lie, steal, and kill other people just because you call yourself government.
  • IRS agent: “Its not violence and force if we’re all forced.”
  • The importance of using role-play to best prepare for court.
  • Addressing the realities and consequences of the “CORPORATE NAME” legal-theory.
  • Witnessing stone-faced bureaucrats as they’re called out on their misconduct in open court.
  • Statist apologist delusions.
  • The higher you go up in the mafia/bureaucracy, the more corrupt it gets.
  • Denials of the motion to dismiss where the decision that was made had nothing to do with the issues raised within the motion.
  • Courts do not follow their own precedent. [See Brown vs. Texas and cross-reference that with how traffic laws are enforced today.]
  • A judge claims Marc was wrong because he “provided no authority to show that a plaintiff has the burden to prove jurisdiction.”
  • Next week’s show will be pre-recorded with Jan Irvin of
  • Marc’s motion to dismiss template raises the issue that there’s no evidence of jurisdiction.
  • Why would a prosecutor’s supervisor have to get back to you on the issue of existence of evidence?
  • The slim chances of getting a hearing before the supreme court.
  • Using a petition for a writ of prohibition because the issue of jurisdiction has not been heard.
  • Top attorneys agree that it’s expected that cops will testi-lie under cross-examination.
  • Cops that get offended for questioning their competency and credibility.
  • Inquiring about the ruling on a motions to dismiss, prosecutorial misconduct charges, and discovery before being rushed to trial.
  • The court’s low priority of pro per litigants.
  • It took one talent to write Phantom of the Opera and Bohemian Rhapsody, but it takes multiple people to produce pop icon Justin Bieber.
  • Its extremely rare to defeat a summery judgement.
  • Predicting attorney’s moves.
  • Benny Goodman founded one of the first racially-integrated bands back in the segregation days.
  • Getting admissions from the prosecutor and witnesses to use against them later.
  • Filing a motion for prosecutorial misconduct when the prosecutor predictably commits due-process violations.
  • “Hell is the absence of reason.”
  • Formulating better paperwork by knowing what to expect.
  • The Michael J. Scott law firm should be disbarred for repeatedly and fallaciously bringing an action before the court absent the required facts.
  • Capitol One denies using Generally Accepted Accounting Principals and they also deny having an increase in liability when issuing a loan.
  • Questioning who is, in fact, the lender of a loan.
  • Marc’s history with Tom Schauf on deciphering accounting fraud.
  • Clarifying, through reverse demonstration, attorney’s use of circular reasoning.
  • If a witness is not qualified, then their testimony must be stricken.
  • Bill’s multiple lengthy hearings.
  • Unpaid taxes preventing the granting of an application for professional licenses in attempt to economically sanction a non-compliant business operator.
  • One does not simply leave because they force you to first seek their permission.
  • Bringing up the conflict-of-interest between the the judge and prosecutor by calling the judge out on picking up the prosecutor’s burden of proof.
  • Irony of the Year: supreme court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, states that the “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential … to satisfy moral, ethical, and legal concepts.”
  • Government’s history of targeting effective dissent.
  • Taking a real principled anti-war stand by defunding the pro-war revenue stream.
  • The minimum context doctrine.
  • Update on a property tax issue in MN: the assessor claims they’d have to contact every single county government agency to find out exactly who is responsible for making the assessment.
  • MN tax supervisor Ron admits the property tax assessors do use circular logic and also claims he can “guarantee” that he has more than circular logic to take his case to court.
  • Genia’s thoughts about a forum member who claims that Marc has a silver bullet that he’s withholding from everyone else.
  • Addressing “Marc’s method” of using the scientific method to question the evidence in order to effectively exercise damage-control.
  • Not accepting any sacred-cows.
  • Pursuing honest answers to damning questions and not accepting evasive non-responsive replies.
  • “The better questions you ask, the better results you’ll get.”
  • Marc being wrongfully associated with the freeman-on-the-land/strawman theory/constitutionalists types.
  • Examining valid and arbitrary leaders and authorities.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Non Entity from N/A: proposal for a choreographed court role-play lesson to be featured on a future NSP broadcast.
  • Jay from VA: judge claims that due process can be waived, since a decision is unpublished the judge claims such decisions cannot stand as precedent in court, courts must uphold higher court’s decisions “unless they ruled arbitrarily, capriciously, in an abuse of discretion, out of accordance with the law, or unsupported by substantial evidence” [even though the issue that the complaint is arbitrary and unsupported by substantial evidence is raised within the motion to rehear], a complaint is not evidence of anything in of itself, judge says “because you don’t claim a right; you don’t have it,” the difference between a petition for rehearing and a petition for rehearing en banc, TSA Out Of Our Pants pursuing cases to the supreme court, and 4 criteria for a rehearing: 1) a material or factual matter was overlooked, 2) if the law has been changed, 3) if the ruling conflicts with the rulings of the supreme court, or 4) the case involves more important questions of exceptional importance.
  • Kurt from OR: new court date for a photo-radar citation, no evidence that the code and/or statutes apply within the response to a discovery request, formulating selected questions from the script and leaving space in between to take notes, what a unsigned plea of guilty looks like and hot its used, and getting media-reps into court.
  • Armando from TX: update on his recent short hearing in attempt to strike a summary judgement, the judge set a Nov. 19th trial date and hasn’t yet ruled on a summery judgement, the judge recommends to get an attorney [that is more willing to play ball with the court and their extortion practices], and Michael J. Scott’s interestingly humorous response to a request for admissions [claims such as that their assets or liabilities did not change with the issuance of the loan, among others…].
  • Vin James from England: update on his council-tax adventures: “the Local Government Finance Act applies because its regulated by statute and regulations,” evasive prosecutors that can’t responsively answer a simple yes-or-no question, the judge was blindly accepting all of the prosecutor’s rhetorical garbage as valid despite repeated objections, “you are not being accused of anything,” asking “do you actually believe a legitimate obligation can be created if its done under coercion?”, challenging the expertise and competency of a witness that has personal firsthand-knowledge to empirically prove the allegation in question as valid, appealing a due-process violation ridden case to a higher court, the judge says that Vin “is not accused of doing anything” and that “there’s not a defendant,” and “slavery is being held to the will and opinion of another,”
  • Rip from MS: bureaucrats making a case against themselves, what and how to use for an unsigned plea of guilt, effectively challenging a aerial roof-tax assessment, new CoS submissions with the DOJ, the court claims jurisdiction over interstate business, Smith Enterprises (SEI) sues M14 forum member over post, psycho attorneys filing fraudulent charges into court, and an apology for Non Entity & others.
  • Burt from BC: resolving a legal attack over a conflict of home-title ownership.

