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NSP – Nov 23, 2013

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Government: Indicted domestic orders are now shipping out, and the overseas orders will be shipping Monday.
  • Adventures with the C.R.A. (Canadian Revenue Agency; I.R.S. equivalent).
  • C.R.A. agent claims that they are not trying to take property when using a writ of seizure.
  • When asking a Canadian supervisor why he’s so hostile, he yells “because you keep asking me the same question!”
  • Do not escalate the situation when dealing with roadside-psychopaths (because if the weren’t a psychopath, they wouldn’t be forcing you to comply with their demands).
  • Join the NSP Skyper chat for great discussion during live broadcasts and for role-playing to best prepare for court.
  • Using the unsigned plea of guilty as an effective tool to ask questions of evidence to effectively stop the proceeding due to a lack of evidence and justiciability.
  • The prosecution should have the evidence required or they should not have brought the complaint before the court.
  • The burden of proof rests on the one making the claim.
  • Proving the judge is colluding with the prosecutor by pointing out how the judge is forcing a plea when the defendant simply asks for the evidence being used against them in accordance with long established due process procedure.
  • Cops are not trying to “contract” with you when they are forcing you to pull over and comply with their orders and demands.
  • The jurisdiction of the court is not expanded or enlarged by the authority of the police officers.
  • Including the statement “all interaction with the court is under threat duress and coercion” and that you “are not submitting to their jurisdiction,” and that you are making an appearance “only to avoid any further violence” from them.
  • The single most important question to ask; “can you confirm that the prosecution has presented evidence proving the constitution, laws, and/or codes apply and that there’s jurisdiction?”
  • Putting the prosecution on the spot by asking the judge if the prosecution has presented all the required evidence to enter a case before the court?
  • The ticket IS NOT evidence of anything, its an allegation(s) at best.
  • Making appropriate objections when the judge enters a plea on your behalf.
  • The judge and prosecutor are on the same team, not only do they both get paid by the STATE, but most judges are former prosecutors.
  • Using a media rep to keep the judge and prosecutor on better behavior.
  • The limited amount of time you’ll have to inject your questions before the judge stonewalls your line of questioning.
  • How to counter gaslighting.
  • Questioning whether their laws apply at all, not just within “common-law,” “statutory,” or “admiralty.”
  • The ultimate objective of Government: Indicted and the No STATE Project radio show is to rid the world of the worship of psychopaths.
  • Record rainfall in the Phoenix valley may conduce a bountiful poppy season.
  • The Michael J. Scott law firm proceeds with their legal-attack as if they do not have a burden to provide evidence of an obligation to pay or that they have to state a valid cause for action.
  • Avoiding a summery judgement in favor of the bank is a huge step in to getting a favorable outcome for the defendant.
  • The lack of merit and effectiveness inherit with forced-contract, FMOTL, UCC redemption, admiralty law, corporate strawman, and ALL CAPS legal theories.
  • Minimizing court costs.
  • The more liberal tolerance of repeated questions during deposition hearings than during trial.
  • The numerous reports of police misconduct.
  • Asking “can you confirm if there is evidence of jurisdiction of evidence at all.”
  • The No STATE Project radio show and Government: Indicted: ridding the idea that its okay to lie, steal, and cheat if you call yourself “government.”
  • Doing a future show breaking down the structure and content of Government: Indicted.
  • Dan Gould had cahones to appear as a media rep and stood up to the judge and appropriately called them a liar to their face and without going to jail.
  • Traffic citations are treated as civil, but are really criminal.
  • The necessity of making objections if you need to appeal a judgement.
  • Calling a judge out on lying isn’t hard when its nearly impossible for them not to lie as a cornerstone of their job.
  • Vacating the forced plea and reversing the judge’s arbitrary decision to deny the motion to dismiss without reading it.
  • Challenging the “jurisdiction of I-17.”
  • Jeffrey Wagner-Minnesota IRS Agent-Professional Liar.
  • Being referred to the “Common Income Tax Myths” section of a website by supervisors at the C.R.A. when asking for evidence that the constitution and laws apply in the first place.
  • Understanding the model of effective damage control.
  • Tracking down phone-numbers of Canadian tax-agent’s supervisors.
  • JFK: A Conspiracy Theory by The Corbett Report.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Martin from OR: pulled out of car and arrested for not giving a name after being stopped for minor traffic violation <~> attempting to assert a “right to travel” with police officers <~> how to initially proceed in court during arraignment <~> what’s the difference of intending to plea and pleading? <~> attempting to avoid entering a contract by giving the cop certain admissions <~> a supervising officer tells another officer that Martin is “not trying to contract” with them while at the scene <~> the merit of the name in ALL CAPS corporate theory <~> not accepting the court’s jurisdiction <~> when to file a demur <~> calling the judge out on forcing a plea on a defendant <~> determining [type of] jurisdiction <~> how to counter judges laughing off your questions as frivolous <~> and streamlining a concise line of questioning.
  • Armando from TX: Michael J. Scott law firm AiLL update on the motion to dismiss for misconduct based on their admissions determining an obligation to pay <~> the plaintiff cited irrelevant rulings in response to hearing scheduling conflicts <~> seeking mediation <~> filing motions to strike their evidence and filing a response to their objections <~> no hearing was conducted on the misconduct charges because the plaintiff claimed they did not have enough time to prepare <~> resetting a hearing for a motion to vacate and misconduct <~> prior research into the “forced contract,” “FMOTL,” “ALL CAPS” legal theories <~> requesting depositions from witnesses <~> predicting witnesses based on affidavit information <~> local story of a police officer that had strangled his wife and threatened to kill her and received the soft punishment of suspension with pay <~> and Sam‘s account of some officers leaving the force under less than honorable circumstances.
  • Jay from VA: refining strategury for a Monday contempt hearing by utilizing role-playing on the NSP skyper chat <~> refining questioning down to a few straightforward questions <~> there is no complaint in-hand, there is no witness on record, and there are no third party signatures <~> challenging the lack of an adversary and the appearence being under threat of violence <~> bringing media reps and other support to court proceedings <~> preparing for the worst-case consequences when asking questions of existence of evidence pro per <~> and challenging jurisdiction with a motion to dismiss.
  • Paul and Laura from AZ: Paul’s $5,000 prize for anyone who could provide evidence of a CITIZEN or STATE <~> recording of Dan Gould calling out a judge Don Calendar’s “B-S” <~> Laura’s first AiLL experience challenging the evidence of jurisdiction and presumption of innocence <~> knowing when to object <~> judge quickly denies a motion without reading it or even have it in the defendant’s file <~> judge says “we’re not here to bargain” <~> judge Don Calendar reduces the citation fines to attempt to bargain the tough questions of evidence away <~> court reporter says “I don’t know what’s gotten into these people today” <~> the importance of role-playing to prepare for court <~> countering baseless assertions in court <~> the judge’s double-standards <~> and asking the judge if the ticket IS evidence.
  • Keith from Canada: Successes by keeping focus on the simple issue of evidence of jurisdiction <~> free-travel civil-disobedience <~> Keith’s AiLL with the C.R.A. <~> Canadian MP refers back to the code and law on a website when asked for what evidence they have that the law applies <~> and making calls to Jim Dickerson of Canada’s compulsory workman’s insurance bureau with a “list of objections.”