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28 Comments For This Post

  1. NonE Says:

    “Its not force if we’re all force.” What? I don’t get this at all. – NonE

  2. NonE Says:

    Re: Armando call Item #13: Marc, If i have an ounce of silver, and I lend it to you in exchange for a promisory note from you to me stating that you owe me one ounce of silver (“This note is good for one ounce of silver.”) … have my assets and/or liabilities changed at all? You seem to imply that they would have changed, but I’m not seeing it. I started out with one ounce of silver and I still have a promisory note for one ounce of silver. If you DEFAULT, then my assets have decreased by one ounce of silver, just the same as if I had been robbed of that one ounce of silver, but otherwise I remain in the same state as I began, don’t I? – NonE

  3. NonE Says:

    Or, to put it another way, if I lend you my ladder, am I any poorer? I still own the ladder – it is still my asset – even though it is temporarily being used by you. Right? – NonComprehendo

  4. eye2i Says:

    Ref shownotes above: “Rip from MS: an apology for NonEntity & others.” At the close his call, he mentioned his username on Marc’s site. It sounded to me like he said it was notsure11, but i can’t turn up that username in a site:search, or in the forum Members List. Anyone know what Rip from MS’s site (forum or main) username actually is?

  5. Mike Says:

    you said “Psycho Circus”…what a great theme song to use

  6. bruce sloane Says:


  7. NonE Says:

    bruce sloane Sed:
    Damn Brucie! You’ve exceeded your normal loquacious self. One six letter word makes and ENTIRE POST! Speaking of “Psycho Circus!” You WERE speaking of Psycho Circus, weren’t you? – NonE

  8. NonE Says:

    Marc, I know that “they” are using fraud with their fractional reserve banking. They are supposedly lending you money that they do not have. That is blatant fraud and misrepresentation. But that has nothing to do with their assets and liabilities. If they have money and lend it to you and you give them a promisory note in exchange, their asset base has not changed at all. Once you start paying them interest then their asset base will increase. I think you are not really clear on the basic accounting principles involved here and are using improper terminology to refer to something which very well may be a criminal act, but not by the terms you are describing. – NonNonSure11sawRipPerson

  9. NonE Says:

    Here’s to staying on top of things! – NotResponsible

  10. eye2i Says:

    **snickers** (NonE wrote: “makes and entire post”) –NonANazi

  11. NonE Says:

    eye2i Sed:
    **snickers** (NonE wrote: “makes and entire post”) –NonANazi ————
    PROOF of karma! 😉 – NonE

  12. bobbygnosis Says:

    “Do you really think a valid obligation is created when it’s coerced?”

    That’s gold. With some tinkering that could easily be used in a court case.

  13. Hector Says:

    Mr. Stevens,
    In you podcast you said there was a post about you charging for material.

    The reason you can charge for your material is because you do the research for us and provide us with information to be able to show and expose the circus for what it is. And the guarantee you provide is COJONES. Because it takes COJONES to stand there and defend yourself and tell it to their face. I have been in court several times with family law, and let me tell you. I had a friend who is an attorney and provided me with assistance and even with that, it was nerve racking. So that’s your guarantee my friend.

    Can’t wait to buy the new book.

  14. NonE Says:

    Hector Sed:

    Can’t wait to buy the new book.
    BOOK? There’s a BOOK??? What? Where? How come I never know about these things? Huh???

    – NonE

  15. Dan Says:

    @NonE, It could be that lack of bandwidth that you deal with that leaves you in the dark when BIG things happen, like the appearance of a BOOK.