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. indio007 Says:

    thanks guys for the quick upload. I missed the live show.

  2. Paul Says:

    Big THANK YOU to Calvin for outstanding work preparing these podcasts.
    Much appreciated!

  3. NonE Says:

    Marc, Excellent show! A thought for you… you may want to write this down, tear it off and stick it up on the edge of your monitor with a piece of tape: Martin at about 35:55, “What am I looking to do? What is the effect I’m looking to have happen?” (close paraphrase) I think that what Martin voiced here is crucial. I think it’s the reason you wrote your first (!!! 🙂 ) book, and I think it should be foremost in your mind when you are attempting to assist people with their cases. True, the facts and data and such are important, but most important is the reason WHY the facts and the data are needed. This is not intended as criticism, it is just that his question struck me so clearly that I thought it should be pointed out and underlined, as it is the be-all end-all of this education, in my current view. – NonE Kisses to Calvin for getting this up so fast. (UNLIKE that other show that he STILL hasn’t done… snark snark snark. 😉 )

  4. Mike Says:

    No court in Canada or the U.S. can or will take judicial notice of the law that says “Thou shalt not steal.” Not a single court anywhere. Your legal system cannot work with that law. It is impossible.

  5. NonE Says:

    Mike Sed:…of the law that says “Thou shalt not steal.” —-
    Law = an opinion backed by a gun. – Marc Stevens. Or maybe it’s just an opinion by an egotist who thinks he’s “god.” – NonE

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