  16. NonE Says:

    Bandwidth? Is that like orchestra? Oh, you said LACK of bandwidth, that means guy with harmonica? What about the BOOK? We’re talkin’ MUSIC here when I was talkin’ about a BOOK. I don’t understand. Oh… I get it. You’re makin’ FUN of me now, aren’t you? That’s not nice! – NonWide

  17. Pete Says:

    Love the new, magical harp music for the CALL OF SHAME!

    @NonE: Speaking of accounting, I’m not sure how to account for you. You are an ASS
    et and a liability! 😉

    But seriously, I think Murray Rothbard proved that there is also serious accounting fraud happening in ALL fractional reserve banking.(Namely, ALL BANKS ARE BANKRUPT, but keep it a secret). His book, “What has Government done to our money” is an easy, fun read, and is available as a free pdf here:

  18. NonE Says:

    Pete Sed:
    @NonE: I’m not sure how to account for you. You are an ASS… {Thanks Pete!}

    But seriously, I think Murray Rothbard proved that there is also serious accounting fraud happening in ALL fractional reserve banking.——
    I have NO disagreement with you whatsoever on this. Fractional Reserve Banking is FRAUD, pure and simple. All I was pointing out is the error in Marc’s accounting terminology regarding the issue.

    – NonASSettt

  19. liz Says:

    NonE: You need to do some deeper research. “They” CREATE mortgage, car, etc… loans based on 3 signatures: the ‘borrower’, the ‘seller’ and the notary. Voila: $200,000 (or whatever) just ‘appeared’ on both side of their accounting ledger out of thin air! They did not lend you anything “they” had, prior to this loan. But for you to understand this, you actually need to remove yourself from your imaginary cloud, as you suffer from a superiority complex…
    This is why mortgage loans, car loans, etc… are the biggest, most profitable fraudulent money creation scams for banks and the governments get a nice cut as well. Go ahead, post your usual one-liner ridicule remarks, they have no value!

  20. Pete Says:

    @liz: That was a great summary of modern, ersatz-money creation! But I didn’t understand there was a notary involved…I thought it was just a two-party, parasite-host relationship. Can you lead me to more info on the involvement of the notary? Do you mean the guy who records the mortgage at the county building?

  21. Incubus Says:

    ” …you actually need to remove yourself from your imaginary cloud, as you suffer from a superiority complex…”

    NonE, meet liz.

    Er, rather…Kettle, meet Pot.

  22. NonE Says:

    Incubus, I can see where you’re point may appear valid. I’ll offer a different explanation and time may reveal which of us is right. I don’t feel superior, what I feel is frustration and a lack of tolerance with those who do not have the patience and initiative to actually think. It’s not easy to rationally examine stuff and then apply what you find in spite of what your emotions may be telling you. I’m not claiming I’m better, only that when I run across someone who is just plain too lazy to think or apply themselves I have no willingness to let them get by with it without at least pointing it out – hopefully with humor, as we all suffer from the same problem, it’s only how we choose to deal with it that makes the difference.

    – Kettle

  23. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ NonE *your*

  24. NonE Says:

    Marc Stevens Sed:
    @ NonE *your*

    Oh MAN! Doncha just HATE IT when that happens!!! :-p

    – Da VERY Right and Proper Punctuation Nazi (sorta, sometimes)

  25. Dan Says:

    @Marc, I bet that felt real good eh?

  26. NonE Says:

    Dan Sed:
    @Marc, I bet that felt real good eh?
    I bet he’s sick, sick to his stomach, at having to stoop so low, having to stoop to the dismal dreary dank depths dat dem others regularly stoop to… no names mentioned, of course. Marc’s too classy to act with the level of dastardly despicability displayed daily by dem dere devils.

    – NonAnswerableForMyActionsMostly

  27. Incubus Says:

    @ NonE,

    To be honest your reply confuses me, at least in the context of my comment. Perhaps I missed your point.

    liz accused you of suffering from a superiority complex, yet the tone of her post implied (to me) that she was guilty of her accusation towards you.

    Hence, the pot calling the kettle black. You’re the kettle, she’s the pot. Kettle, meet Pot.

  28. NonE Says:

    Incubus, What, you expekt a dyslexic twit to be able to keep left and right in their respective corners? Silly man. Yes, I got it that you were accusing her of what she accused me of. I thought that was so obvious that it didn’t bear comment. Perhaps I was assuming that I was being included in the accusation, since both the pot and the kettle would be black, at least as I interpret the concept. And I just wanted to point out (perhaps just in general to those who don’t see the sense of humor I attempt when poking fun at stupid mistakes) that I don’t feel inherently superior. I do on occasion lose all patience with those who have so little consideration for their audience that they can’t bother to even TRY to communicate clearly. If one doesn’t care to put in the effort to make a coherent communicative message then it certainly doesn’t reflect on the audience when said audience has no clue what the communicator is snorting from his (or her) nostrils or rear orrifice.

    There! That probably didn’t address your post either, but at least it used a lot of words. 😉

    – NonE

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